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Gifts For Bricklayers

Bricklayers are generally the type of person to enjoy things that are useful and will facilitate their lives one way or the other, be it on their work or outside of it. You might ask: “so, what are some gifts that a bricklayer would love?”.

We’ve put together the best gifts for bricklayers and compiled them into an list. In our gift guide you will find ideas for bricklayers that include cool accessories, essential items for work, and even goods for everyday use. We made a list of 30 gifts for you to make sure you can’t miss when gifting bricklayers one of those!

  1. Wolverine Waterproof Boots
    Bricklayers more often than not get their hands and feet dirty, working in wet environments or sometimes even during rainfall! These steel toe work boots are ideal for a bricklayer due to their waterproof leather and cushioned footbed, making it ideal for wearing them for a long period of time even under harsh conditions.
  2. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Baseball Cap
    Any bricklayer would love a gift like this one – this baseball cap is ideal for both daytime use, protecting them from the sun radiation, as well as for nighttime use, due to its reflective trim making them easily visible. It also counts with breathable clothing, keeping them comfortable for extended periods of working!
  3. Digital Tape Measure
    Well, you can’t go wrong by gifting a tape measure to a bricklayer – while it’s a sure thing they already own a tape measure, a digital one would probably replace their regular tape measure in an instant! This tape measure makes their job so much easier, making keeping track of measurements a walk-in-the-park.
  4. Weatherproof Gear Bag
    For carrying all their tools, clothes, and accessories to their work site. With 120 liters of storage capacity, this gear bag provides not only that, but it comes with the perk of being weatherproof, meaning that your favorite bricklayer can bring it to work under any weather condition while keeping their tools safe inside of it.
  5. Caterpillar Men's H2o Defender Pant
    Things that bricklayers want in their work clothing: something that is durable, something that protects them, and something that is useful is also a plus. These work pants come with a cotton and polyester blend that makes them stretchable, extra durable nylon scuff guards that add protection, as well as multiple cargo pockets that make it easy carrying tools and screws around!
  6. Reflective Safety Jacket
    As you already know, bricklayers often have to work outside in harsh conditions, including very cold and snowy weather, sometimes even during the night! This is where a safety jacket like this is most useful, keeping them warm while also counting with reflective material that keeps them well visible during nighttime. Comes with multiple pockets, is well insulated, water resistant, and wind resistant!
  7. Insulated Bottle
    This stainless steel bottle is capable of keeping coffee hot for up to 12 hours, as well as drinks cold for 24 hours! It comes with multiple features that make it ideal to carry everywhere: leakproof, inner and outer wall design protects the user from burns, its durable stainless steel makes it easy to clean – definitely a gift that would make the life of a bricklayer easier!
  8. Rechargeable Hand Warmers
    These hand warmers are great for bricklayers that have to work outside during the winter months. Lasting for up to 15 hours, they are rechargeable and easy to carry around, fitting into their pockets without a problem – these hand warmers can also work as power banks, the receiver of this gift can charge their phone just by plugging them into it!
  9. Retractable Utility Knife
    Why would a knife be useful for a bricklayer, you might ask – well, bricklayers often have to cut wires, a blade is also used for opening packages during work. This knife in particular is great for carrying around, due to being retractable, they can retract the blade and store it safely in their pocket or gear bag!
  10. Long Sleeve T-Shirt 50+ UPF
    It’s not only during winter months that bricklayers have to take care of themselves when working outside. This long sleeve T-shirt with 50+ UPF protection will keep them and their skin safe when working during sunny days!
  11. O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream
    Hands full of calluses, dry, and rough can be the pride of bricklayers, it is the proof that they work hard. But sometimes the dryness can get a little too excessive and make it harder for them to execute their work, making their hands cracked and easily irritated. Gift them this cream in case cracked hands are a concern!
  12. Moisture Control Socks
    For people that work very physical jobs, waterproof shoes or boots by themselves sometimes are not enough, water can still get inside them – probably directly from their feet, as they work for a long time without taking their shoes off, these dri-tech socks will make sure they are comfortable and that the sweat is drying off.
  13. Chocolate Toolbox
    This toolbox is definitely something a bricklayer is not used to having, but will be a very welcome one. Get them this if you want to show your love in a sweet way!
  14. Safety Glasses
    Gifting things that add to your loved ones safety is always a good idea, especially if they are a bricklayer. Grab a few of those for them – these safety glasses are lightweight due to being made from polycarbonate, they also are easy on the temples for extended use and can fit over their prescription glasses!
  15. Waterproof Insulated Safety Gloves
    Dealing with pointy and sharp objects, and water pipes is a daily occurrence for bricklayers, these waterproof insulated gloves, which are easy to clean and comfortable, will keep their hands warm while protecting them when doing their job!
  16. Insulated Lunch Bag
    What better way to make sure your favorite bricklayers remembers fondly of you everyday than by giving them this lunch bag? Large enough to fit a 24-can pack, this insulated lunch bag keeps their food warm and drinks cold, all while being durable and water resistant, making it easily cleanable, ideal for bringing it to the construction site!
  17. Laser Measure
    Which bricklayer wouldn’t love something that makes their job easier and more practical? This laser measure adds technology into their job, measuring distances for up to 328 feet, they are waterproof and dust-proof (amazing for the type of work a bricklayer does, if you didn’t get the memo by now), and additionally come with two bubble levels!
  18. Shock Resistant Watch
    A good wristwatch is always a welcome gift for most people, but who wouldn’t be reluctant to give one to a bricklayer, considering that it’ll get scratched or even break in a couple of work days? A shock resistant watch is made for these types of jobs, this watch will endure hard manual work and impacts.
  19. LED Rechargeable Beanie
    This beanie with a LED light inserted in it is great for working during nighttime or in dark places while keeping them warm. Its light is easily removable for charging in USB ports, lasting for 8 hours when fully charged!
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  21. Lightweight Hard Hat
    Made out of ABS polymer, this hard hat is sure to protect a bricklayer during harsher tasks. Due to the material it’s made from, it’s lightweight and doesn’t lose its protective capabilities even under extreme temperatures!
  22. Travel Size Men’s Hygiene Kit
    Bricklayers are usually practical human beings, and what is more practical for hygiene than a kit that comes with all they need in a single travel-sized bag? This gift will make sure they’ll be able to keep themselves clean and well-groomed anywhere they are!
  23. Sun Protection Hat
    This hat will give your bricklayer the sun protection they need and deserve for outside tasks with UPF 50+, all while keeping their heads cool due to the mesh vents in the back part of the hat!
  24. Wind-Resistant Face Mask
    Another accessory to protect them from harsh weather conditions! A wind-resistant face mask like this will be a providential gift for bricklayers that have to work out in the wind and cold all the time, coupled with the fact that it’s reflective makes it great for wearing during the night when doing their job!
  25. Pocket Magnetic Level Tool
    What is one thing bricklayers do? Lay bricks to build walls (among other things). A tool that will be very useful in making sure the things they build are level and not uneven is a magnetic level, this one comes in a pocket size that is very easy to carry around, even on their belt!
  26. Multi-Functional 12 in 1 Hammer Gear Survival Tool
    Even if many of the tools that come in this multi-tool are already things that a bricklayer will probably have, this one comes with the convenience of easily fitting into any bag while not damaging other stuff inside it, due to its safety lock. It comes with several useful tools that are often used in a bricklayer’s job, such as: nail claws, wire cutters, pipe grip pliers, screwdrivers, saws, and many others, being easily carryable in its included belt holster!
  27. Coffee Machine
    Being such a physical job, which bricklayer doesn’t appreciate a good cup of coffee? Often times having to leave for work early in the morning, this coffee machine will make their life so much easier with its 24-hour programmability, making them able to set the machine to make a good hot coffee right at the time they have to wake up!
  28. Large Backpack
    With all the tools and equipment a bricklayer has to carry, in case they’re not that into gear bags like the one we’ve shown before, this comfortable large backpack for sure will do a more than fine job helping them carry their things around.
  29. Hearing Protector With Bluetooth Technology
    Have you ever heard a bricklayer executing their job? Of course you have, it is so damn loud! Now, put yourself in the place of the person that is right there, doing this work! Can you imagine how hard it is on your ears – between screwdrivers’ and hammers’ loud noises, a bricklayer’s hearing is something that should be preserved, you can help them by gifting this hearing protector, which also comes with the added benefit of having bluetooth technology that they can connect their phones to!
  30. Safety Sunglasses
    Another thing that should be protected is a bricklayer’s eyes. These safety sunglasses will work great during sunny or snowy days, not only that but they’re built for this kind of job – impact resistance, anti-scratch, anti-fog, and non-slip design that keeps them in place even when sweaty, are some of the qualities that make these the perfect sunglasses for a bricklayer!