20 Incredibly Creative Gifts for Medical Coders

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Gifts for Medical Coders

Medical coders are vital to the process of converting a physician’s diagnosis and procedures into codes for reimbursement. Medical coding is a highly niche occupation, which makes it an unusual choice for birthday and holiday gifts. Forget about giving some perfume or cologne, here are some great ideas if you want to get your favorite medical coder something special this year.

  1. Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker
    As any medical coder knows, the job is tedious! Caffeine is a medical coder's best friend. Grab this mini Keurig brand coffee maker and enjoy a piping hot cup of motivation anytime. Caffeine makes everyone more productive and this nice little gift option is compact enough to be used right at your desk. It is the sought after Keurig brand and would make such a statement in one of the brighter color options. It would for sure mean more traffic coming to your cubicle. Whether you let anyone else use the adorable coffee maker or not is completely up to you!
  2. T43.612 Mug
    To serve up the for-mentioned coffee, this humorous coffee mug will do the job and get a laugh as well. With the CPT code for “poisoning by caffeine, intentional self harm” adorning the mug, you can appreciate the slightly dark medical humor and stay caffeinated at the same time. The medical profession can sometimes be daunting, even if you are serving from the non clinical side as a medical biller and coder. Keep things fresh and funny every chance you get and this mug is an awesome way to do just that.
  3. Doctors Need Heroes Tee
    Truer words have never been spoken! Yes, a doctor can stitch you back together after an accident, but can they code it? The answer is no. No, they cannot. Without a medical coder, doctors would cease to practice medicine. Take pride in your work and sport this tee every opportunity you get.
  4. Medical Coder Hoodie
    Medical coders are always stuck in the cold, windowless basement of a hospital. Better dress to stay warm! This cute hoodie will be comfy and cozy, even when you are not at work. It is available in various colors and the graphic on the front is colorful and trendy.
  5. Coder Notebook
    This notebook can hold all your deepest, darkest secrets; or perhaps just new coding updates, so you stay on top of your game! Being organized and remembering minute details are the daily life of a medical coder. The phrase “If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen!” is notorious in the medical community. Use a handy notebook to ensure you never forget new changes, or old rules, in your medical coding career.
  6. ICD Tee
    This one is pretty humorous! I would not say all medical coders are “divas”, but if you feel like the shoe fits- wear it! Regardless, this tee is sure to get a laugh. It is also available in cuts for both men and women. It is ideal for daily comfort.
  7. Anatomy & Physiology Adult Coloring Book
    When you need to relax and unwind, while simultaneously brushing up on your human anatomy, this adult coloring book is just what the doctor ordered. This is definitely a fun way to test, or improve, your knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  8. Medical Billing and Coding for Dummies Book
    If you are a newbie to the ways of medical billing and coding this book could be your best friend! Whether you want to stay sharp or are just learning, there are lots of great tips enclosed in this book’s binding. It would make a great addition to a home or office library as a study tool.
  9. Infuser Water Bottle
    Everyone needs to stay hydrated so this one is a no brainer for sure. The insert allows you to customize your water with any fruit or herb combination, making it a great way to drink the recommended amount of water everyday and still enjoy the taste. Since hydration is such a universal task, any person could use this gift. However, since a medical coder spends so much time at a desk, it does make it super convenient to have hydration at one's fingertips.
  10. Wine Opener
    A wine opener set is just the thing when you need to come home and enjoy a glass of pinot to forget the day’s stress. The opener itself is battery powered, making it the easiest option for uncorking your favorite vino. The different stopper options to use en liu of the cork are very convenient too. This is definitely a gift anyone would love, regardless of their career choice.
  11. Medical Coder Blanket
    As previously mentioned, medical coders often work in the basements of hospitals and hospitals are generally cold. This cozy blanket could serve to keep you warm in your basement cubicle, on the couch at home, or anywhere else you want to use it. It is adorned with bright colors and keywords a medical coder sees everyday, making it a great gift option for the coder in your life.
  12. Small Space Stair Stepper
    Medical billing and coding is a desk job and sitting continuously all day has actually been found to be hard on the body. This small, portable stair stepper is an awesome way to get the blood pumping and the body moving in between the hours spent in front of the computer. It does have a twisting option to help engage the core too, which will help with the low back problems created by sitting all day. It is even small and discreet enough to take to the office for break time.
  13. Neck Massager with Heat
    Neck tension is also a reality of those who work desk jobs. It can even be caused by too much cell phone time. Ever heard of “text neck”? This is also a gift that could be used at home, in the office, or even in the car during a daily commute. The shiatsu neck massager can ease tension and headaches and is very enjoyable when combined with the heat option on the device. A massage anytime you may want it or need it is a gift all medical coders can get behind.
  14. Desk Plant Four O’Clock Flowers
    This has to be the cutest gift idea for an employee or cowroker ever! This desk plant kit comes with seeds and various planter design options. The option with beautiful four o’clock flowers and a planter that reads “Your efforts this year are unforgettable” would make an excellent gift for the resident medical biller and coder in your clinic or practice. Live plants are also a great addition to office space. They brighten and beautify the space so that working there is more enjoyable.
  15. Motivational Quote Pens in a Multipack
    How fun and colorful are these pens? They come in a multipack so they are totally shareable but you do not have to share if you would rather keep the fun to yourself. These would be a great gift idea for coworkers or staff. A medical office always needs an abundance of pens lying around. These come with perky and energizing motivational phrases on each pen.
  16. Post It Notes
    Post It Notes are the brain of a medical biller and coder. You can never have enough of them! They can help you to remember the chart you need to code or a new insurance policy you are unfamiliar with. They are convenient to keep on a desk top and do not take up much space. They are definitely a necessity for any medical office and these come in an abundance of bright colors.
  17. Medical Themed Socks
    Medical coders often work remotely. These socks can help your family know you are still at work, even if you are doing so from the comfort of your living room couch. They also offer the added benefit of keeping your toes nice and warm. Gift these socks to your favorite medical coder and giggle as they prop their feet up and enjoy their gift.
  18. Bluetooth Speaker
    This little speaker packs a lot of premium gifting into a small package. It is very portable and will travel easily from home to office, or where ever else you may need it. It could easily go from home, to the office desk, to the gym every day so you are never lacking for tunes to keep the day rolling. Medical billing and coding is a tedious job, after all. A little music to brighten the day can be very beneficial.
  19. Medical Coding Pillow
    This is a multipurpose pillow! It can serve as cute decor for the home or office. It could also offer lumbar support when placed in an office chair. Need to balance a laptop for a while? This pillow can do the job! It is an extra bonus that it has a witty, funny caption on the front of the pillow as well.
  20. Photo Display with Pen Holder
    Everyone loves to keep pictures of their family, or even their pets, on their desk at work. This gift option has seven places for images as well as a connected space for pens or pencils. This would be a welcomed accessory for any desk space. It is also conveniently made in one piece so you never have to worry about spacing being an issue or the pen holder falling over.