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Gifts for Anthropology Students

Anthropology, the scientific study of humanity, is a fascinating field focusing on various cultures alone with the history of humanity. Anthropology students tend to be especially interested in human behavior, and how people differ in various cultures.

Are you looking for a great gift for an anthropology student? We have lots of options! Anthropology students are incredibly hard to shop for because they study everything from all around the world, including many cultures that don’t exist anymore. So if you are looking for a gift that is different and sure to please then check out this list! These 17 products are some of the best gift options for anthropology students.

Great Gifts for Anthropology Students

  1. The Humans: A Novel
    The novel “The Humans” is an intricate and artistic story that highlights the aspects of our behavior that make us human, through the perspective of an alien visiting Earth. This hypothetical outside view makes it into a fascinating story. It highlights both the positive and negative aspects of human nature, and shows how imperfection makes us human. The author, Matt Heig, has been praised by the New York Times as a “novelist of great seriousness and talent.” This is a must-read for people loving anthropology students.
  2. History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day
    This incredibly detailed history book covers all of history from the beginning of the universe to present times. Human endeavor and achievement are charted and celebrated from every angle, alongside key events, groundbreaking ideas, political forces, and technological advances that have shaped our planet’s progress. This will help anthropology students in their studies of how history and evolution shaped human behavior and culture. It’s a five star book from the Smithsonian Institution. The detail, volume, and relevance of this fantastic book make it an excellent gift for any anthropology student.
  3. The New Cultural Kitchen: Delicious Arabic, North Africa, and Mediterranean Recipes
    Anthropology students love studying different cultures and their various behaviors. One very interesting topic that varies from culture to culture is cooking. Most people love trying food from different cultures, so anthropology students are sure to adore it! The New Cultural Kitchen isa medley of ethnic food, highlighting cooking from Arabic, Mediterranean, and North African cultures. Any anthropology student looking to increase their cultural knowledge will love this book!
  4. HONHAND 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano
    Another fascinating topic that differs greatly between cultures is their music. Music is somewhat of a phenomenon, being developed separately by different people in different parts of the world with no contact with each other. As a result, music has evolved more than most aspects of culture! The Kalimba is a modern version of the African mbira. This Kalimba in particular is made with quality materials to carry great sounds. It is also small enough to be handheld and portable. The Kalimba thumb piano is a great gift for anthropology students.
  5. AMEROUS Wooden Chess Set
    Chess is a time old game enjoyed by many people in many cultures around the world. It’s challenging, entertaining, and historic. Cultural games like these are sure to be loved by anthropologists. This particular wooden chess set has a folding board for easy transportation, weighted pieces, and two extra queens. This compact wooden design makes the game both beautiful and convenient. You can’t go wrong buying this chess set for an anthropology student!
  6. World Coins Half Pound Bag
    Many different countries have various fascinating kinds of money. This bag of coins consists of circulated foreign coins from around the world with varying dates, denominations and countries. This is an excellent way to begin a foreign currency collection. Any anthropology student who finds cultural currency and markets interesting will absolutely love this half pound bag of historic and diverse coins.
  7. Midi International Snack Box
    This snack box contains various sweet treats from around the world. It’s a great way to start immersing yourself in various cultures and their foods. It contains twelve premium fresh gourmet snacks, including an assortment of high quality Turkish treats. It also has a seven day money back guarantee! This is a unique and interesting gift that won’t be expected, but will certainly be loved. The Midi international snack box is an awesome present that’s perfect for anthropology students.
  8. Native American Bracelet
    Native Americans have some of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. Their history is very fascinating, and anthropologists certainly find it very interesting. This beaded Native American bracelet is one way to study and appreciate the beauty of this culture. You also don’t have to worry about sizing, because this design is one size fits all! Anthropology students will definitely love this beautiful piece of Native American jewelry.
  9. German Christmas Pickle Ornament
    The beauty of traditions comes in the fact that they can seem very strange to an outside observer. Germans actually have a Christmas tradition involving a pickle ornament! The ornament is hung on the tree, and the first person to find it is said to have a year of good fortune. This beautiful glass blown ornament is a great way to start building on rarer traditions from around the world. This particular ornament has a gold toned topper and gold shimmering string. It’s perfect for anthropology students who are interested in partaking in traditions from cultures other than their own.
  10. Chinese Lunar Calendar
    Keeping up with the Chinese lunar calendar is a great way to keep up with their culture. The lunar calendar identifies years, months, and days according to astronomical phenomena. It’s relevant to East Asian culture and history, as in ancient times they were farmers and relied heavily on the moon, which greatly affects agriculture. This particular calendar is made of high quality paper material, and is durable and wear-resistant. It also has a unique tiger design.
  11. Merci Finest Assortment of European Chocolates
    Chocolate is one of the oldest foods of all time, being invented at least four thousand years ago. It’s a historically rich gourmet food, and has been enjoyed by people throughout the ages. European chocolates are generally considered some of the very best, which is why this assortment of European chocolates is a great gift. It contains twenty individually wrapped chocolates, in seven varieties of rich chocolates, including milk chocolate, coffee and cream, hazelnut almond, and hazelnut creme. Any anthropology student will absolutely love this delicious and interesting gift.
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  13. Retro World Map Paint By Number Kit
    This retro world map, like the globe, is a great way to visualize the world. It’s also extremely fun, since it’s a paint by number! After painting it, it’s a fantastically beautiful poster that will make a great addition to a room as a decoration. It’s such a great gift because it’s both a fun, active gift when it’s being painted, and a passive, decorative gift when it’s finished and hung on the wall. It comes with three brushes and a set of high quality colors. This artistic present is great for any anthropology student.
  14. National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World
    This visual atlas of the world by National Geographic will delight and inspire those who love history and culture. It contains spectacular space imagery, world heritage sites, and other wonderful pictures from around the world. It’s great as a reference book, and is awesome for casual reading as well. This book is the most beautiful and authoritative visual atlas available today. Anthropology students will love studying and visualizing the entire world in this entrancing and accurate National Geographic visual atlas of the world.
  15. Classic Asian Ceramic Planter
    Pottery is a huge part of many cultures, including most East Asian cultures. This class Asian ceramic planter has a beautiful hand painted white plum blossom design on a black glaze background. It’s a wonderful modern model of a timeless type of pottery. It contains plenty of room for most kinds of common house plants, and is a beautiful addition to any home. Anthropology students interested in Asian culture will love this gift.
  16. Tibetian Singing Bowl Set
    Tibetian singing bowls have been used for six thousand years for meditation. This authentic handcrafted meditation bowl includes a wooden striker and hand sewn cushion. It’s great for any type of meditation, and creates an ambience for emotional calming. It’s a great way to participate in an experience that has been shared by people of another culture for so long. It’s a perfect gift for anthropology students.
  17. The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World
    This book is a pioneering exploration of the differences between the brain’s right and left hemispheres, and their effects on society, history, and culture. It contains many fascinating insights and arguments. As anthropology students are very interested in human behavior and its effects on culture, this is a great pick that they’ll be fascinated with.