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Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are one of the most popular engineers out there. They design cars, machines, and do work on the computer to make sure those machines run correctly. If you’re looking for gifts for someone who is in the field of mechanical engineering, we wrote an article to help you find the perfect gift!

Are you stumped for ideas of buying the ever tricky mechanical engineer in your life? Do they seem to have everything they might like already, leaving you reverting back to the same ‘safe’ bets year after year?

You’re not alone; buying the perfect gift can be stressful and demand a lot of time scouring the internet, browsing in shops and hoping that they’ll like whatever you choose to settle on.

Buying for an mechanical engineer is not that different, believe it or not; they are, after all, human underneath that analytical and logically driven exterior, even though at times they might not show it. To assist you in the quest to discover and buy the best gifts for mechanical engineer, we’ve created this helpful guide.

Best Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

    1. Multi Tool Pen
      With 12 in 1 functionality, this useful pen is ideal for mechanical engineers.
      Incorporating a host of features ranging from a torch to bottle opener, a compass to a screwdriver, it's an excellent, compact and cost-effective gift that can be used daily.
      Made from high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminium, which has been precision-engineered, the detail-driven among us are sure to enjoy this.
    2. Mathematical Equations Clock
      Make the usually mundane task of reading the time more enjoyable with equations in place of the traditional number placements. This will keep the mathematical minds entertained at any time of the day.
      The silent mechanism ensures it doesn't become a distraction while working on complex problems. It is an ideal gift to hang on the wall of a laboratory, workshop or office.
    3. Wallet Engineering Ruler Scale
      Having a handy compact measuring device on you at all times is a blessing for those who like to measure and record. This scale rule allows you to measure technical drawings accurately without relying on larger cumbersome devices.
      Due to its size will fit perfectly into a wallet, measuring the exact dimensions of a standard credit card. It has also been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime which will be appreciated for many years.
    4. Mechanical Engineering Gear Crew Socks
      Functional, necessary and worn by everyone, the trusty old sock has remained a favorite gift throughout the years. These comfortable and stretchy socks have been designed with an mechanical engineer in mind and feature repeating gear patterning, which is fun yet relevant as a novelty sock.
    5. Novelty Notepad
      Let's face it, mechanical engineers love to scribble, doodle, jot down notes and have a place to work out their calculations.
      This gift is ideal for a budding engineer or a playful joke option used by someone already trained and working in the field.
    6. Bright LED Lights
      Give the gift of light with this powerful LED illumination device which can be used to brighten up any workshop, garage or shed space where your engineers like to hang out.
      So bright, it will transform even the darkest and dingiest of spaces into a light and airy workable environment.
      With total angle adjustment, you can direct the light exactly where needed and simply screw it into an existing E26 bulb holder, providing an energy-efficient and long-lasting solution for illumination issues.
    7. Engineer Nutritional Facts Paperweight
      Engineers love a bit of paperwork and are renowned for their desk working prowess, so not only is this a functional gift it is also entertaining.
      This item can be used as a desk ornament or conversation piece to equal effect.
      Fun yet factual and no doubt relevant to the receiver of this keepsake, prevent their paperwork from flying about with a gust of wind.
    8. Levitating Globe
      Superb and colorful, this light-up L.E.D desk ornament is a worthy addition for any ample thinkers workspace.
      A visual reminder of magnetic fields, it can act as a playful piece that remains rooted in our universe's laws.
      Your mechanical engineer can watch the world spin away in frictionless motion whilst pondering the problems they're currently facing, a great find for all age groups.
    9. Engineer By Day Chef By Night Cutting Board
      A hard days problem solving is enough to work up a healthy appetite; this idea can not only look fantastic as a decorative piece to hang up in the kitchen, but it's also functional.
      If the recipient likes to unwind from work and unleash the inner Masterchef when in the kitchen, they'll love this gift.
      Made from sustainable bamboo, this chopping board is also suitable for environmentally conscious people.
    10. Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Puzzle
      Clock watching takes on a whole new meaning with this creative puzzle piece; not only do they get enjoyment from the assembly, but the engineer also gets to see the mechanical workings of a timepiece.
      Precisely engineered with a high level of detail, this model will happily take place on a bookcase, shelf or desk of any self-respecting engineer. Also can be purchased to encourage younger minds to partner up with parents or siblings to construct a successful assembly.
    11. Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen
      Writing and note-taking is part and parcel of being an mechanical engineer; make that daily habit more enjoyable with a luxurious fountain pen.
      Engraved with the instantly recognizable quote from one of the sharpest minds in history and also his signature, you'll feel as though you're holding a piece of history in your hands.
      It could also help improve the barely legible scribbles that are commonplace within this discipline.
    12. I'm an Enginer. Good at Math T-Shirt
      T-shirts are an essential item of clothing, so why not introduce an entertaining twist into the wardrobe of the mechanical engineer you are buying for.
      Manufactured using quality materials and inks that are considered the industry leaders, it'll stay looking & feeling great for many years to come; engineers love things that are well thought out and built to last.
      Get this as a gift and be pleased with your purchase indefinitely.
    13. Universal Socket
      Solving a few problems with this one item, this tool is the ultimate gadget for those who like to get their hands dirty.
      Fitting onto standard wrench sizes of 1/4 - 3/4 drivers, it can loosen or tighten a whole array of fixings yet is compact enough to fit into a pouch, pocket, or tool belt.
      Engineered from high-grade steel, this is designed to last and will grip most heads or fastener shapes, including the pesky rounded off ones that can usually test even the most patient of people.
    14. Flashlight Gloves
      Hands-on work doesn't usually leave many options for light placements when attempting to do things in the dark.
      Until now that is, with these light-up gloves, you can direct the beam exactly where it's needed without relying on cumbersome cables, lamps that don't fit into tight spaces or head torches that distract co-workers.
      Ideal for mechanical engineers who love to tinker about in confined spaces, darkness or underneath machinery.
    15. Magnetic Wristband
      Safe places to put nuts, bolts, or screws can often lead to them being lost or forgotten about; this simple yet effective idea keeps these items from being misplaced by magnetically attaching to the wrist.
      Small hand tools such as hex keys or drill bits can also be kept within grasp so the job in question can be performed with minimal messing about and optimum efficiency; we all know any mechanical engineer will be eternally grateful for such things.
    16. Snowflake Multitool
      Combining a whole 22 tools into one is no easy feat, yet this stylish and compact gift has managed to do so in a memorable way. It is pocket-sized and highly versatile, so it is worth keeping to hand if something needs tightening or meddling. Mechanical engineers will love this as a functional and fun, fidget inducing gift.
    17. Reusable Notebook
      Losing special notes or calculations can be a thing of the past with this technological wonder. Scribble away till their hearts are content and sync to the app where worthy texts are stored safely and can be shared. This idea also saves money from constantly buying more notepads to capture thoughts and ideas; simply wipe clean and reuse them as often as is needed.
    18. Hover pen
      Give the gift that defies gravity and creates an instant conversation piece as it takes center stage on your engineers' desk. Designed to hover at an angle of 23.5 degrees, it's a fascinating addition to any stationary setup. It will be cherished by any engineer that needs to make notes regularly, which is all of them.
    19. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit
      With a timeless and innovative design, your mechanical engineer can recreate a revolutionary design from one of the most prolific designers of his time.
      Leonardo Da Vinci used potential energy stored in wood to fire objects long distances. Relive the processes of assembly and then the satisfaction of seeing projectiles flung across the room with this wooden model.
      Hours of fun and a great piece for people to bond over.
    20. Science of Whisky Glasses
      Wind down with a favourite whiskey, whether scotch or bourbon, can be enjoyed with a nod to science.
      The ever-inquisitive mind will appreciate the molecular makeup which has been etched onto this high-quality glassware.
    21. Engineer Problem Solution Sarcasm Side Effect Funny Coffee Mug
      Mechanical engineers are known for their sharp wit, intellect, and a hint of sarcasm; fitting then is this item which can be used daily.
      It can serve as a playful reminder for the rest of the engineer's workplace and prevent others from using it.
    22. Sarcasm Elements Artwork
      Combining art and science for the logically driven to enjoy is no easy job, but we think this artwork manages to do just that.
      With its small frame and ability to hang on a wall, it won't feel too intrusive against eh rest of the surroundings.
      Lovely to look at, well put together, and an item that won't fall out of fashion or become unusable after a while, ticks all round when seeking a suitable offering.
    23. Folding Knife
      Laser engraving not only delivers a high level of accuracy, but it also sounds excellent; couple that with a well made and robust design, you've got a gift that sings to the heart of an mechanical engineer.
      Tools and practical items are always appreciated by this bunch; easy to use and with a safe locking mechanism, this robust knife is helpful for various tasks.
    24. Decanter
      Appreciative of the good things in life, what better way to enjoy their favorite tipple than from a hand-blown decanter.
      It does contain an army corps of engineers logo, making it more applicable to those who have served. It is still a great gift idea for any engineer who likes to have a drink.
      This vessel will keep liquor stored without evaporation and do so upon a desk or drinks cabinet with style.
    25. Wood Burning Kit Pyrography Pen
      Speak to their inner pyromaniac with this hobbyist gift, perfect for any mechanical engineer who wants to explore their artistic side.
      If they've been dabbling around with art, woodwork, or a combination of both, this versatile kit can help them realise their dreams.
      Introduce the skill of burning wood controlled and decoratively into their repertoire and watch as the masterpieces follow suit. As it doubles as a soldering iron it is more practical and useful to the recipient.
    26. Book of Puzzles
      Problem-solving and the enjoyment factor that comes with conquering the most complex of tasks will never get old for an engineer.
      Keeping the mind active and sharp through the activities contained within these pages will assist in doing just that; they'll be thankful and full of appreciation, they may even seek assistance from you to get involved too.
    27. USB Clock Fan
      Needing to keep an eye on the time is important so why not do so in style with a plug-in USB light up timepiece. Doubles as a fan so any engineer can keep their cool, especially when getting a little hot under the collar. Looks the part and works in several ways so will no doubt get the seal of approval from the engineer who is lucky enough to be gifted this.