15 Handpicked Gifts for Animal Shelter Workers

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Gifts for Animal Shelter Workers

Animal shelter workers care for animals that have been abandoned or rescued from dangerous situations. They feed, clean, and provide medical attention to animals until they are adopted. Animal rescue volunteers and animal shelter workers often work long hours, so please show them your appreciation with these thoughtful gifts.

Animal shelter workers are some of the hardest working people in today’s workforce, and without argument, they also have some of the biggest hearts of anyone you will ever meet. They take care of sick, injured, and abandoned animals, and they do it out of a love and compassion for all living creatures.

Their profession isn’t glamorous, and often requires them to put the needs of pets and animals ahead of their own, sacrificing their own time and resources along the way. Below is a list of potential gift ideas for you to keep in mind when shopping for a gift for the animal shelter worker in your life.

Best Gifts for Animal Shelter Employees and Volunteers

    1. Nado Care Pet Hair Remover
      As most animal shelter employees can attest to, being around furry friends for several hours a day can mean being covered in all kinds of dog and cat hair at the end of the day. Thankfully, lint rollers exist, but this isn’t your average lint roller: it doesn’t require any sticky tape or adhesive, and it is self-cleaning and reusable, making it an eco-friendly option to a normal lint roller.
    2. Gorilla Grip “Wipe Your Paws” Rubber Doormat
      Instead of an average beige doormat, level up and gift them a Gorilla Grip rubber doormat. The rubber is non-skid, and the textured print helps to trap moisture and dirt off of shoes. The rubber texture also means it is gentle on bare feet, and not harsh or bristled like with other doormats.
    3. Fade Resistant Bath, Hand and Washcloth Towel Set – 6 Piece
      While this may seem like a strange gift on the surface, it’s no secret that animal shelters across the world are routinely short on basic supplies such as towels, and will happily accept donations. Give the gift of much-needed supplies, and help an animal in need (and win the heart of your favorite animal shelter worker!)
    4. Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Set of 8 Essential Oils
      Working at an animal shelter can be stressful and overwhelming at times. This essential oil diffuser enlists the power of aromatherapy to help create a relaxing environment, and the additional pack of various essential oils allows for a variety of uses – get energized with orange in the morning, and relax with lavender in the evening.
    5. Emergency Stain Rescue Stain Remover
      Let’s face it, things happen when in the company of animals – there’s a reason most animal shelter workers and veterinary employees either wear a uniform, or scrubs. This stain remover has received 5-star reviews from Good Morning America, is nontoxic and safe around animals, and works on both organic and inorganic stains. It’s also convenient to use and only requires a quick spray, blot, and rinse on the affected area.
    6. Soft Fleece Pet Blanket
      These handy fleece blankets come in a variety of patterns, and are sized perfectly, ranging from 24” x 28” all the way up to 39” x 35” for larger animals to snuggle into. They’re machine washable and sold in packs of six, and their size makes them easy to store in a closet at home. In a pinch, these blankets could even double as a liner for guinea pigs and other larger habitat cages.
    7. Dog Tail Treat Canister – Ceramic Dog Treat Jar
      With its compact size measuring in at around 6” x 8”, this treat jar makes a great gift for animal shelter workers to either use at home, or at work. The jar can hold up to a few dozen treats depending on the size, and the lid design will surely generate some conversation!
    8. Animal Lover Paw Print – Women’s Hoodie
      Is the animal shelter worker in your life a woman that enjoys wearing your hooded sweatshirts? Gift her this hoodie, which features a simple “Love” design and paw print above the front pocket, and is available in four colors. The hoodie is machine washable, and the 50/50 cotton/polyester blend will prevent shrinking.
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    11. In the Shadow of Man, by Jane Goodall
      This book covers the life of Dr. Jane Goodall as she studied chimpanzees in Tanzania, and wrote about the intellect and social structure of chimps and the connection between humans and chimpanzees. The book is a popular best-seller for those that are interested in animal behavior, and want to learn more about the connections and relationships between humans and animals.
    12. Spearmint Eucalyptus XL Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket – Natural & Sulfate Free
      Suitable for any gender, this 18-piece basket includes shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, body butter, soap bar, bath bombs, soap bars, bath caviar, and more. The products are made from a formula containing 100% natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, which help to heal and hydrate the skin. The soap products are paraben free and cruelty free, and the eucalyptus scent helps promote relaxation.
    13. Rapicca Kevlar-Reinforced Leather Animal Handling Gloves
      Unfortunately, shelter animals can become very stressed, and this stress can result in unexpected behaviors such as biting and scratching. These professional-grade gloves are reinforced with Kevlar and are puncture resistant, bite resistant, and cut resistant against most smaller animals. The gloves are longer, fitting up the forearms for added protection from animals that bite, scratch, or grab. Outside of the shelter, these gloves are also heat, oil, and fire resistant.
    14. Pacific Pups 18-Piece Dog Toy Set
      Help your favorite animal shelter worker to spoil the lucky four-legged family member in its life with this 18-piece dog toy set. The set includes a dog treat dispenser ball, chew toys, rope toys, plush toys, rubber toys, and even a potty bag dispenser. There is bound to be a toy in this kit for most dogs, whether they are all about playing fetch, getting in a feisty game of tug-of-war, or chewing off some energy. All toys are made from non-toxic materials.
    15. Custom Pet Phone Case – Can use a pet’s photo and name to personalize
      Most (if not all) animal shelter workers have adopted a pet or two from the shelter over the years, or even foster-failed with a cat or dog that’s now taken permanent residence in their life. You can celebrate their pets with this custom phone case option, which is available for a wide selection of smart phone sizes and models, and allows you to pick the color, as well as use custom photos and pet names.