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Estheticians gifts

Women all over the world have always valued beauty and took different measures appropriate for the times they were living in to look their best. There is a variety of different procedures and treatments they go through not only to be able to look beautiful but also to maintain their health, hygiene, and skin condition on optimal levels.

People who provide such treatments are called estheticians and they have to be seriously trained to be able to perform such services. It’s very important to actually choose a professional and certified esthetician who knows what they are doing because you don’t want just anybody messing with the health of your largest organ – the skin. Although estheticians are not considered to be medical professionals and can’t diagnose, prescribe medications, perform invasive procedures or treat non-cosmetic skin conditions, they often work alongside dermatologists to offer complimentary skin treatments.

Estheticians also perform skin mapping, anti-aging treatments, body treatments, hair removal, exfoliation, skin peels, facials, superficial chemical peels, massages and many other beautifying treatments that improve the overall complexion and the condition of the skin. They also apply makeup and false eyelashes, and their studies involve a lot of practice on silicone face models before actually getting the opportunity to work on a real human.

If you happen to know an esthetician student who works hard to fulfill their dream career in beauty and you want to surprise them with a helpful gift, here’s a list of great gift options for them:

  1. Eyelash Extension Training Kit
    Estheticians are trained to do a variety of different treatments, but some of them choose to focus on certain practices more than on others, especially if they can create a whole business out of them. One of them is the practice of putting on professional eyelash extensions and girls all around the world are totally obsessing over them! When you get those, you actually don’t need any other makeup to look pretty, so girls love the idea of looking great without any effort in the morning. This eyelash extension training kit is going to be a great gift for your esthetician student to practice and master the technique.
  2. Facial Machine Wand
    There are plenty of little tools estheticians use on a daily basis that other people often don’t even know the names or purposes of. If that’s the case with you as well, don’t worry, we’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to. You might not know what these wands are for but you can be sure that your esthetician will be absolutely thrilled to receive them as a gift. For a student, they will be another amazing tool for practicing facials, various skin treatments and hair care. With this kit, they can practice with their friends or family at home and nail those exams later.
  3. Pack of Spa Headbands
    Esthetician students’ study and learn at school, but let’s be real, they practice a lot at home. It’s just impossible for them to avoid their family or friends asking for some facials at home, and they shouldn’t since it’s an amazing practice. For all those facials estheticians have to use those spa headbands to keep the hair from getting in touch with oily skin products, and this pack of cute spa headbands with a lovely bow design will be a great addition to their home equipment for practicing and come in handy next time their mom asks for an anti-aging treatment.
  4. Compressed Facial Sponges
    If you’ve ever been to a salon for a facial, you’ve probably seen your esthetician use those sponges on your face for applying different products or cleaning them afterward. They go through so many of these on a daily basis, especially during their studies. Even though the sponges are reusable, most estheticians prefer to change them and get a new pair for each client as that’s the most hygienic way of doing facials or other treatments, which should be the priority of all professional estheticians. That’s why they need a lot of those, so if you’re looking for a little gift, you can’t go wrong with a pack of these.
  5. Professional Salon Semi-Permanent Curling Eyelash Perm Kit
    Maybe they’re already near the end of their studies and are preparing for the beginning of their career so in that case, you should consider getting this professional semi-permanent curling eyelash perm kit for them to add to their equipment collection. They are on a safe way to having a successful business with many clients if they end up doing eyelashes and what’s a better way to motivate a student than to show them how you already see them as a professional in their field of study. All products in this kit are formulated with premium quality and non-irritating ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe which all estheticians will appreciate.
  6. UV Sanitizer Box
    One of the first things everybody who comes to a salon should look for is a UV sanitizer box. All those tools’ estheticians use need to be completely disinfected after each client otherwise the treatments can actually be dangerous. Your esthetician student friend probably knows all about it already as it’s one of the first things they learn in school. That’s why they will appreciate this gift a lot and they can start using it at home or save it for when they open their own salon. This UV box will be ideal for sterilization of their tools and the safest way of completely cleaning them.
  7. Wireless LED Light Therapy Face & Neck Mask
    Have you ever seen those crazy, robot-looking face masks estheticians put on their clients?! They might look funny but if you’ve ever had them on you know that they can feel amazing and leave your skin absolutely glowing! This wireless LED light therapy mask works for the face and neck area and its main purpose is rejuvenation, color treatment, anti-aging, acne spot removal, brightening, and making the wrinkles less prominent. It seems magical but actually does the job so it’s an important part of many facials and your esthetician student friend will absolutely love you for surprising them with this!
  8. Blackhead Remover Tool Kit
    Girls know that one of the most painful parts of all professional facials is the extraction of clogged pores which create blackheads, pimples, and acne, and is often one of the main reasons why many of them avoid getting one at all. Even though it’s not the most pleasant experience, it is an important technique for making the skin clean and healthy and for making all those next steps effective as clogged skin cannot take in the benefits of masks, creams, and other products. Every esthetician student needs a blackhead remover tool kit and this one will be perfect for them as it’s small and they can easily carry it around with them.
  9. Facial Masks Applicator Brush Set
    During all facial procedure estheticians need to apply various products to your face such as scrubs, masks, creams, moisturizers and other professional skin-care products. Even though we’re all used to applying those with our fingers at home, estheticians are professionals who have to use professional tools so that their clients get the best possible relaxing experience and fantastic results. For applying products, they use special applicators and brushes that feel nice on the skin and spread the products evenly, so this set will be an amazing gift for every student to add to their personal practicing equipment.
  10. Makeup Train Case with 3-Code Password
    We all mostly associate estheticians with facials, but did you know they are also trained to do professional makeup? They can do almost everything related to beauty and apart from the talent they also have the official knowledge and education about it. If you know that the esthetician student, you’d like to surprise with a nice gift is into makeup and wants to go in that direction after studies, this gorgeous and professional rose gold makeup train case is going to be perfect for when they travel for work and go to their client’s house to do their makeup.
  11. Clear Plastic Apothecary Jar Set
    When you step into a new salon you’ve never been in before, the first impression matters. The way they welcome you, the ambiance, how clean it is, the overall decor, and the little details affect how you feel about the place and will play a part in your decision about whether you’re returning there or not. That’s why it’s important for every future esthetician to plan out good interior design and make sure everything is well organized. You can assist them in that process by gifting them this clear aesthetic apothecary jar set for their bits to be tidy and look nice once they open their salon.
  12. Ice Globes for Facials
    Skincare is a trendy topic these days and you can find a variety of different tips and techniques that promise perfect skin after a certain period of time. Some of them work and some of them don’t, but since you know a future professional esthetician, you’re blessed with the ability to ask them about anything skin-related. One thing they’ll tell you for sure is that using ice globes is going to make your eyes less puffy and make your overall complexion freshe. Estheticians know the importance of these little tools and will probably use them in the future, so you can consider getting this set of 2 for them in advance.
  13. 3-in-1 Professional Diamond Facial Machine
    One of the best ways to surprise an esthetician student is to get them some professional equipment that they can use for their work once they graduate and once they are able to open their own salon. This will help them out financially since they will need to buy lots of stuff for it, but also inspire them to work even harder for becoming a professional in their field of study. This 3-in-1 professional diamond facial machine is a must-have for esthetician salons and will be a perfect gift for any esthetician student, whether for practice or for their future work.
  14. Professional Electric Double Wax Heater
    Every girl who goes to a salon to get facials, get their nails done or get any other treatment, loves it when it’s possible to get her hair removed at the same time. It’s such an important and integral part of all beauty routines that it should be considered an essential part of every beauty salon. Luckily, estheticians are trained for hair removal techniques as well as other beauty treatments, so you’re lucky to know them. This professional electric double wax heater is a necessity for performing hair removal, so an esthetician student will be happy to receive it as a gift while they’re still in their studies.
  15. Skin Spatula Deep Cleansing
    Maybe you’re used to seeing estheticians clean clogged pores manually with those tools we’ve mentioned earlier and even though they undoubtedly need to know how to use those properly, there are also some newer electric versions of them that your esthetician student friend will be thrilled to receive. This skin spatula for deep cleansing is being used more frequently in salons and should be a part of every esthetician’s professional salon equipment. The face spatula can take out the debris and impurities from pores and optimize the performance of skincare products applied after which will result in many happy clients in the future.
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  17. Professional Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp
    Another necessity for every esthetician’s salon and an integral part of any facial treatment is a facial streamer. You’ve probably seen it in all salons that do facials as it should be the beginning of every facial treatment and it works by opening up the pores with a nano ionic heated stream and preparing them for the following steps. It also cleanses the skin deeply and stimulates the skin's blood to accelerate circulation which leaves it looking glowy and beautiful. Every esthetician student knows the importance of this machine and will be so happy to receive it as a gift.
  18. Jelly Mask for Facials
    Esthetician students are learning how to take great professional care of other people’s skin and beauty, but will all that knowledge they have it’s impossible for them to neglect their own skin. With the poor air and water quality we’re experiencing all over the world, now it’s more important than ever to take good care of our skin and cleanse it on a daily basis. That’s why you can consider getting this jelly mask for facials for your esthetician student friend, which will show them your appreciation for their effort and let them enjoy their own spa day at home with these relaxing masks working wonders for their complexion.
  19. Facial Cleansing Brush
    This facial cleansing brush is another nice little gift you can get for any esthetician student. They know so much about beauty and skincare and are probably doing everything they can to use some of those learned techniques on their skin too, even though they must have busy schedules at school. Since they chose this field of study, skincare is the topic they’re passionate about so they surely know the importance of cleansing your skin thoroughly every day. This brush will make their morning or bedtime skincare routine easy and quick but effective as they can choose between a daily deep clean or gentle exfoliation.
  20. Esthetician Makeup Bag
    The focus of any esthetician’s career is beauty, so they are no strangers to cosmetic tools or skincare and makeup products. They might not like to wear makeup every day because they know the negative effects that can have on the skin’s health, but they still have the bits and pieces they like to carry with them when running errands or going to their lectures. That’s why this little esthetician-themed travel pouch will be a great gift for them with its cute design and a ‘’Only the Strongest Women Become Estheticians’’ message printed on it along with beautiful eyelashes and lips on the other side.
  21. Esthetician Wine Glass
    People often come to beauty salons with impossibly high expectations. They get too lazy or busy to take the necessary daily care of their skin at home and then one day they just appear at the salon and expect the estheticians to magically heal their complexion and make it perfect, so when that doesn’t happen overnight, they get disappointed and think it’s the esthetician’s fault. This can be really annoying for professionals, so this wine glass with the note ‘’I'm an Esthetician Not a Magician’’ printed on it will be a great gift for every esthetician student to prepare themselves for this side of their future job.
  22. Esthetician Coffee Mug
    An esthetician’s career involves working with many different clients on a daily basis and their schedules can get pretty hectic and busy with little to no time for coffee breaks, especially if they run their own business. You can get this beautiful coffee mug for an esthetician student who will soon own their own salon, to show them that they should take breaks and enjoy their coffee which they surely will if they get this mug with a lovely ‘’World’s Most Awesome Esthetician’’ note printed on it. They will cherish it and proudly show it off in their future salon.
  23. Beauty Salon Wall Art Decor
    The interior design and décor of a beauty salon are as important as the quality of treatments estheticians who are working there provide as they affect the whole atmosphere and mood of the place. Beauty treatments should be relaxing and pleasant and most clients want to get them for that reason solely. That’s why getting a decor piece as a gift for a future esthetician’s salon is a great idea. These 3 wall art prints will motivate the student to study faster so they can open their own salon as soon as possible and hang those lovely quotes that will instantly make the place much better looking.
  24. Esthetician-Themed Keychain
    Sometimes those little gifts carry the biggest meaning and cause the biggest smile on the face of the person who receives them. Something as little as a keychain can be a wonderful gift, especially when it has such a nice design and message engraved on it. This one is perfect for esthetician students as it has a wonderful note ‘’I make people beautiful, what’s your superpower?’’ on a round pendant and will make the student proud of what they’re studying for and pursuing. Estheticians often don’t get enough recognition for what they’re doing so this is going to be a motivating and meaningful gift.
  25. Jade Stones Eye Mask
    After a whole day of lectures, studying, and learning about how to make other people beautiful, esthetician students just like all other students can feel under a lot of pressure due to the awaiting exams and feel too tired to do a full skincare routine on themselves. They still need to take the time for self-care too so this 100% natural eye mask made of real jade stones will be a wonderful gift for them to relax after a long day at school. Apart from the fact that it brings relaxation, it also has anti-aging properties and makes the skin glowy and moisturized which a future esthetician will enjoy.
  26. Scented Candle Gift Set
    Another relaxing decor piece all estheticians love and use daily in their workplace is beautiful aromatherapy candles. If you’ve ever had a facial you know that it’s much more enjoyable if there are relaxing scented candles around you. That’s why every esthetician student will be happy if you surprise them with this beautiful set of 3 scented aromatherapy candles made of natural soy wax. It’s always great if the candles are natural as it’s much healthier for people who are around them often. The future esthetician can use it to relax after studying or save them for when they open their salon.
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  28. Silicone Face Eye Makeup Practice Boar
    For esthetician students who plan on taking the makeup route, this silicone face eye makeup practice board will be a wonderful and useful gift that will help them practice and prepare for their exams and future work. Doing professional makeup does require talent but it also requires lots and lots of daily practice and being up to date with all the new trends that arise on a daily basis these days. Clients come with high expectations and estheticians need to fulfill them, so this practice board will assist them in practicing all the new techniques they decide to try out and learn.
  29. Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals + Student Workbook Bundle
    There are a lot of different books covering the topics of skincare and beauty, as well as online sources of information that we all can learn something from. However, professional estheticians need to learn from professional books and study not only skincare and beauty but also human anatomy, chemistry, skin analysis, conditions and disorders and other important topics in their field of study. This bundle consists of Milady Standard Foundations with Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, the Student Workbook for Milady Standard Foundations, and the Student Workbook for Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th Edition and will be very helpful for any esthetician student to get additional knowledge.
  30. Women's 3/4 Sleeve Lab Coat
    Even though professional estheticians are not considered to be doctors of any kind, it is not unusual to see them in doctor’s scrubs or coats while working, as they still do treatments that require them to stay very clean and hygienic. While making all their work safe for their clients, wearing professional scrubs or clothes also makes them look much more professional and serious about what they do, so that way they can attract more clients too. This ¾ sleeve lab coat for women will be a wonderful gift for any esthetician student as it will make them feel accomplished and proud to wear it after graduation.
  31. Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone & Tablet Holder
    Many estheticians nowadays use social media to promote their businesses as it’s the fastest and most effective way to attract clients. Everybody uses the internet these days so it’s almost becoming a necessity to promote your work online. Estheticians often film some of their treatments for other people to see and they post the videos and photos on their social media accounts. An esthetician student you want to surprise is probably a young individual who knows a lot about that, so this selfie ring light with a tripod stand is going to be a great and useful gift for when they start working and filming.