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Gifts for Audiologists

Audiologists are responsible for identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders related to hearing. This can involve performing diagnostic audiometric tests, dispensing hearing aids and providing aural rehabilitation.

An audiologist analyzes the health of your hearing and develops a program for managing your problems. A good gift giver analyzes many gift ideas to come up with the perfect one. Find them something thoughtful and special from our great selection of audiology gifts. Here are the most awesome gift ideas for audiologists in your life!

Best Gifts for Audiologists

  1. Audiologist Mug
    This cute mug with the caption “This is what an awesome audiologist looks like” is a perfect gift for someone in the field of hearing healthcare. Mugs make great gifts because they are useful and so many people find a hot beverage comforting. Whether you prefer coffee, tea or hot cocoa, you need a mug like this to keep it at hand.
  2. Framed Bones of the Ear Graphics
    Colorful, tasteful decor is key to an office space. These colorful and very beautifully designed wall graphics would be an excellent addition to an office of audiology. The bright colors are very eye catching, but also very classy. For a modern look in your office space, these prints cannot be beat.
  3. Otoscope with Syncing Ability
    An otoscope is the most used, every day tool of audiologists. This one is set apart by its ability to sync to a smart phone so that you can view the inner ear on the screen of the phone. This is such a helpful tools when making a diagnosis and especially for patient education as well. The biggest perk of this one is that you do not have to have or travel with a computer monitor or television, but can use the convenience of your own smartphone.
  4. Audiologists Key Chain
    What an awesome way to get a chuckle from a gift recipient! This key chain is a practical gift with a very humorous twist. Everyone loves a good play on words and this one is quite funny and endearing. The pun in the caption, “Audiologists are ear replaceable” is sure to induce a smile from whomever is given this silver-toned keychain.
  5. Au. D Phone Pop It
    Pop It backs for phones are such easy, appreciated gifts. They make awesome stocking stuffers or additions to gift baskets. This particular one is a pretty floral design and perfect for the female with an Au. D degree. The pastel colors and elegant script font are on trend now, too. Those who do earn a degree in audiology deserve a gift like this to show off their hard earned credentials.
  6. I’m Not Yelling Mug
    “I’m not yelling. I’m an audiologist. This is how we talk.” is the caption across this mug. It is also a very true statement. After working with the hard of hearing for so long, an audiologist does tend to increase voice volume in conversation just out of habit. This caption is also one that would be appreciated by anyone in a hearing healthcare profession.
  7. Keep Calm Tee Shirt
    There could not be a more fitting graphic tee for an audiologist! People in general are notoriously reluctant to admit they actually have a hearing problem. This stigma is sad, in that people do not think the same way about wearing eyeglasses to help with vision and is one that audiologists fight against every tee. The graphic “Keep calm and admit you need hearing aids” will receive a knee slap and big laugh from the doctor that receives it for sure.
  8. Doctor’s Coat Wine Bag
    The gift bags are the cutest! Made to look like the white coat worn by doctors and complete with either a necklace or stethoscope, this is a very thoughtful way to dress up a nice bottle of wine to gift to the doctor in your life. Keep a four pack of these bags at all times so that you have an easy, quick gift option available at anytime.
  9. Ear Anatomy Clip Board
    This is an awesome addition to audiology office supplies. It can be written on with dry erase markers and erased easily so it offers the perfect board to show patients various parts of hearing anatomy. The graphics here are bright, clear and anatomically correct. This gift is sure to be coveted by other doctors.
  10. 5-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit
    This compact gift packs a lot of bang in a small package. This gift would come in handy as it is something used constantly in the care of hearing aid devices and it is small enough to be transported in a coat pocket or purse with ease. These tools are the basic defense when it comes to servicing hearing aids. This is also a gift that could be given to any person who wears hearing aids or a care taker who needs to be able to care for the hearing aids.
  11. Ear Anatomy Model
    This anatomy model of the ear is the best desk top representation of the human ear. It is an impressive office piece and would be a great teaching tool for an audiologist to utilize. Most offices have posters on the walls, but this model really brings the anatomy to life in a 4-D representation. It is sure to get attention in any office space and can be utilized as a teaching aid as well. This gift for audiologists will be a great way to say thanks to the person who helps your loved ones hear better!
  12. Audiology Throw Pillow
    This is the perfect throw pillow to keep in your office chair or even on the couch at home. The wording says “I can’t fix stupid but I can help you hear it” and that humor can be appreciated by anyone, but especially a doctor of audiology. It is bold in color and in statement. This is a gift that can promote relaxation by being available as a comfy cushion or even a little comedic relief.
  13. Neuroanatomy for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
    This comprehensive book on the science of anatomy and physiology and neurological connections on the audio system of the human body is sure to be a hit with a doctor of audiology. It would be essential to answer questions as needed in a practice or just to brush up in that area as needed. With good reviews, it is sure to be informative and appreciated when given as a gift.
  14. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
    These aromatherapy shower steamers are a gift anyone could appreciate. They are perfect for relaxation when you have come home from a long day of work and can be used first thing in the morning to energize and start your day. Most people are aware of the benefits of essential oils these days and this is an awesome way to use them. These steamers are definitely needed for the utmost enjoyable shower experience.
  15. Ear Trumpet Gag Gift
    Made to mimic the first and most primitive hearing aid device, this ear trumpet would be a great gag gift for an audiologist. It would also make for an outstanding conversation piece if left so sit around a doctor’s office. It could even serve as a great example of how far we have come in the technology of audiology. This gaudy, brass gift is guaranteed to get a laugh at the very least.
  16. Hearing Aid Battery Tester
    Stick this useful gift on a keychain and enjoy having it at your fingertips all the time! This little tool is a cheap gift but one that is so handy when you need it. Audiologists test hearing aid batteries so very often and it would be so convenient to have a little tester right there when you do not expect to need it. This is sure to be another underrated gift for a doctor of audiology but is truly so helpful. It would even be a great gift for someone who wears hearing aids. The first troubleshooting option is to change the batteries!
  17. Ear Eraser
    This extra large, ear shaped eraser is such a great piece to have on the office desk of anyone in the hearing health profession. It could be a talking point when noticed but is also fully functional as an eraser to correct writing errors. It looks exactly like the outer ear! Another perk is that it is too large to be easily lost so no worries about misplacing it. This is the adult version of those large pink erasers we all carried around as kids.
  18. Customizable Holographic Photo for Desk
    This is such a great gift idea for any holiday or time of year! Everyone loves to adorn their office with pictures of loved ones or even pets. This holographic picture is eye-catching and artistically made out of crystal. It can be personalized to any picture of your choice. This would make a great gift option for a loved one who has a medical office to decorate.
  19. Audiologist Tote Bag
    “Audiologists change lives one decibel at a time” is the front graphic on this tote. The phrase is inspiring and would be so loved by an audiologist. This bag would make a great way to carry small tools, like an otoscope or hearing aid cleaning kit into assisted living facilities, house calls, or even just across the office. This gift has the potential to help an audiologist feel appreciated in one of the most overlooked medical professions.
  20. Coffee Mug Warmer
    This is the perfect gift for the hearing health care professional in your life! How many times do you make a fresh cup of coffee at work only to be distracted two seconds later and next thing you know, you have a full mug of cold coffee? This sweet little gift has the ability to prevent that. Just plug it in, place your mug on top, and let it keep that coffee warm no matter how long you are distracted. This is without a doubt an excellent gift option for any audiologist who is tied to a desk throughout the day.