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Gifts for Cross Country Coaches

They may often push you to your limits, but your cross country coach knows what’s best for you. Now it’s your turn to repay them with one of these unique gifts.

Despite the early morning starts or late night drills, like your your parents, your coach only ever wants what is best for you. They work hard, often pushing you to a point where you feel, “That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’m definitely removing them from my Christmas gift list this year”, but with a quick reflection on your medals, PB results & general progress, you know your cross country coach deserves more from you. With this list of the best gifts for a school or college or any other cross country coaches, you can show your appreciation and maybe, just maybe, earn yourself an extra day off from training!

Best Gifts for Cross Country Coaches

  1. I Am a Coach Of Freakishly Awesome Cross Country Team T-Shirt
    Admittedly, it isn’t so subtle, but come on… which cross country coach doesn’t enjoy showing off their muscles and their squad at the same time? This ‘Freakishly Awesome T-Shirt’ will surely be a hit and can be worn with pride by your Coach all year round. Available in five different colors and six varying sizes, make your coach feel ‘Awesome’!
  2. Cross Country: A 3,700-Mile Run to Explore Unseen America
    You can only hope that this gift won’t go giving your coach any wild ideas about your next training session, but there is no doubt they would enjoy this inspiring record from professional runner, Rickey Gates. Documenting his 5 month, 3700 mile run across the country, this is an absolute must read for any cross coach or athlete. Just don’t be surprised if your practice runs suddenly become that little bit longer and tougher!
  3. Champ Got This Mini Survival Pouch
    You can never have too many bags in your life and this is the perfect mini bag for coaches essentials. Stopwatch, protein gels and gummies, whistle, keys, phone, wallet, this will come in handy on the track or back in the changing room as it is compact and portable. Water-resistant and lightweight, perfect in battling the sweat during their own workout sessions too. It’s all about ‘survival of the fittest’!
  4. Runner Hoodie
    Ideal for the colder months, another great piece of unisex clothing that expresses your coach’s love for his/her sport. This hoodie will keep them cosy whilst they wait on the sideline for you to complete your session or can be worn casually off the field. Available in four different colors and six sizes. X-Cited….surely your running coach will be!
  5. Cross Country Coach Keychain
    Show some appreciation by thanking your coach cross country in middle or high school for all their hard work with this classy, silver-plated keychain. “A great coach is hard to find and impossible to forget”, the message says it all and with this charming accessory, they will also never forget you. Easily attachable to bags, keys, pockets, it comes with a chic, compact bag for gifting.
  6. Running Journal
    And so it goes, ‘Eat, Sleep, Cross Country, Repeat’. Your Coach will absolutely love that this is also a mantra you can relate to, it shows your dedication to the sport. This 120-page, cool notebook will come in handy for recording all those important runner stats - distance, pace, location, etc…got it? Noted!
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  8. Runners Desk Calendar
    A calendar is the most simple tool for the organization of days. As a runner, your training needs to be organized. With 300 original, illustrated and inspirational quotes, this calendar is a great tool for cross country coaching staff to use in motivating you each session or to simply keep a track of training his/her athletes. Including a training tracker which allows coaching staff to keep a note of all your achievements or results.
  9. Nike Swoosh Sports Headbands
    This pack of 6 super cool, sporty, unisex headbands will be a hit with your coach if not only for the color options. Whether they are a ‘colorful’ or a ‘simple’ character, you have options here of 6 rainbow-type colors or 3 black/3 white styles. Can be worn for any activity and are useful in keeping the hair off your face whilst exercising.
  10. Lavender Shower Steamers
    After a tough day out on the track or field, your school college cross country coach also needs some rest and relaxation and what better way than gifting them these pampering essential lavender oil shower steamers. For use in the shower or bath, the tablets dissolve in hot water and emit a soothing lavender scent to calm the body and mind. Each pack includes 15 tablets which are made with 100% organic and natural ingredients.
  11. New Balance Running Gloves
    Whether your coach is running with you or training from the sidelines, these New Balance running gloves are perfect for all seasons. Lightweight and engineered to complement touch-screen gadgets with gripped palms and tipped fingers, available in four funky shades, your Coach will be easy to spot in the fluorescent orange or green styles.
  12. Running Knowledge Retro Metal Sign
    Running knowledge…who would have thought there were rules for that; it’s just putting one foot in front of the other, isn't it? Apparently not and that’s why this fun, tin-plated sign is ideal for earning some smiles from your Coach. Easy to hang, waterproof, colorfast and available in two sizes, finally some swanky art for Coach’s office!
  13. LED Reflective Belt
    Perfect for any late night training your coach may have in mind, this LED reflective belt is sure to get him/her noticed. Whether they are just standing, shouting the orders or moving with you or ahead/behind you, the belt is 360 degrees visible. With one touch to switch between flashing or glowing mode and available in green, blue or red. The rechargeable battery offers upto 20 hours of illumination and straps are easily adjustable to fit all sizes.
  14. Coaching Cross Country Successfully
    In Coaching Cross Country Successfully, Pat Tyson shares his secrets to building one of today’s elite cross country programs. As one of the winningest cross country coaches in the United States, Pat Tyson developed his philosophies of training and competition by associating with legendary runners and coaches. He was a teammate and roommate of Steve Prefontaine while he was running at the University of Oregon for Coach Bill Bowerman. Coaching Cross Country Successfully draws on this breadth of experience, showing you how to inspire your athletes and create your own tradition of excellence.
  15. Polarized Sports Sunglasses
    For anyone who enjoys outdoor sports, these super cool polarized sunglasses will be a hit during the summer months. Available in 5 different designs, the UV400 protective coating shields the eyes from any glare and the lightweight frame makes them comfortable even when moving or exercising. With a non-slip nose pad and scratch resistant lenses, your Coach will surely rock this look!
  16. 321 Strong Foam Roller
    Even if your coach doesn’t run with you, there’s a fair chance they do a degree of exercise and so you can bet they have some tense muscles. In that case, this cool foam roller, adored by athletes worldwide, will be well received. With EVA tread and triple grid massage zones, this is one of the best recovery tools for muscle pain. Available in a variety of colors and designs.
  17. Mini Arcade Retro Machine
    Everyone needs a little fun now and then! Taking a break from the track or field will bring your cross country coach back refreshed (and maybe, less strict!) so this mini arcade retro machine is the best idea to hit that spot. Including 200 pre-loaded, ready to play games on a unit that fits nicely into the palm of your hand…don’t get too competitive though and just be sure to let the Coach win!
  18. The Complete History of Cross-Country Running
    In The Complete History of Cross-Country Running, author Andrew Boyd Hutchinson captures the full history of cross country running, from the early 1800s to the present day, on both a national and international scale. It includes chronicles of legendary teams, inspirational tales of achievement, controversies, and interviews with record‐breaking runners past and present.
  19. Inspirational ‘Awesome’ Sign
    Sometimes we just need to hear that we are appreciated and your running coach is no exception. This cute, but classy wooden plaque will warm up any wall or desk and remind your coach how much they are thought of for all their efforts. There is surely a spot available somewhere amongst all the running gear for this fun decoration. This can be a great appreciation gift for the best cross country head coach from the whole cross-country team.
  20. Whisky Infusion DIY Set
    First things first…is your coach a whisky drinker? If so, then this is a lovely personable gift, probably best given at Christmas when he/she has some valuable ‘down’ time to really appreciate it. This set offers the user a chance to create their own mix of whisky blends with three types of oak and six different herbs & spices. Also including two glass prep bottles and six stainless steel ice cubes, a whisky lover’s true match! Presented lovingly in a fancy wooden box, perfect for gifting.
  21. Shiatsu Body Massage Pillow
    All athletes and coaches need (and love) a little pampering, but we all know in-person massages are expensive, and nowadays a little risky! So we have a solution with this Shiatsu Massager gift which can be used all over aching muscles; shoulders, neck, back and feet. Shiatsu, derived from Japan, focuses mainly on a form of acupressure and stretching. With deep-kneading nodes and a gentle heating function on this pillow, Coach can simply sit back, relax and enjoy!
  22. Exploding Kittens Card Game
    Brought to you by the clever inventors at ‘Exploding Kittens’ and with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide, this fun creation was named “The Game of the Year”. Perfect for all occasions, your school cross country coach can enjoy a night off from barking at you to miaowing with friends! Easy to learn, you trick your friend into blowing up, so it will draw lots of laughs along the way. There is even an exclusive ‘Adult Only’ version if there are no kids around!
  23. Running Party Centerpiece Sticks
    It’s party time! Perfect for the end-of-season, celebratory gathering with cross country/distance coach and fellow athletes, these unique table toppers will be a great final touch. Including 15 pieces in 3 different designs, they can be used as table centerpieces or, alternately, as simple wall decorations and will add a hint of fun to your party or photo booth snaps.
  24. Novelty Burrito Blanket
    Who doesn’t love a good burrito? And who doesn’t enjoy a cosy, warm blanket during the winter months? Then put your hands together for this novelty blanket, made of soft fuzzy flannel which has the user looking just like a burrito when all wrapped up underneath! Available in four sizes. Also options of purchasing similar blankets in various circular styles - pizza, cookie, waffle, etc…
  25. The Year’s Best Sports Writing 2021
    Cross country athletes, coaches, all sportspeople alike, will surely love this fascinating read from founding editor of the Best American Sports Writing, Glenn Stout. Outlining the amazing sporting feats and accomplishments of our fellow athletes who continue to wow us with their strength, speed, ability and determination out on the court/field/course. A must read for coaches of any sport.
  26. On the Run Novelty Pasta
    Pasta with a personality, who would have thought it? Give your Coach a yummy giggle with this fun ‘running’ themed gift. It is a huge belief in the sporting world that pasta is the go-to meal for athletes in building up their carbs before participating in their sport or exercise. But can your Coach really bring him/herself to actually eat these cute sports shoe shapes and runners from the pack? Let’s see…
  27. Bullhorn Megaphone
    “What were you thinking?” might be the reaction of your fellow athletes, but your Coach will, no doubt, love love love this mini megaphone speaker for use in his/her sessions. Incredibly lightweight and available in five funky colors. Operating on just 4 C-type batteries with switch options to ‘speak or ‘siren’, you might just regret this one!
  28. ‘Best Coach Ever’ Tumbler
    Last, but not least, If pink is their color, your cross country coach will love this cute, fun tumbler. Suitable for hot or cold drinks and inclusive of an inspirational quote keychain, three silicone pink straws and cleaning brush. A great gift to remind your coaches just how much they mean to you and to whole cross country team.