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Retirement Gifts For Social Workers

We spend the longest part of our life span working – it is something we need to do in order to be able to live a good life, but also something that gives us purpose and meaning. After so many years of being busy, there comes a sweet light at the end of the tunnel – the moment of complete freedom.

Social workers are often appreciated during their careers, yet given poor gifts during their retirements. We want to change that. Social workers play an important role in the community, so it comes as no surprise that they enjoy making an impact on people’s lives. That is why we offer unique and thoughtful retirement gifts for social workers that can be gifted during a retirement party or ceremony.

Retirement is undoubtedly one of the most special moments of one’s entire life. It is a whole new beginning and, as such, should be greeted in a grand way, with lots of meaningful gifts. If you know a social worker who’s ready for their retirement – we prepared a list of 18 gifts to make that wonderful occasion even more special to them.

Best Retirement Gifts For Social Workers

  1. Social Worker Coffee Mug
    Being a social worker means being a selfless person who’s dedicated their life to protect vulnerable children and support families in need of assistance. They had to be agreeable and careful with how they act, even when they were not feeling that way! This coffee mug describes, in a fun way, everything that was sometimes hidden behind a social worker's smiley face facade. They will find this gift accurate and funny.
  2. Purposeful Retirement Workbook & Planner
    Retirement is the beginning of freedom and a relaxed life full of new possibilities. This “Purposeful Retirement Workbook & Planner: Wisdom, Planning and Mindfulness for Your Happiest Years” book will be a perfect guide and time management tool for planning their new free time in the best way possible. Everything from planning new hobbies and self-care, to finances and travels, this book will be an amazing planner to make sure they don’t waste their happiest times.
  3. Happy Retirement Necklace
    What may seem like an end is just the beginning of a whole new life journey. This lovely, delicate and elegant necklace with a beautiful message that reads: “Happy Retirement. The journey doesn’t start at the beginning, it begins at the end”, will be a perfect retirement gift for a colleague, friend or special woman in your life, to accompany her for years to come, in this new life chapter full of adventures and self-discovery.
  4. Coffee And Wine Glass Rack
    After a whole life of having to wake up early and let their alarm clock dictate the beginning of their day, retirees no longer need to tell what time is it that way! Best days start with a cup of coffee and end with a glass of wine, and this wall rack for glasses printed with a funny message: “How retirees tell time”, is a perfect description of the new and exciting times waiting for them.
  5. Personalized Crystal Appreciation Plaque
    Social workers change lives for the better, and you want to be able to help them celebrate their careers and recognize everything they've done for others. From working with the mentally disabled to caring for those in need, social workers are dedicated to improving community living and the life of others. Retirement presents can be hard to come by because it's hard to find something that matches the person's personality. This personalized crystal appreciation retirement plaque is a perfect gift for putting a smile on a co-worker or employee's face when they leave the office.
  6. The Legend Has Retired Whiskey Glass
    For the gentleman out there (and maybe some ladies as well!), this whiskey glass with a message: “The Legend Has Retired” is a great gift for honoring a social worker retiree who's dedicated their days and nights to the betterment of humanity. It is a small but meaningful gift to show appreciation to such a hero, and remind them that this new life chapter they're entering is all about self-care, free time, new hobbies and maybe some good whiskey!
  7. Retired Business Cards
    No more deadlines, no business, no phone, no email and not my problem! A fun gift for a retiring co-worker, employee, friend or colleague - “go ask someone else” retired business cards. For social workers who have spent their lives helping others, it is about time they are free from the responsibility of answering anybody’s questions and sorting out anyone else’s problems anymore. Ideal for retired professionals with a sense of humor.
  8. “Thank You” Appreciation Keychain
    This keyring with an engraved message on it that reads: “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched” is a nice little bonus item for a retiring person. An appreciation symbol with a “Thank You” message for everything a social worker does for others during their work years, will forever remind them of how much their work was meaningful.
  9. Stress Less & Self Care Cards - Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises
    Life after retirement is probably going to feel like a sudden excess of time that you don’t know what to do with, but it’s all about focusing all this free space and time on yourself and self-care. These self-care cards are an ideal gift for someone who is just getting started on that journey of self-care, to practice mindfulness and meditation and be able to get used to the new chapter of less stress and less chaos.
  10. Retirement Decoration
    Sometimes it is all about throwing a good party! This retirement decoration set of banners, ribbons, paper pompoms, balloon cards, retirement cards and hanging swirls will be a good start to a great surprise party for such a special life moment. Throwing an unexpected party is never a bad idea, and a few hours of fun with friends and family will be a great event to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new life change. “A little party never killed nobody!”
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  12. Smart Home Kitchen Coffee Maker
    After all these rushed cups of coffee they have had throughout their career, they are about to enter a life chapter where every single cup of coffee they’ll have is peaceful and enjoyable, without anybody hurrying them up. Mornings will become that much better, because this smart kitchen coffee maker can be controlled from their smartphones, Google Home or Alexa, and with the auto brew feature, they will be able to wake up to their personalized cup of coffee already waiting for them, fresh and hot!
  13. 101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement
    Welcome to the best years of your life! What about all this new, free time you suddenly have? Time to remember all those hobbies you once wished you could do but had no time for! No more morning commute and no more stressful deadlines! This fun book will be a good for retiring social workers as it is filled with interesting hobby ideas that the person who is retiring can choose from if they still lack a good retirement life plan, and fill up their days with cool and creative activities.
  14. Travel Checklist Journal
    Not everybody wants a boring and tranquil life after they retire! A travel checklist journal is a great retirement gift for social work professionals as a reminder that this is not an end, but a great beginning they should use wisely! What’s a better way to spend all this free time than to travel the world, or at least visit those places they haven’t yet had the chance to? Maybe this travel planner will inspire them to plan out some trips and enjoy their best days!
  15. Indoor Garden Kit Seed Starter Kit
    Another lovely hobby a retired social worker can benefit from is gardening! It is a relaxing activity that can bring a lot of peaceful and creative moments into everyday life. Nothing beats the satisfying feeling of harvesting herbs and spices you planted yourself, and this “grow your own salsa” kit is a must have for people who love growing their own herbs and spices. Retirement is a great time to start focusing on healthy eating, and this vegetable seed starting kit will provide them with fresh, quality herbs and spices to spice up their food regimen. It’s a creative gift for any retired social worker.
  16. Best Social Worker Ever Ornament
    Simply reminding the person that what they have done in their career is of huge importance and that they have been the best at it, is enough to make them feel good about themselves and all the efforts they have invested. This ‘best social worker ever’ ornament will be a great little reminder of how special their career was, as it will decorate their house or their Christmas tree every year in a very meaningful way.
  17. Funny Retirement Socks
    These funny socks will definitely put a smile on your colleague's or friend’s face, they say: “Hello pension, goodbye tension”! If you want to pick a gift that has a humorous side to it, this will be a great, funny choice! Retirement is all about keeping their feet up while they enjoy their cup of coffee or wine, so everybody will be able to see their cool socks and be reminded not to disturb them!
  18. HOT SEAT - Card Game
    What better time to enjoy some fun multiplayer games than when one is truly and fully free - after retirement! Perfect gift for a retirement party - this fun family friendly card game for all ages will bring even more laughter and fun times into those already special days. It will be fun and it will let them discover who knows them best, while all other players answer the cards pretending to be the one in the “Hot Seat”.
  19. Stainless Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug
    When your favorite Social Worker calls it a career, it's time to celebrate. To accompany them on all their new fun adventures and travels and keep their coffee or other drinks warm at all times, this stainless vacuum insulated travel mug will be a great gift for retirement as it has a nice message on it: “And so the adventure begins”. It will be an uplifting little gift that will make them realize what a fun and exciting time is waiting for them!