Top 17 Gifts for the Computer Science Student in Your Life

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Gifts for Computer Science Students

With technology quickly taking over the world, Computer Science students seem to be taking over colleges! They tend to be minimalists, and nobody ever knows what to buy for them. Getting gifts for Computer Scientists seems like an impossible job, but here are 17 gift ideas to solve the problem!

Best Gifts for Computer Science Students

  1. Targus Classic Slim Briefcase
    This briefcase is specifically designed to keep laptops safe and sound. Computer Science students always need to be able to procure their laptop at a moment’s notice, so this is the perfect gift for them! There is no practical item more important to one of these students than their laptop. The Targus Classic Slim Briefcase is an inexpensive, high-quality gift on Amazon that will overjoy any Computer Science student.
  2. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
    Computer Science students tend to have a wide array of equipment to help them in their software endeavors. This wireless mouse is a perfect lightweight, compact, and minimalist device that any Computer Science student is sure to love. The lightweight and wireless functionality means it’s perfect for use at home or on the go. It can be used through bluetooth or wireless USB, and retains lightning fast response time with either option. It’s also a phenomenal gaming mouse, and many Computer Science students love gaming!
  3. Debugging Funny Quote Coffee Mug
    You’ll rarely go more than five minutes in a conversation with a Computer Science student without hearing some obscure, confusing joke about their field. One thing’s for sure: they love corny humor! This mug is both practical and hilarious, and is sure to hold plenty of coffee and laughter for late-night programming. It’s like a big inside joke shared by every Computer Scientist in the world. You don’t have to understand the joke to know they’ll love it!
  4. LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger
    Every Computer Science student loves those new, high-tech gadgets to keep their work interesting. This LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger is the perfect gift! It can illuminate whatever project they’re working on (yes, Computer Scientists use paper every now and then!), and it doubles as a wireless charging pad for their phone. It’s incredibly practical and incredibly cool, and is a must have gift for any Computer Science student!
  5. OHill Cable Clips
    Because Computer Science students love new devices and gadgets, their workspace tends to get . . . well, messy. Nobody likes having disorganized cables all over their desk! These Cable Clips are the perfect solution to organize all sorts of troublesome cords and wires. It’s incredibly practical, and incredibly affordable! Any Computer Scientist will love this gift, since it’s such a practical and easy solution to a common problem. It will change their work life forever!
  6. Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Similar to the wireless mouse, this keyboard is the perfect gift for any Computer Scientist student looking to switch to wireless gadgets. It’s light and compact, which makes it perfect for on the go projects. It’s also backlit, so the keys are easy to identify in the dark. The mechanical switches in the keys will help them type faster than ever before, increasing their productivity. And, last but not least, it’s great for gaming! This is an excellent gift for anyone wanting to help a Computer Science student upgrade their setup.
  7. Antarctic Star Mini Fridge
    Any Computer Science student has plenty of late night time crunches, and with enough food and snacks they can finish a large scale project in a matter of hours! That’s why the Antarctic Star Mini Fridge is the perfect gift for them. It’s compact and minimalist, and keeps snacks and drinks cool and ready. It’s also the perfect size to sit on or next to a desk, without taking up too much space. This mini fridge is a great gift for Computer Science students!
  8. AREYTECO Large Mouse Pad
    Having a good mouse pad is essential for any computer-related project. This AREYTECO Large Mouse Pad is comfortable, smooth, and durable. It features stitched edges and a waterproof non-slip base. It’s large enough to hold both a keyboard and mouse, providing comfort and support to both wrists while typing. This is a fantastic gift for a Computer Science student!
  9. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
    Whether it’s for youtube, gaming, or listening to music, every Computer Science student needs a robust and reliable headset. The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is lightweight, and features a retractable microphone. It’s designed to remain comfortable after being worn for hours on end, so it won’t cause headaches like many cheap, low quality headphones. This headset is sleek, durable, and comfortable, making it a must have for any Computer Science student!
  10. ZAYALI 100 PCS New Version DEV Stickers
    It’s hard to know exactly what platforms and languages Computer Scientists love coding with the most, so sometimes buying specific gifts can be hard. This set of 100 Computer Science related stickers is perfect, because they can pick and choose their favorites! These stickers are great for desk decoration, bumper stickers, etc. Any Computer Science student will love this gift, and before you know it they’ll be gushing over their favorite topics featured on the stickers.
  11. I Eight Sum Pi T-Shirt
    Like I said with the mug, Computer Science students love their corny humor! This obscure math joke t-shirt will have some of their friends laughing and some of them very confused . . . and they’ll find that hilarious! This simple but hilarious t-shirt is one of the funniest gifts you could ever get for the Computer Science student in your life.
  12. Acer 27 Inch Full HD Monitor
    Many Computer Science students do all their work straining their eyes at a tiny laptop monitor, and constantly switching between windows and tabs. This Acer monitor will fix that forever! At 27”, it’s significantly larger and easier on your eyes than a laptop monitor. It has a fast refresh rate and response time, so no quality is lost. Additionally, having this as a second monitor means they can have two windows open at once, rapidly increasing productivity. Any Computer Scientist will love this gift!
  13. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
    Coffee increases productivity, and that’s a fact! This convenient single-serve coffee maker is the perfect addition to any Computer Science student’s desk. It’s small, simple, and reliable, and has multiple options for what sized cup to brew. A Computer Science student will love having this personal, single-serve Keurig coffee maker in their room, and they’re sure to use it all the time!
  14. Amazon Basics Office Chair
    If a Computer Science student is going to spend eight or more hours a day at their desk, why not make it comfortable? This Amazon Basics office chair is the perfect gift to maximize their comfort while working. It features both armrests and an adjustable height. It also has three different color options to choose from. A Computer Science student will love this chair once they have it, and will feel far more comfortable than they did before!
  15. ProsourceFit Pull Up Bar
    Most Computer Science students are worried about how to stay fit in a field that requires so much desk work, but many of them would prefer home workouts to gym workouts. That’s what makes this doorway pull up bar the perfect gift for them! It fits in all standard doorways, and has a comfortable grip. It’s both lightweight and heavy duty material, so it will last for years. This is a great gift for any Computer Science student looking to stay fit through home workouts.
  16. Revelist 32oz Insulated Water Bottle
    All Computer Scientists love simple, practical gifts for everyday use. This insulated water bottle fits that criteria perfectly. It’s convenient, simple, and environmentally friendly. Having a water bottle like this at their desk at all times will help keep them healthy and happy. It also comes in eight different color options! It’s the perfect balance of healthy, practical, and aesthetic.
  17. GAOMON Graphics Tablet
    Last but not least, any Computer Science student will love using this graphics tablet. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android, along with most popular drawing programs (such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator), and is very high tech and robust. It’s also portable and lightweight, and comes with lifetime technical support, no strings attached! The pen is even responsive for up to 8,192 various levels of pressure, for complete precision in any project. Whether they’re doing homework or drawing out flow diagrams for personal projects, this graphics table will awe any Computer Science student.