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There are plenty of different dance styles with a long history behind them, some of which date back to 30,000 years ago. Dancing has been a part of human culture and communication since the earliest communities and civilizations and continues to be one of the most significant forms of artistic and musical expression. The way humans were dancing back then differs tremendously from the way we do today, as specific dancing styles have formed, changed, and evolved into what we know today as the well-known dance genres. One of those is tap-dance.

It is easy to confuse tap dance with Irish dance, but they have some crucial differences when it comes to the way of movement, as tap dancing allows for the syncopation of the entirety of the body while Irish dance emphasizes a sense of rigidity.

If you know a tap dancer and want to surprise them with a gift, here’s a list of great choices that will not only show them your appreciation but contribute to their dancing careers as well:

  1. Professional Leather Tap Shoes
    Of course, we have to start the list off with professional leather tap dance shoes as they are the most important part of any tap dancer’s gear. The whole idea behind tap dance is to produce the rhythm with professional shoes that have metal parts on the bottom which allows for the movement of the feet to create that sound. You might think it’s unnecessary to buy them dance shoes as they probably already own at least one pair, but don’t worry, professional dancers go through them very quickly as the frequent practice wears out even the best quality ones. Just make sure you check the size and measures of the dancer’s previous pair.
  2. Portable Wood Dance Floor
    Can you imagine how ruined and scratched your floors would be if you walked around your house with metal sole slippers?! That’s exactly what happens to any floor tap dancers find themselves practicing on, with one important difference - they don’t just walk in them, they dance and intentionally hit those metal bottoms to create loud sounds. Regardless of how much professional tap dancers practice in their dance schools or practice rooms, it is still inevitable that they sometimes practice at home as well. To avoid ruining those floors, there are portable wooden tiles that will be a very useful gift and allow them to practice carefree at home.
  3. Personalized Tap Dance Necklace
    Professional dancers live for what they do. They are so dedicated to their art and do it so passionately that they often want the whole world to know about it. A great way for a dancer to show off their talent and love for the dance they do even when they’re not on the stage is to wear a piece of jewelry dedicated to it. This beautiful necklace is made exclusively for tap dancers with three little pendants - one of a tap shoe, another one with an “I love to dance” message engraved on it and the third one with a birthstone of their choice.
  4. Tap Dancer Key Hooks Holder
    When you love something so much and do it every day with such passion and dedication, you even want to display it through your home decor. Ask any tap dancer, they will probably agree! Even if they do it professionally for a living, dancing is not like other jobs that easily bore people and make them eager to just return home every day and forget about it. Dancers never get bored or tired of it and happily enjoy every minute of practicing or performing. That’s why they’ll be happy to see this cute key holder first thing after entering their house following a long day of dancing.
  5. Tap Dance Cosmetic Bag
    Ballet dancers have beautiful feminine pink pointe shoes, Latin dancers have gorgeous and elegant stiletto high heel shoes, and while tap dancers may not have the most aesthetically elegant or feminine shoes, they still love them dearly and wouldn’t change them for anything! That’s why this cute cosmetic bag with the message “You Can Keep Your Glass Slippers” and tap shoes printed on its front side will be a wonderful and meaningful gift for all tap dancers out there. It will be particularly useful for all the bits and pieces they have to carry with them for dance practices or performances, to keep them organized and in place.
  6. Book 'TAP! The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories 1900-1955'
    For anybody who is seriously into the art of tap dancing, a good book about it will always be very welcome in their home library. Professional dancers always love to know more about the dance genre they do and often research its history rather than just practice the moves and technique in their practice rooms. That’s why the “TAP! The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories 1900-1955” is so famous in the tap dancing world and will be a wonderful gift for any tap dancer. This book collects the memories of thirty of America's best-loved tap dance stars and two hundred rare theater, film, and publicity photographs.
  7. Digital Metronome
    Even though all types of dances revolve around it, no other dance style focuses on rhythm as much as tap dancing and Irish dancing do. The whole idea behind these dance styles lies in not only moving to the sound of the rhythm but actually creating it with the specific movement of the feet in professional shoes. That might be the most challenging part for some dancers, especially when they have to start increasing their speed. That’s why a metronome is often recommended by tap dance teachers as a very useful practice tool, and this digital one is easy to use.
  8. Eucalyptus Infused Dancing Tape
    Imagine spending the whole day jumping and slamming your feet on the floor in shoes with metal taps attached to their bottoms. Even though these shoes are very well made to protect the feet, it is to be expected that just like in any other type of dance, prolonged practice can lead to blisters and even certain injuries. That’s when the dancing tape comes in handy for dancers. This eucalyptus-infused dancing tape will be a wonderful gift for tap dancers to protect their feet from injuries or discomfort while practicing. The eucalyptus oil really helps soothe any existing blisters, cracks, or cuts with its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  9. Tap Dancer Retro Wall Decor
    As we have previously mentioned, no tap dancer will ever say no to a home decor piece that in some way depicts the type of dance they do. They often have such love for it that they want to be surrounded by things related to it everywhere they are. That’s why this retro wall decor with an image of tap dancers’ feet and a famous message that reads “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” will be such a lovely little gift for any female tap dancer out there. They can indeed conquer the world once they put on their tap shoes.
  10. Stretching Straps for Flexibility
    Even though it might not be too obvious as tap dancers usually don’t perform splits or other movements that require a lot of flexibility, they still need to have exceptional flexibility to be able to professionally do this dance style with ease and without the risk of any injuries. Most of their choreographies include the movement of feet close to the floor, but that doesn’t mean stretching shouldn’t be a part of their daily routine, with the focus on leg flexibility. These stretching straps for flexibility will be a great gift and a useful piece of equipment for their workouts and practices.
  11. Dance Bag
    Tap dancers just like all other kinds of dancers have to carry many different things with them to each dance practice they go to. Most of those things aren’t small, so they need a proper sports bag that is spacious enough to carry their dance shoes, sometimes even two pairs, towels, clothes, water bottles, and other important equipment every dancer needs for their practices. This one will be a great professional dance bag that will keep everything organized and in place while being easy to carry around. It is waterproof and has a special compartment for wet clothes as well as little compartments for keeping the small goods safe.
  12. Personalized Sports Water Bottle
    Another really important part of any tap dancer’s equipment is a sports water bottle. It is a necessity for them to keep themselves hydrated before, throughout, and after their dance practices and performances, as hydration is extremely important for overall health and muscle strength. Dancing is a sport and needs to be taken seriously, so just like every other athlete, dancers need to carry a sports water bottle with them. This personalized one will be great for every tap dancer and you can have their name printed on it as well as a tap dancer silhouette above it.
  13. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette Singles
    Anybody who does any kind of sport or even just goes to the gym on a weekly basis knows how important it is not to wear any makeup for their workouts as well as to keep their skin clean and to refresh it regularly throughout and after every workout. Otherwise, they can get clogged pores from sweat. For dancers, this is even more applicable because they often need to wear makeup throughout the whole performance. That’s why it will be useful for them to keep this pack of Neutrogena facial cleansing towelette singles, to refresh their skin during practicing time, or take their makeup off after performances before it messes up their skin.
  14. Bloch Dance Hair Accessories Kit
    Different types of dances require different hairstyles. One of the most common professional dancing hairstyles has to be that sleek ballerina’s bun. It is widely known that ballet dancers need a bunch of those little bobby pins to keep their hair in place throughout the whole performance. That actually applies to many other types of dance as well, such as ballroom dance which requires dancers to have low ponytails or buns secured with a lot of hair gel. Tap dancers might have more freedom when it comes to choosing hairstyles, but this professional hair accessories kit will be of great use for them to keep the hair away from their face while they practice or perform.
  15. Sleeveless Dance Bodysuit
    Just as different types of dance require different hairstyles, they also require different clothes and costumes, both for practicing and for performing. We all know what ballet dancers’ costumes or practice clothes look like, also the variety of hip-hop gear or the flashy costumes Latin dancer’s wear. Tap dancers again have more freedom when it comes to choosing their wardrobe for practicing or performing. This sleeveless black dance bodysuit will be a great neutral piece for them to match with a variety of different bottoms. It will be comfortable with its breathable fabric material yet look beautiful and suit every dancer.
  16. Foot Massager Machine
    Regardless of the type of dance they do, every dancer uses their feet a lot. Some dance styles might focus more on the upper body and arms, but it’s always the legs and feet that do most of the work. That is where all the technique comes from and is therefore very important for all dancers to master the art of using their legs and feet in the correct way, as the right technique makes the moves look beautiful and lowers the risk of injuries. That’s why dancers really have to take care of their feet, and this foot massager machine will be great to use after each practice.
  17. Foot Spa Bath Tub
    As much as taking appropriate care of the muscles of the feet is important, a relaxing spa pedicure is just as useful for keeping their health at optimal levels. Spending the whole day dancing in those closed tap dance shoes is fun but certainly not easy, so to take them off, come back home, sit back and relax with feet in this bathtub enjoying a nice foot spa is amazing and would be beneficial for the dancer’s health, well-being and readiness to give an even greater performance next time. This foot tub integrates heating, acupressure massage points, and relaxing bubbles.
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  19. Tap Dance Lined Journal
    If you thought dancers just step into their practice room one day, the music starts, and suddenly start dancing like professionals after a few days of learning, you’re wrong. Those who want to dedicate themselves to it professionally and take it very seriously need to learn all the technical stuff first before they even start doing the actual dance. In this case, tap dancers first need to learn some rhythmical tips and tricks they will later use, along with many other interesting facts about the dance style, like its history. All that information is easier to understand and remember if they write it down, and this lined journal will be the perfect one for that.
  20. Tap Shoe Glass Ornament
    Since you happen to personally know a professional tap dancer, you might already be familiar with how much dancers love what they do, to the point of it being the most important and noticeable part of their life. Even though they usually do other things apart from dancing, like study or work, the highlight of their life is still the dance they do. That’s why they always want to talk about it or show it off, so displaying their passion for it even though a Christmas tree ornament will be enjoyable for them. This glass tap shoe ornament will totally put a smile on their face.
  21. 'Safe Dance Practice' Book
    Many professional dancers of any type of dance start training at a very young age, therefore their whole bodies develop through the style and complexity of the dance movements they do. That’s why dancers of different dance styles often have differently built bodies. Regardless of the age, type of dance, amount of practice, style, or ability, every single dancer out there needs to make sure they learn how to do it safely so they always have a low risk of injury. Big injuries can completely prevent them from dancing so it’s very important to know how to avoid them. That’s why this book will be a great gift choice for any dancer.
  22. Gaynor Minden Dancers Dots | Gel Blister Pads
    No, not only ballet dancers get blisters and feet problems. Even though pointe shoes often used by ballet dancers are pretty extreme and can easily lead to injuries, from those minor ones such as blisters to more serious ones due to the weird angle they put the feet in, other dancers and their dance shoes can also create similar problems. Tap dancers often dance in those closed tap shoes and hitting them on the floor can be pretty tough on the feet. That’s why the gel blister pads will be a great little gift for them for instant cooling and soothing relief.
  23. Tap Dance Board
    For those truly and passionately dedicated to their dancing careers, who still don miss a chance to practice in their free time at home even though they have a professional dance practice room where they spend most of their time training, a tap dance board will be an amazing gift. Tap dancers don't need a lot of space to practice some of their fundamental moves and technique, so for a quick home dance practice, this tap board will be just enough, without taking up a lot of space. It is easy to store somewhere, put away after practice, easily portable, and comes with its own backpack.
  24. Morse Code 'Just Dance' Bracelet
    Not everybody wants to scream from the top of their lungs for the whole world to hear that they are passionate about dancing. Some people are more shy or subtle about their own lives, so wearing something very obvious such as a tap shoe necklace wouldn’t be their thing. That’s when this cute morse code bracelet comes in handy, for those tap dancers who like to stay a little mysterious but still have a great love for what they do and love to somehow symbolically display that through their everyday style. The hidden “Just Dance” message is probably every dancer’s life motto.
  25. Dancer’s Pads
    When you are looking to choose and buy a gift that a tap dancer could really benefit from, basically anything related to foot care will be a great option and you can’t go wrong with that. These PediFix Pedi-gel pads are specifically created for all kinds of dancers out there, to help protect their feet and keep the long hours in the practice room more comfortable. These pads protect the big toe joint and absorb pressure and shock which is especially important for tap dancers whose feet go through thousands of little shocks while taping the floor and creating a sound by doing so.
  26. Bloch Unisex Adults Warm Up Bootie Dance Shoe
    Another foot-related gift for tap dancers but hear us out! These Bloch unisex warm-up bootie dance shoes are a huge thing in the dancing world and it’s almost like a must-have piece of equipment for any dancer who does that professionally. Without a proper warm-up, every dance practice can be risky and cause injuries or just bad dancing as the body isn’t prepared for it yet. That’s why professional dancers take their warm-ups pretty seriously. These boots help warm up the feet while providing extreme comfort. We can guarantee that every dancer out there will appreciate you for this gift!
  27. Personalized Tap Dance Coffee Mug
    Not every gift has to be useful and professional, some can be funny and cute and still put a big smile on their face! This personalized coffee mug with a tap dancer design and a message that reads: “Tap Dance Is My Second Language” printed on it will be a great little gift for any tap dancer out there and they will most probably proudly use it on a daily basis to drink their coffee from. When they wake up and start preparing for their dance practice but decide to make their morning coffee in the meantime, they will for sure grab exactly this mug from their kitchen cabinet even if they have 100 more cute ones in the back!