20 Great Gift Ideas for Anesthesiologists

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Gifts for Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists have important jobs that serve to aid surgeons. They help doctors in a way that others in the medical field can’t. Having to go through surgery in and of itself is a big deal. Could you imagine having to go through one without any anesthesia? If you have an anesthesiologist in your life who you are close to, consider giving them one of these unique gifts. It’ll serve as a sign of your appreciation for what they do for others.

  1. Anesthesiology Dancing Wishbone Silver Necklace
    This is one wishbone that none will want to break. This beautiful necklace is a great gift for an anesthesiologist who loves jewelry and works long hours. Most of those who work in the medical field probably won’t want to wear jewelry while they’re on the job. When they receive a gorgeous piece like this, they’ll have a reason to go out and show it off more.
  2. Coffee Mug
    Most jobs require an abundance of energy to perform, and the field of anesthesiology proves to be no exception. If you know an anesthesiologist that runs on coffee, think about buying them this unique, humorous mug. Not only will this gift continue giving them energy, but it will also give them a dose of encouragement before they start their day.
  3. Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope
    This gift idea is for the anesthesiologist that would appreciate a more practical gift. It could be that their current stethoscope is getting old and tattered and they’ll want a new one to feel like they have a fresh start. You can even get a stethoscope with a unique color so that their equipment can have a bit of pizazz.
  4. Anesthesia Life Coloring Book
    Everyone has their own way of trying to calm down and relax after a long day. Most people enjoy coloring to relieve stress, which is why adults have been drawn to this newest craze. As soon as this adult coloring phase came into play, it never really went out of style. This adult coloring book will provide a relaxing time for anesthesiologists who work hard.
  5. Keychain
    There is no doubt that surgeons have a lot on their plate, along with others in the medical field. They aid in what we would call “minor” procedures as well as life-saving processes. But where would they be without their right-hand support, their anesthesiologists?! This keychain offers a simple way to show them how much they are needed and appreciated.
  6. Espresso Machine
    Thinking about giving a gift that’s both practical and desirous? This espresso machine will be just what an anesthesiologist needs to start their day. They have a lot to take care of throughout the day and the last thing they need is to start their day on an empty fuel tank. This espresso machine will provide that extra kick that goes a little beyond regular coffee.
  7. Modern Anesthetics
    Gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some gifts are for those who just like to have fun, and some gifts are for those who are more practical and studious. This gift would serve the latter. This book would be great for an anesthesiologist who is studying up on their field and who wants to take great pride in knowing the details of their craft.
  8. Laryngoscope Bottle Opener
    Most people like to relax and cool off after a day’s hard work. Some chill out through coloring, while others relax by way of a drink. An anesthesiologist might find this bottle opener to be a bit humorous as this is no ordinary bottle opener. This is a laryngoscope bottle opener.
  9. Good Night Mug
    This coffee mug is the perfect gift idea for an anesthesiologist who loves their profession, adores science, and enjoys cheesy jokes. If you know someone who fits all those categories, you just might have to get this mug for them. After all, who couldn’t use a new mug occasionally? Even if they don’t appreciate the joke, they’ll be sure to appreciate the new mug.
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  11. 50 Studies Every Anesthesiologist Should Know
    Anesthesiologists should rigorously study, not only when they are in school for their field, but also when they have already been practicing in their field. The medical field is an interesting arena because while there are some concepts that seem to never change, it is also full of new information. This book is great for the anesthesiologist who wants a refresher on some of the basics pertaining to anesthesiology.
  12. A Truly Great Anesthesiologist Thank You Necklace
    Anesthesiologists are quite impossible to forget. Consider sending an anesthesiologist this beautiful necklace to remind them of this. The best part is, if you have a different saying that you want to go along with this piece of jewelry, it can be customized. They might even choose to wear it on the job and it can serve as a centerpiece for conversation.
  13. Compression Socks
    It’s not a hidden fact that those in the medical field work long, grueling hours. If they don’t have any shoes or equipment that helps them to stay energized on the job, these long hours can seem even longer. These compression socks are just what they will need! These will help with circulation, which is a huge deal when you’re on your feet all day.
  14. Sweet Dreams Key Chain
    Do you know an anesthesiologist that could use a cool key chain? This key chain is specifically designed to let an anesthesiologist know that you care. They’ll be sure to enjoy receiving a key chain that says, “Sweet Dreams.” How many people can say that they actually help people go to sleep? It’s a talent that not many aspire to.
  15. We Can’t Fix Stupid But We Can Sedate It Mug
    Everyone could use a new mug now and again. Think about gifting this humorous mug to an anesthesiologist in your life. This cup says it all…they really can’t fix stupid, but they sure can sedate it. Those who work in or closely with the medical field are well aware of how crazy people can be. Help them to feel acknowledged by sending them this fun mug.
  16. Reverse Mug
    Mugs aren’t only for coffee drinkers. They are for hot cocoa sippers, milk guzzlers, and pretty much anyone who likes to drink something at some point. Anesthesiologists, as well as those that work in surrounding areas would be able to appreciate this unique mug. The science nerd will especially enjoy drinking from a mug like this!
  17. I Like People Under General Anesthesia Anesthesiology Shirt
    People can be wonderful at times. They can also be very difficult to work with at other times. Anesthesiologists are prone to meeting all types of people, from the well-behaved ones to the ones that take out their personal problems on the world. This T-shirt is the perfect gift for that anesthesiologist who interacts with all types of people.
  18. Anesthesiologist Jokes
    When you have a strenuous job, sometimes all you need to do afterwards is laugh. This book of jokes is sure to accomplish that for the typical anesthesiologist. Every field has its own type of humor. Give this joke book to an anesthesiologist and you can ensure that they’ll find relief through the laughter that ensues.
  19. You Will Go to Sleep…Keychain
    When you put people to sleep for a living, you must add a little humor to the situation. Give this keychain to an anesthesiologist so they can feel admired, and so they can have a good laugh! The saying is practically true. Who else can actually make someone go to sleep?
  20. Before and After Glasses
    We all know that the time before work and the time after can look drastically different. The different time periods also call for different types of drinks. Different drinks call for different types of glasses. This set is perfect for a hard-working anesthesiologist. It comes with a mug to start off the morning right. There’s also a wine glass so they can relax at the end of their day. This allows for the best of both worlds.