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Even though there is a variety of different careers young people nowadays can choose from, which often makes such decision a difficult and complicated process, those who end up choosing any career in the medical field deserve a special recognition. Not only are they choosing some of the most demanding studies and are willing to commit to giving up a lot of their free time and social life during their university years, but they are also choosing a profession that requires a lot of responsibility, endurance and sacrifice.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you had to get some sort of an X-ray scan, even if it was as simple as a dental X-ray for your dentist to be able to see what is happening inside your teeth. That’s exactly what radiography is for, providing clear and certain insights into what is happening inside the body which gives doctors the necessary information they need in order to give the right diagnosis.

If you happen to know a radiography student who works hard to become a successful medical worker and you want to surprise them with a little gift to show your appreciation, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of best gift ideas for radiography students:

  1. Large Abstract Skull Canvas Art Wall Décor
    Medical students are usually obsessed with their future career in the best possible way! They are proud of what they are becoming while working hard to pursue it. That’s why they will not skip a chance to proudly mention or show what they’re studying and in which direction they’re heading. What’s a better way to express it than to have a huge abstract skull canvas as an art wall decor in their home, so that everyone who comes in sees what they’re passionate about. Not only will this proudly express the commitment to their future career, but will motivate them to study whenever they pass by the canvas.
  2. Anatomic Brain Specimen Coasters
    Radiographers can do scans for different parts of the body, but if the radiography student you want to surprise with a gift happens to be into neuro-radiography that focuses on the imaging of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system, this set of 10 anatomic brain specimen coasters will be such a cool gift! They will adore it and use it in their everyday life, especially when drinking coffee or tea while studying. Each coaster is made of glass, has 4 rubber feet to stop it from sliding, and each one features a slice of the brain so when it is stacked together, it completes a full brain picture!
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  4. Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens
    Just like there can never be enough notebooks in a student’s desk or backpack, there can also never be enough pens, as they can run out of them real fast because of how much information they have to write down on a daily basis during their classes or studying. This set of bone shaped ballpoint pens will be the coolest gift choice for any radiography student, as it has such a cool and humorous twist to the design. The future radiographer will totally love this gift and it will definitely make their day and put a smile on their face.
  5. Radiologist Braided Leather Bracelet
    Another great little gift for any radiography students who wants to proudly show off their skills and their future job, a braided rope leather bracelet that’s made of stainless steel and PU leather, engraved with a cool message that reads: ‘’Trust me I’m an awesome radiologist’’. Every student will appreciate such message as during those years they are still studying and might be insecure about their level of knowledge, so this bracelet will be a great motivational gift as well that will inspire them to study even harder and become the absolute best in their future job.
  6. Radiography Review Value Pack (Exam Prep)
    Even though radiography students already own tons of books covering radiography practices and they have to use them on a daily basis for studying, they will always benefit from additional ones that will broaden their knowledge even further. Though this might not be the coolest and most exciting gift, it will definitely be very useful and have a positive impact on their future work life which is what all medical students value the most. This radiography examination Q&A book that comes together with a radiography exam preparation book in a pack will be an amazing gift for their studies and professional education.
  7. Human Skeleton Model
    When you think about X-rays, the first picture that might come to your mind is a scan that mainly shows bones. Even though radiographers can see much more than just bones on those scans, human skeleton is still an essential and often fundamental part of every other aspect of medicine and as such needs to be understood completely by all medical workers. That's why this human size skeleton model will be a great gift for any radiography student to place as a decorative piece in their study room and maybe even use it later in life in their work place.
  8. X-ray Shield Radiation Protection
    Getting x-rays or performing them means being exposed to some radiation, and even though the levels of radiation during medical scans are minimal and not harmful, a prolonged exposure to it might negatively affect health. That’s why it’s not dangerous for patients, but it can be for medical workers who spend every day in x-ray rooms. This is why everybody who uses radiography equipment needs to wear protective clothing, and gifting a radiography student their own will make them feel really professional, and they might use it later in their work. This set has a full body apron as well as a special thyroid protection part.
  9. Anti-Radiation Wrap Poncho
    Nobody knows more about radiation than radiographers, and in their student years they learn about the dangers of it as well as the protective measures that will save them from any harmful effects. Although there are professional shields they have to use during their work, they are also well aware of the dangers of common radiation each one of us is exposed to in our everyday life, even in our safest place - our home. The radiation of electrical devices, such as computers and smart phones is a real thing, and this wrap cotton poncho will be a cozy yet effective protection against that, especially important for radiographers who are already exposed to even stronger radiation at work.
  10. ‘’Caffeinate Before You Irradiate’’ Coffee Mug
    Due to the fact that radiographers are exposed to the radiation every day, even though they are always safely protected from the negative effects of it, this funny coffee mug will bring some humor into the student’s everyday life as they study for exams, or in their future work years and coffee breaks. This bright yellow coffee mug made of premium ceramic is a perfect gift for any radiography student, with a funny message printed on it that reads: ‘’Caffeinate Before You Irradiate’’, and will be the special mug that will make them the cool colleague in their future workplace. Ideal for those coffee breaks in between patients.
  11. Medical Uniform Scrub Set
    Even though radiography students will have to use special uniforms that provide protection against radiation in their everyday work life, underneath them they need to wear the regular medical uniform. Surprising a young radiography student with a professional medical scrub set will make them feel really special and professional, one step closer to fulfilling their dream, graduating and getting a real job as a radiography professional. Seeing themselves in a real medical uniform will inspire them to study hard even when they lack motivation, and make them finish those exams faster, as they will be eager to see themselves in a professional environment as soon as possible.
  12. X-Ray Radiography Clip Neck Keychain
    Students often have to carry many things with themselves to their busy university days full of important classes and a packed schedule, and during that busy schedule there is a high possibility of losing some important small things such as keys, smartphones or cards. That’s why this cool keychain with a clip holder will be a great little gift for them that will come in handy whenever they need some of those things close and easily reachable instead of buried to the depths of their spacious backpacks. With this keychain they won’t have to dig out stuff from their bags, and the design of it is very adequate for a radiography student.
  13. Merrill's Pocket Guide to Radiography
    Among many other big important books in a radiography student’s life that often come with a great number of pages and information, this pocket guide to radiography for easy access to information is something every student should own regardless of whether it is needed for their official university classes or not because everybody should work hard to broaden their knowledge even outside of university exams. This Merrill’s pocket guide is a handy reference that’s summarizing all the essential information they will encounter in their future clinical practice, such as step-by-step explanations of how to position the patient for approximately 170 commonly requested radiographic projections.
  14. X-Ray Brooches
    Because future doctors love showing off with their field of study and future job, any type of jewelry related to their specialization will be their new favorite piece in the accessories collection. However, professional doctors are not supposed to wear a lot of eye-catching jewelry as it does not look professional and can be distracting for the patients. This especially applies to radiography specialists as jewelry is not allowed near the X-ray equipment, neither for doctors nor for patients. That’s why this little brooch will be a subtle piece they will be able to proudly wear in their everyday life while still looking professional. Its cool design makes it look like a real X-ray.
  15. Radiography Bracelet
    Another beautiful jewelry piece that will totally impress any radiography student is this subtle and elegant bracelet with a radiation symbol and a motivating message engraved on it that goes: ‘’She Believed She Could… So She Did’’. That makes it such an inspiring little accessory for anybody studying to become a professional radiographer, so whenever they take a look at their wrist, they get motivated to study harder and achieve their career dreams faster. The bracelet is made of copper, it is lead free and nickel free, hypo allergenic, it doesn’t rust or change color, and comes in an elegant velvet jewelry pouch that makes it a perfect gift.
  16. 3 Pieces X-ray Badge Reel
    Many doctors and medical workers, especially those who work in bigger hospitals or clinics have to wear their ID card badges on their medical uniforms, so that patients and other colleagues will be able to easily identify them and remember their names. Getting this set of 3 badge reels for a radiography student as a gift will be an amazing idea, as they will be able to use it in their future years at work, although they might be useful even now in their university years for school IDs. This set is specifically created for radiography techs as it has X-ray designs.
  17. Radiographer Organizer Bags
    Another great little gift for all radiography students who like to stay organized even though they have to carry a lot of stuff with them on a daily basis. Future radiographers will be absolutely thrilled to have those organizer bags with a radiography X-ray design printed on them, and they will most likely use them for many years. They will be especially useful when they start working, to hold their phone, keys, hand cream and other accessories and will make all their colleagues wonder why they haven’t bought this too! The surface of the bags is waterproof which makes them very useful.
  18. Office Desk Organizer
    This is something every student needs in their life, regardless of what their field of study is. Radiography students will find great use of such a desk organizer, to keep their study desks clean, organized and tidy, which is really important for keeping their studying time productive and effective. Students can often get messy due to the number of tasks they need to accomplish and information they need to memorize, so this organizer will be very useful to prevent that from happening and keep their study years neat. It has 6 compartments, a little drawer and a pen & pencil holder as well, so they can keep their bits and pieces together.
  19. Smart Study LED Desk Lamp
    Medical students undoubtedly have to study a lot. It often gets pretty hard and demanding and takes away many hours of sleep or time that they would like to spend with their friends or family. That is why any kind of smart gadget that speeds up their studying time will be an amazing gift for them. This smart LED desk lamp is ideal for studying, it has a USB charging port, a screen with calendar and clock, a pen holder as well as a really cool color light that they can change the color of and adjust its intensity. Great for studying during the night.
  20. Funny X-Ray Socks
    You’ve probably already seen those funny skeleton socks or other pieces of clothing that make the human body parts look transparent, almost as they’re a walking X-ray scan, and you might usually associate them with Halloween, but you can rest assured that any radiography student will gladly wear them for any occasion, especially while studying! Those funny X-ray socks will be their new favorite pair of socks for sure, they might even wear them as those ‘lucky’ socks for their important exams! Their 3D print design of a skeleton looks very realistic and will definitely make their feet look cool!
  21. Funny X-Ray Keychain
    If the person you want to surprise with a gift is a young individual on a path to become a professional radiographer, you will make the right choice if you decide to get them this funny keychain with a humorous message engraved on it: ‘’I Can't Fix Stupid But I Can X-Ray It’’. Students love fooling around so this gift will definitely put a smile on their face and make their day. As cool as it is, it will also be useful for their keys not to get lost in their bags but be easily reachable, while they keychain is not too big to take up too much space.
  22. Radiology Coffee Travel Mug
    Even though students spend most of their days studying or listening to important university lectures, they are still young people who love to spend time with their friends and travel around a lot. Traveling is a great way to spend their free time as it can broaden their horizons and take away the stress of studying. This coffee mug is amazing for traveling as it’s unbreakable and prevents spilling, but it’s also going to be great for their future work as it keeps the temperature of the beverage on its desired level. It is a perfect gift for any radiography student because it has ‘’Radiology Life’’ printed on it.
  23. Lap Laptop Desk
    University years mean many sleepless nights spent studying for the important exams, and regardless of how productive and diligent the students are, they all have at least a couple of those situations in which they have to stay up late at night, sometimes even the whole night to prepare for tomorrow’s exam. It is not a healthy practice and should be avoided, but is sometimes inevitable, so the most important thing is to make it as comfy and cosy as possible. This lap desk that works as a laptop and phone holder will come in handy for such situations.
  24. Stress Relief Skeleton Toy
    Countless sleepless student nights lead to good exam results, but also to a lot of stress that is not good for their health and can negatively affect their productivity and future performance. You’ve probably heard about those funny stress toys that a person can squeeze and squish to get rid of the stress in tense situations such as exams. The design of this particular one makes it a perfect gift for any radiography student who’s been having a tough time with stress recently, as it looks like a human skeleton or an X-ray. It will be a funny and useful gift.
  25. ‘’Before Patients, After Patients’’ Coffee Mug & Wine Glass Set
    Even though their school years are stressful, radiography students should be prepared and aware of the fact that their future work years might be even more stressful because there isn’t a single medical field that is considered to be easy. However, for young people who love their field of study this is not a big problem as they are born to do such a job and do it wholeheartedly, but could still benefit from a nice glass of wine after work for relaxation. That’s why this ‘’Before Patients; After Patients’’ glass set will be a great gift for them.
  26. Skeleton Jewelry Holder
    In order to live a peaceful and happy life people need to stay organized. That especially applies to students who can be pretty messy and hectic due to their young years and busy schedules. For a radiography student you won’t find a better jewelry holder than this one! The design of a human hand skeleton with movable finger joints makes it such a symbolic gift for future radiographers who will be seeing a lot of bones in their everyday life. They will proudly place it in their room as a signature decor piece, yet a very useful one that will organize their bits and pieces perfectly.