Rustic Housewarming Gifts: 19 Great Rustic Home Gift Ideas

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Rustic Housewarming Gifts

One of the greatest and most interesting occasions for gifting others has to be housewarming. Moving into a new house is a huge life change and it definitely deserves a party to celebrate the grand fresh start. If you have ever been invited to a housewarming party, you probably know how tricky it can get to choose the right present for a house that’s maybe not even completely furnished yet.

First and most important thing you should check is what design style the house owners are going for. If you’re looking for rustic housewarming gifts, we have curated a list of great items that any rustic house owner would love to receive for their new home. Let’s dive into our list of 19 recommendations for a rustic style housewarming gifts.

Best Housewarming Gifts for a New Rustic Style House Owner

  1. Copper Jug
    When we think about rustic, we think about beautiful countryside style, almost rural, warm and inviting. We think of a style that's natural, rough, aged, brownish, cosy and full of natural materials. This gorgeous, carefully crafted handmade engraved copper pitcher is made with famous Turkish copper by craftsmen with a century of experience in the copper industry. It is a wonderful decoration for a rustic styled kitchen or as a fireplace decoration for a mountain home type of atmosphere.
  2. Candle Lanterns
    One of the best ways to create that rustic feel in a house is by lighting a couple of good quality candles that will make the ambience warm and cosy. However, for them to create that full magic effect, we need some unique candle holders. These wonderful, traditional Moroccan candle lanterns will make the candle light look outstandingly beautiful in any room you place them in, and set the scene for magical evenings that remind of far away lands. Their traditional and old-school design adds to the cosy rustic feel.
  3. Wooden Cutting Board
    Rustic style is all about natural materials that came straight from the earth and therefore have that organic nature to them. Now let's be real - every kitchen needs a wooden cutting board! When choosing the right cutting board for the kitchen, it is important to check the quality and type of wood it is made of. This one is a perfect choice as it is made of pure, top quality acacia wood that is eco-friendly.
  4. Metal Milk Can
    Nothing speaks real rustic like some good old metal milk cans that look like they came straight out of a time machine! This large metal milk can is a perfect housewarming gift choice for those who are really going for that farmhouse home design, as it looks old and damaged with its rusty finish that adds to that antique look. Maybe it is not an ideal place for milk anymore, but some fresh flowers will look absolutely wonderful in it.
  5. Decorative Candle Holder
    If your friend or family member recently moved into a new home you want to get them something with the “woodsy” atmosphere. This candle holder is perfect for someone who likes to stick out of the crowd in their rustic home, whether it's cottage or coastal. Candles, candles… And more candles! They turn a house into a home, without much effort. This rusty decorative wooden black pillar candle holder will make a wonderful table, desk or fireplace decoration to a rustic styled home. It is made of 100% fir wood, has a heavy look to it, with an antique brown and distressed finish, which brings out that rustic farmhouse feel. It is also handmade, which means your housewarming gift will be that one unique piece nobody else has.
  6. Manual Coffee Grinder
    A rustic home simply has to have one of those traditional manual coffee grinders, just like those old farmhouses used to have back in the day. Whether the new home owners would like to keep it only as a rustic kitchen decoration or actually use it as a manual coffee mill and travel through a time machine while doing so, this classic, vintage grinder is made of high quality pine wood, ceramic core and cast iron and will be the perfect rustic housewarming gift for your friends or family.
  7. Traditional Turkish Engraved Coffee Stove Pot
    If you really want to stand out with unique rustic housewarming gift, this traditional Turkish engraved coffee stove pot would be the perfect choice for you. Made in Europe, it will not only bring out the rustic feel to the home with its design, but will also be that exotic gift that will make them travel to faraway lands from their own new kitchen, just by making a cup of traditional coffee in this gorgeous coffee pot. They say coffee has a special taste when made in this one!
  8. Vintage Duck Decoy
    A decoy - an imitation of a bird or mammal is no longer used just by hunters for luring other animals into their trap, but is widely used as a decoration all over the world, usually in homes that go for that rustic design. These vintage, decorative decoy ducks require serious talent and artistry when creating them, and are usually hand-crafted and hand-painted by noted artists with exceptional attention to detail. They are creative and unique decorative shelf pieces for natural homes.
  9. Vintage Analog Kitchen Scale
    Just like in the good old days! In rustic style homes there isn’t any space for those modern digital kitchen scales that many use today. This vintage analog kitchen scale will be the perfect gift to add to that farmhouse look of any kitchen and remind of some simpler, more peaceful days. Whether they would like to actually use it to measure food, keep it as a unique decoration or as a fruit or plant holder, it will bring some more character to their new home.
  10. Wooden Salad Bowl
    A simple salad bowl can be a nice housewarming gift, but in this case not just any salad bowl - a special, wooden, handmade one. It is not only eco-friendly, but handcrafted by the original ecology fir roots, and each shape ends up looking different. There is no better gift than the one you can’t find anywhere else in the world! With all its natural knots, gaps and cracks, this salad bowl can be a wonderful centerpiece table accent for a natural rustic look.
  11. Apothecary Jars Bathroom Accessories Set
    Sometimes it is all about the accessories! This vintage apothecary jars bathroom accessories set will really bring out the cosiness and the old-fashioned character of any bathroom. In addition to it looking very rustic, it will also keep the new house owners’ bathroom organised and clean looking. This is a set of one lotion soap dispenser, one toothbrush/make-up holder and two apothecary jars that can look very stylish as q-tip holders.
  12. Porcelain Ginger Jar Vase
    This Chinese inspired, floral temple porcelain ginger jar vase in classic blue and white design is maybe not the first thing that would come to your mind when thinking about rustic inspired housewarming gifts, but trust us when we say it will unexpectedly bring out that rustic feel! Not everything has to be rusty and brown to bring out that vibe, and these vases definitely make a great vintage looking yet lavish gift that will decorate any home well!
  13. Antique Apothecary Style Glass Jars
    These apothecary style glass jars are a perfect fit for a useful yet beautiful kitchen decoration. Not only will they look antique but will also add that timeless elegant touch to the rough, rusty style of the rest of the house, and create the perfect balance in design. Ideal for storing sweets, cookies and pasta, they will bring out the homey feel to the kitchen.
  14. Rustic Lantern Table Lamp
    Good lighting is an essential part of any aesthetically pleasing interior design, but we often relate the rustic style to those slightly dimmed lights. That’s where this old-style lantern table lamp comes in handy. It provides enough light for a smaller room and is a perfect table lamp to use as a nightlight, while keeping the atmosphere of the village and lights dimmed. The rusty brown hand-finished rust patina will give any room that perfect vintage vibe.
  15. Decorative Pillows
    Congratulate them on moving to such a lovely rustic home in the right way by giving them a gift that will further express the rustic atmosphere of their home. Something as simple as two or three decorative pillows thrown carelessly on the living room sofa can make the ambience more homey and can be perfect gift as they settle in to their new place. We recommend these burnt orange simple 18x18 pillow covers with triple decorative buttons for square cushions. Perfect living room couch decoration for the old-fashioned look.
  16. Acacia Wood Serving Trays
    Set of 2 top-quality serving trays made of 100% natural acacia wood - a perfect housewarming gift to match a rustic design. Whether used for food presentation on house parties, or as a centerpiece decoration for dining or living room table with candles on it, a serving tray always comes in handy! The octagon shape of this one makes it very unique and eye-catching.
  17. Rustic Wood Home Wall Decor
    This large, wooden “Home Sweet Home” sign is a perfect hanging wall piece of decor for a rustic home. With a sweet message on it, it makes for a great housewarming gift. It is durable and made of quality wood that is close to nature, which makes it non-toxic and harmless, odourless and not easy to get corroded or broken. Used either as a living room decoration, or front door welcoming sign, it will make the home look delicate and warm, while creating a full family atmosphere.
  18. Hallway Wall Key Organiser Shelf
    No more lost keys! This practical yet lovely farmhouse key organizer shelf will add a touch of style to any hallway. Made of high quality wood, this shelf makes it easy to hang the keys, hats, dog leashes, put away the sunglasses or store those mails, bills or newspaper easily and without losing anything.
  19. 2-Tier Tray
    A 2-tier tray is a wonderful addition to any home, but for this occasion we picked out this one made of wood, with a distressed brown look to it. It can be used for placing fruit, cupcakes, any type of food presentation or simply candles or plants. The stable metal handle allows for easy transportation which can be useful when you’re having house parties and want to entertain and serve your guests in style.