13 Best Gifts for Someone Moving to California

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Gifts for Someone Moving to California

Anyone that has made the decision to move to California can attest to how rewarding (and how challenging) that move may be. Known for its temperate climates, sunny summers, and streets lined with palm trees, California is a land of opportunity as well as a wonderful place to live.

If you’re looking to find a gift for a friend that is making the big move to California, here’s a list of some potential ideas for you. These can be housewarming gifts, good-luck gifts, or just gifts to wish them well on their journey; some of these gift ideas are native to California and may not exist anywhere else in the US!

Gifts for Someone Moving to California

    1. Housewarming Gift: Custom Wine Glass & Coffee Cup Holder
      This is a solid-wood wall-mounted glass and mug holder, and is stained and clear-coated for durability. All installation bits are included for mounting to a wall, and it makes a wonderful addition to be able to showcase a favorite pair of wine glasses, or a unique set of coffee mugs.
    2. Indoor Vegetable Garden DIY Kitchen Grow Starter Kit
      Help your friend make the most of the California sunshine with this indoor garden starter kit. Seeds included are for Early Cherry Tomato, Cherry Belle Radish, Carrot, Bush Bean, and Butterhead Lettuce. Peat pots are compostable, and a growing guide. This garden can be grown on a windowsill, bay window, or countertop.
    3. California State Flag Hoodie
      While some location-specific clothing may seem a bit… well, dorky, this hoodie features a vintage-style print of the timeless California state flag. This hoodie is available in five different colors, is machine washable, and is made from 80% cotton/20% polyester (meaning that it won’t shrink up much in the wash).
    4. Vintage California Bear Hug 16oz Pint Glass
      This frosted pint glass features a design icon that is central to California life: the grizzly bear. These would make a great welcoming gift for your friend to enjoy a cool beverage after settling in to their new home. Glass is dishwasher safe.
    5. California Poppy - Poppy Flower Seed Grow Kit
      Celebrate the California state flower with this kit, which includes about 30,000 seeds – it’s enough to cover an entire field! About 70% of planted seeds will germinate into a healthy California poppy flower, and are easy to grow and maintain in the milder climates found in California.
    6. California State Shaped Cutting Board
      This bamboo cutting board makes a great gift for anyone moving to the state of California. Cutting boards are made from 100% renewable bamboo and can be used as a serving platter, bar board, or simply displayed around the home; there is an option to hang the board using a hanging tie rope. The board features the iconic design of the California state flag overlaid on a board in the shape of the state. They can show off their state pride: the included hanging hole with hang tie make this board a wonderful wall option too.
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    8. Lightshare 5-Feet Lighted Palm Tree
      For something that’s completely different, treat your friend to a decorative, lighted palm tree that is adorned with 56 LED lights. The tree comes with a 16ft power cord, and is ideal for indoor use, or decorative garden purposes in temperate weather conditions (in other words, don’t leave it out in the rain… not that California gets much rain.)
    9. Hardtail Mountain Bike
      Most areas in California feature a bicycle path or trail network where residents can ride their bicycles, get some exercise, and enjoy the fresh air. This Huffy mountain bike features knobby mountain bike tires that allow for both on-road and off-road use, a micro-twist shifter, a steel frame with a lifetime warranty, a padded adjustable seat, and alloy wheels. There is also the option to purchase a women’s frame which comes in a different color.
    10. Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion
      Help your friend prepare for the sunny days with this 3-pack of Coppertone sunblock lotion, which is water-resistant up to 80 minutes and provides both UVA and UVB coverage. This sunblock does not have any dyes, PABA, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, oxybenzone, or fragrances, making it an excellent choice for those with more sensitive skin.
    11. Historical Map of California 1876
      This custom historical map details what the significant geographical locations were in California, circa 1876. This map is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8x12” all the way up to 60x90” and is printed on heavy matte art paper; there is also the option to print to canvas, if desired. Custom sizing is also available upon request.
    12. Oversized Mesh Beach Bag with 9 Pockets
      If someone is newly living in California, being able to go visit one of the famed beaches is a must. This ripstop mesh beach bag comes in several different colors and options, and the extra-large bag space can hold sunblock, sandals, towels, snacks, and much more. There is also a splash-proof zipper pocket to hold valuable items such as car keys and cellphones, and ensure they stay dry.
    13. Sun Hat
      This wide-brim sun hat helps block sunlight from your face and neck, and the adjustable chin strap will hold the hat down securely if it’s worn outside on a windy day. The hat is easy to pack and transport, as it can be folded in half and tucked inside of a bag. There are mesh panels that allow for airflow, and a sweatband to help keep sweat out of the eyes. The hat is adjustable with a rear drawstring design, and is sold in a variety of colors that suits the user.