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When someone is about to have an opening night of a play, they have just spent a significant amount of time doing exhausting rehearsals. Everything in their life is about having a perfect opening night!

On the other side, friends and family are eager to see the play and gift the acting star something to remember the night. And it is so hard to decide what to buy and make it unique! There will be flowers, that’s for sure, but here we are to give you a little hand and choose something that will leave a memorable impression!

Whatever choice you make, this list is about the perfect gift for the opening night of a play. Keep reading!

  1. Jane Austen Quotes Mug
    There are no actors or actresses who would not love to act as Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet. The old English language, those dresses, interiors of castles, spending time in English suburban areas, riding horses, driving in carriages, to name a few. Until such a thing happens, gift your friend a vintage mug with Jane Austen quotes. They will treat it like a holy grail and bring it to every rehearsal with the hope of having an opening night in a Jane Austin play one day. Fingers crossed!
  2. Drama Mask Bracelet
    All actors and actresses love to have some theatre memorabilia and props. This bracelet will be a gentle reminder of the opening night for your acting friend. More comedies and tragedies are awaiting, and every beginning is there for remembrance. The drama mask bracelet is about a dual nature of acting, but also life itself. A meaningful gift for the opening night of a play!
  3. Hamlet Quote T-Shirt
    There is this ancient saying: learn to say no; it will be far more practical than you learning Latin. The T-shirt speaks for itself and says that the person wearing it is an actor and they wish to be clear about their NO to anyone asking. Hamlet is a play full of a life's wisdom, even those as simple as saying no. It is a chic gift and your friend will love it!
  4. Travel Tumbler Mug
    Everything I touch turns in sold - says the tumbler. It is a sort of karma one play director can only wish for! Gift it to your friend for their opening night and rest assured they will carry it on every rehearsal! It is great when people know their value and even more when people around them recognize it. This tumbler will be a good luck charm for your friend. Such a thoughtful gift!
  5. Pygmalion BBC Radio Drama
    The opening nights are either a complete success or a disaster. But some seem to have something of the either. If your friend's opening night was full of applause and standing ovations, it is more than great. It is a success. But there was an opening night that was all but the success, a scandal, and it turned out to be one of the most successful plays ever. Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw had a stormy opening night. Gift your friend this BBC drama and let them draw their conclusions. You can be sure they will love it!
  6. Theatre Journal
    This theatre journal has several words of wisdom on its front cover: eat, sleep, audition, rehearse, rehearse, freak out, kill it on opening night, and repeat. You are saying to your friend: you did it, the main job is over and you killed it on opening night. Now stay calm and repeat what you did night after night. Your friend will feel empowered! What a thoughtful gift!
  7. Production Stage Management, by Peter Lawrence
    When a book or manual has a Mike Nichols introduction, then you can tell that it is a fine read. Author, Peter Lawrence, leads a reader from an idea about the play to its opening night. And there is no rock left unturned. Every theatre producer should memorize it since it brings on the essence of the Broadway yearly experience. Actors and actresses will surely understand not only their work but also the work of all parties involved in a production of a play. This opening night gift is about going over and beyond in the theatre world. Your friend will be amazed and grateful!
  8. Soft Theatre-Themed Blanket
    One needs to keep their dreams close, especially when they are sleeping. This blanket displays several Broadway opening night posters. It is dreamful, cozy, light, and warm. Your friend can take them on that long tour, but they can use it in the warmth of their home, sitting by a nice fireplace in their comfortable armchair, or taking it for a picnic. Either way, they will feel wonderful inside-out.
  9. Jigsaw Puzzle
    It may sound that gifting your friend a jigsaw puzzle does not constitute a fine gift for opening night, but think again! These are not only pieces of a puzzle, but valuable pieces of the dream. And the dream is all about big theatres and significant plays. The jigsaw puzzles show 52 of the most iconic covers in Broadway history. One day, one of these pieces of the puzzle may just be your friend's. After all, a fine opening night gift!
  10. Theatre Picture Frame
    An opening night to remember must not be forgotten. Take a ticket to the theatre play and frame it with the play's cover poster. Especially if it is the first opening night in your friend's career. The picture frame can safely keep a whole cast of the play, you and your friend the moment the ovations fill the theatre. The occasions are many.
  11. Hooded Cape
    Gift your friend a touch of the old Hollywood style when actors and actresses went out in public in ceremonial items of clothing. A hooded cape brings some mystery and glamour to it. Your friend can wear it just after their opening night. It is glamorous, classy, and stylish. You could not choose better!
  12. Drama Theatre Buttons
    The set of 12 drama theatre buttons is something your friend can share with their cast on the opening night. It is a nice treat for the job well done, and an incentive to come back a night after and do a better job! It's show time, drama queen, action, don't keep calm - be dramatic are just some of the button messages. Design is modern and the buttons will stand out on their outfit. Your friend may decide not to share but put them all on their cape. Well, excellent thought!
  13. Eclectic Glass Round Table
    This gift for an opening night is something for true theatre and movie fans! A large, metal film reel is on the tabletop with a thick glass cover. It is an accent piece of furniture and a conversation point for every home party. Great for book-corner or as a rehearsal stand. Your friend will have a beautiful and thoughtful memory of their opening night, and it will never get out of fashion.
  14. Bouquet of Roses
    Taking a bouquet of roses on an opening night may be the classic, but this classic is always proof of style and class. Two dozen of roses will always bring a touch of royal feeling to the occasion. When roses enter the room, they catch everyone's attention. It is just the right gift for an opening night!
  15. The Best Actor Ever Coffee Mug
    When there is stress following the rehearsals, it is good to cut it out and make some space for good old humor. That is what this mug is all about. It says that your friend is the best actor ever, and it constitutes the best gift for the opening night. Sure, there will be reviews in the papers the day after the opening night, but this mug is a review from the one who cares about them deeply. Sometimes we are partial, but more often realistic too. Your friend will have a new favorite mug.
  16. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box
    After the exhausting and stressful opening night, there is nothing that brings back to life like something sweet. A box of chocolate maybe sound like a classic, but red roses are a classic too, and keep standing the test of time! Ferrero Rocher is more than a sweet. It is an example of going far and beyond by producing a perfect chocolate treat. It is the chocolate of royals and constitutes a perfect gift for any important occasion. This box offers 48 pieces. Your friend will be thrilled to have it on their opening night and share it with their cast and friends. What a sweet choice!
  17. Vintage Leather Notebook
    After the opening night of a play, your friend will be full of impressions! When everything ends, they will be all alone with their thoughts and feelings. This vintage leather notebook is a perfect gift for an opening night because it will keep those important thoughts in one place. Your friend can even use it as a scrapbook for all those little things about their career they will collect with time. It can also be a place to collect important quotes or bits of advice from acting friends, directors, and producers. Your friend can also keep a journal or all of the paper reviews that are just about to come. Whatever they choose, this leather vintage notebook comes in handy to carry around and safely keep their thoughts. Make it personalized, and your friend will fall in love with it!
  18. A Book Flask
    Everyone, your friend included, deserves to relax a bit after their opening night. We can all agree that champagne is a drink for an occasion, but it does not light the spirit. That is why it is nice to have a joker. A book seems to be a completely innocent prop in the hands of an actor or actress. But this book has a flask with some strong drink inside. It will lighten up the one in possession and the atmosphere of the evening. You can gift it nicely wrapped and in a gift box, but you can gift it to your friend for their opening night of a play as a theatre prop. Just wink at them and they will know that you have been naughty with your gift. Have their favorite drink inside and they will love it! Personalize it with their favorite book cover outside and they will love it even more!
  19. Human Skull Replica
    • The skull weighs 0.8 lbs and measures 6.5x4.25x4.6"
    • Made from lightweight and sturdy handcrafted Polyresin that captures exact anatomic detail to make the piece resiliant and macabre
    • Can be used as seasonal Halloween table décor or to adorn a year-round gothic curio cabinet. This skull is a versatile ghoulish piece that is sure to be a show (or life) stopper.
    • Wipe with a dry or damp cloth or dust lightly to keep it as spooky as ever
    • Spine-chillingly realistic with a grim grin, this skull looks like it was freshly dug up from a graveyard. Use as décor for any number of events from halloween parties to masqerade balls to hamlet reenactments!
  20. Funny Coffee Mug
    The most talented drama queen is in the house! This may be a huge compliment to your friend. It says they have a strong personality and that special ability to make a scene when there is no theatre around! And it is something that boosts their natural talent. Gift this to your friend for their opening night. It comes in a nice wrapping and everything about it is classy and stylish. Just like a gift to remember.
  21. Shakespeare Insults on Magnets
    • Sheet contains 33 detachable magnets, each with a hilarious Shakespearean insult
    • Ideal gift item for any Shakespeare lover
    • Measures 7.5-inches length by 0.0625-inches width by 11.25-inches height
    • Customworks Shakespeare's Insults magnets are hilarious.
    • Great Shakespeare gift