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Paragliding gifts list

Paragliders are people who reach the highest heights and fly with birds. They are living every person’s dream! And what should a person buy for someone walking the clouds as a hobby? A gift that would make them laugh, enjoy themselves, learn, or keep them warm when they need it the most. They’ve already got all the equipment, but some things come in handier than others. Here is a list of suggestions if your special someone is a paraglider and needs a gift. And make yourself comfortable, since you will enjoy some of them too!

  1. Paragliding Coffee Mug
    Even the paragliders occasionally take a break for a coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Now, every pause needs two things: to have someone to share it with and to have a nice cup of something warm to enjoy drinking. If a person has both, then they can consider themselves lucky ones! This mug is perfect gift for a coffee and paragliding fan. Bring yours along and enjoy the time together with your friend. What would a person want more anyway?
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  3. Paragliding Adventures Logbook
    If there is a genuine paragliding fan, then this is a perfect gift for them! This notebook is a future scrapbook of a paraglider's dreams come true. It is the place to write down all flight details and record the progress. There is enough space to put photos and some simple memorabilia to remind your paragliding friend where they went, what the weather was like, or what the high peak of their day was. Keeping a logbook is not only taking notes and a flying journal. Statistics are not always merely numbers. Records are there for learning, growing, and going far and beyond.
  4. High Tech Underwear Set
    It is not enough to have a passion. Outdoor sports come with a price. Buy your paragliding friend this magic underwear set, and you will enable them to fly to any place at any time of the year and feel warm and safe. It is so light one can wear it as a pajama, but you are buying it as the underwear basis for your paragliding friend's new adventure. It is as comfy a set as one can get! Practical indeed!
  5. Bandana
    When you are practicing a winter sport or any sport involving heights, high speeds, and cold air to your face, this bandana will keep air away from the paraglider's throat and lungs and keep the area warm. It is a nice gift for a paragliding fan since it has a print done in a way that every paraglider out there wants to have for themselves. The material is light and breathing, which is the most important of all features.
  6. Baby Vest Bodysuit
    If your paragliding friend has just become a parent, this gift will be a perfect choice and a hilarious starting point for any conversation. Think small: are there parachutes as well? So small and already a paraglider? You may bet your life they will! A bodysuit for babies is a unisex piece, and your paragliding friend will be all sentimental about it. Their precious one's flying days are just about to start. Feels a bit like a retirement? Maybe not just yet. An amazing gift!
  7. Evolution of Paragliding T-Shirt
    Every two people who meet on the street will have an opinion on the evolution, and paragliders are no exception! This T-Shirt offers a print of the evolution from the first upright position of the human being to a paraglider flying in the distant skies. Be sure your friend will wear this T-Shirt and enjoy the attention it will bring them. Trus us, attention will follow! Great gift!
  8. Anti-Fog Goggles
    No time of the year is better for paragliding than the other when true paragliding passion is at stake. Even the snowy and foggy winters are no obstacle if a paraglider has the proper equipment and a perfect site. Buy your paragliding friend these anti-fog goggles, and they will be able to fly even more than before. They are tight, will fit any face, and - what is most important - they will keep the fog away. Your paragliding friend will love this gift so much that they will not want to take it off! And why should they when it is practical and cool at the same time?
  9. Parachute Car Sticker
    Let's face it - every hobby group has its VIP club, and every VIP club has its symbols and accessories. Paragliding as a sport is not an exception. Gift your paragliding friend this car sticker, and they will put it on their vehicle with great pride. With a parachute sticker on their car, they will be a superhero in every cue! (Did I say they will put it on their car? Try bicycle, garage door, backpack, and helmet!)
  10. The Complete Guide to Paragliding, by Ian Currer
    Maybe your paragliding friend hasn't come there yet, and paragliding is still just a passion, wishful thinking, or desire, but some people will never make their first step unless being a little pushed by someone who knows their dreams. If you recognize your friend and yourself, you have just found your perfect gift! Here is The Complete Guide to Paragliding by Ian Currer, A to Z, with illustrations and thorough explanations of all situations a person can find themselves in. After absolving the content of this book, your friend can start exploring the paragliding equipment to buy their first parachute! Yes, they will have you to thank too!
  11. Medieval Replica of Compass
    Surely your paragliding friend has all the equipment they need for the paragliding flights. But this is not merely a flying prop. It is a gift for every occasion, no matter how informal or official it can be. This vintage compass is something else. Only ones who know all challenges of outdoor sports will appreciate this gift dearly. A perfect choice for true connoisseurs with a spirit of antique collectors!
  12. Portable Radio
    The most beautiful sound one will ever hear in nature is one of the birds singing or a creek murmuring. But if your friend goes for a bit longer adventures, they will want to keep up with the outside world and enjoy the voices from the little box of this portable radio. These voices will either sing, act, or read the news. Let them do their work on a crazy and a bit lonesome night. It will feel like the old days altogether.
  13. Fly Like An Eagle, by Steve Miller Band
    A true paraglider always dreams of a new flight. That being said, here is a recommendation to take this Steve Miller Band single with Fly Like an Eagle as a lead song. Sometimes there are not enough words to express all the feelings that follow a flight endeavor. But this album is radiating one feature, and one feature only: freedom! Wish your paragliding friend to be free as a bird! Steve Miller will help them get there!
  14. Outdoor Watch
    Imagine your friend far up in the air. They are happy, enjoying all the skies, landscapes, and freedom. But there comes a time to go down and land. And one can't do it if they are not aware of their reality. There may be stronger wind, clouds, or sun on their face. Gift your friend this outdoor watch, and it will help them track all-weather features and plan the landing. It will make them not get lost! So many features will help them stay on track and land safely! With every outdoor and adrenaline sport, the one rule applies - safety first! Good choice!
  15. Blue Birds in Flights Wall Decals
    When a person is deep into something (or someone), after some time, they need one of two things: to have some time to rest or to take their skies, landscapes, and birds to their home. These stickers are halfway through that happening. They bring a piece of nature back home to their walls. Our homes are mirrors of our passions. It is details like this that give us away. And your paragliding friend will enjoy it wonderfully! The best thing about it is that you can take it off and reposition it on another wall or even in a new room in the house. Just make sure that the surface is flat smooth and clean.
  16. Wind Meter
    When being into paragliding, then one knows that one needs to befriend one of the most important partners to all paragliders out there: the wind. This little gadget will help them feel and measure the strength of the wind at any time and place. They will feel safe and thankful for the attention you show with gifting this gift. And it is practical for every paraglider and outdoor sportsperson out there! You are maybe the paraglider's best friend on the ground, but do not be jealous to share them with strong winds up in the skies!
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  18. 50 Ways to Fly Better, by Ed Ewing
    Fifty Ways to Fly Better is another step forward for an experienced paraglider. And yes, there is a step forward no matter how long one is into a sport. Sure, your paragliding friend has it all - the equipment and the experience, logbook full to the last page, but there are things that one wonders about. And here is Ed Ewing discovering tips and tricks that will make a fine paraglider even better, and he tells his stories in such compelling paragliding language! So get ready for the next level since the quest before you is a challenge above all challenges and a quest above all flying quests out there! A perfect gift for a paraglider who wants to grow and wants it now!
  19. You Never Know, a Documentary
    We tend to think that people who are into the extreme sport are chasing the adrenaline because they want to feel unbeatable. That may be the case with some people, but for others, paragliding is so much more. The documentary You Never Know tells the story of Klaudia Bulgakov, one of the most successful female paragliding pilots ever. No, this is not an overstatement. Klaudia won the World Champion Title in 2013, and it was just the start of her endeavors. Her passion for flying brought her to many places, challenges, and people in her life. She is a true pilot hero to many out there who are starting to feel the wind on their face. This movie will make your paragliding friend inspired to pursue their passion with even greater dedication and commitment. A gift to remember!