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Do you have that one friend or a family member who’s in choir? Suppose you have ever heard or watched a choir perform live. In that case, you know how magical and majestic they can sound, so it is understandable that you want to surprise a dear person of yours who happens to be a choir member.

You might find it quite difficult to choose a perfect gift for a choir singer specifically, but remember that at the end of the day, they are all just singers who might even like singing other genres after their choir practices are done.

Anyway, there is no need to research it all by yourself, we’ve done that part for you. Here you can find 26 best gift options for all choir members that will be of great use to them and also show your appreciation effectively. Choose the perfect one from the list below:

  1. Singer Brooch
    Even though there are many singers in every choir and the focus is not solemnly on one person, they still individually like to look nice for their performances. Because they often don’t have a lot of options when it comes to choosing clothes as they all have to wear the same, they can still choose some nice accessories to decorate their looks for performances. This simple but gorgeous brooch for signers with the word ‘’sing’’ printed on it and with the design of a note pattern behind it will be a lovely little gift for any choir singer out there who likes to spice up their style with cute details.
  2. Throat Pastilles
    This is definitely that one thing every singer of every genre should keep in their pocket or bag at all times. Singers use their voices every day which might sound easy to the listeners around them, especially when they sound really beautiful and it all looks too easy, but it is in fact very difficult and hard on the vocal cords. They need to take good care of their voices not only because of the quality of their musical performances, but also because of their health. Those who don’t might experience some really serious vocal cords issues in the future. Even a simple thing such as a throat pastille a day will keep the doctors away, so this will be a useful little gift for them.
  3. Alto Choir Pendant
    Your gift doesn’t have to be too va-va-voom to truly surprise them and show them how much you appreciate them, their hard work and their talent. For those who like jewelry and making their outfit combinations more interesting with nice accessories, a gorgeous piece such as this necklace will be a wonderful choice for them. Jewelry is always a good option when it comes to gifts, and this one has a beautiful pendant of a Moon and a separate part with the word ‘’Alto’’ printed in the center of it, which makes this necklace a very meaningful one for every choir singer who also happens to be an Alto. They will gladly and proudly wear it every day.
  4. Christmas Ornament
    Let’s be real, who doesn’t like decorating their homes every single winter when the holiday time comes? Christmas and New Year parties are one of the best occasions to spend some lovely time with all your dear people at home, so home decorations such as a Christmas tree filled with beautiful ornaments are a must for creating that cozy holiday atmosphere. If it is somewhere just around this time when you’re buying a gift for a choir singer that’s dear to you, this lovely Christmas tree ornament will be the perfect choice for a gift. They can put it anywhere, whether it’s in their car, on their Christmas tree, or anywhere else in their home.
  5. Gold Plated Music Box
    If you want to go a bit more luxurious and elegant with your gift this time, you might want to consider getting this stunning gold-plated music box for them. Regardless of what the occasion is, this will be a beautiful gift that they can cherish for many more years to come. Everybody loves a good old music box, it is a wonderful little piece of decor that brings back some nostalgic vibes, but it will especially be meaningful to a choir singer. This one has a very eye-catching gold design of a Ferris wheel with crystals, and as its base revolves, it unwinds and plays a calming tune.
  6. Sheet Music Holder
    Ever thought there are some choirs that don’t have strict rules for their members and have fairly easy auditions and requirements, most choir directors insist that their choral singers learn to read music. They might not need to be fully prepared before their audition, but reading music is definitely something they will need if they see themselves staying in that choir and doing it professionally. They can learn this easily over time, and this sheet music holder with a hand strap will be a great little tool for them to keep their papers safe and organized. If you choose this as a gift, it might motivate them to start studying music more seriously.
  7. Vocal Warm-Ups: 200 Exercises for Chorus and Solo Singers
    Another very important thing for singers to do in order to keep their vocal cords healthy is to always do vocal warm ups. A good technique when they sing is an essential part of keeping their voice at optimal health levels, which will also directly affect how good they sound. Most choir members already know this because it’s one of the first things they learn from their teachers when they join a choir. Choir teachers know about many different vocal warm ups and use them with their singers during practices, but it will be very useful for every choir singer to have this book of 200 exercises and vocal warm ups near them at all times, to practice even when their teacher is not there.
  8. Ergonomically Designed Cotton Face Masks
    We live in times when face masks have become a necessity and an essential part of keeping our health and the health of the people around us protected. Even though there are many smaller choirs, large choir ensembles usually count somewhere between 40 and 100+ people, which is definitely a large number, especially in times of frequent pandemics. Even though choir singers can’t have a face mask on while they sing, it is useful to have one always in their bags, to use before or after their practices. This reusable one will be a great gift because not only is it ergonomically designed, but also has a cute musical notes pattern that every musician will like.
  9. Music Flash Cards
    This will be a great little gift for any beginner choir singer, or those who want to start studying music seriously and professionally. They will need to learn quite a lot of things, but that process might be a bit easier with these music flash cards. Each of 120 color coded cards in this pack has either notes, musical symbols or rhythm patterns, and will be a very useful tool for easily memorizing it all while having fun with it at the same time. They can use them by themselves or with their choir members for extra fun practices. These cards are especially useful for learning basic musical symbols, all notes from low ledger C to high ledger C, and rhythm patterns in 4/4 and 3/4.
  10. Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug
    One thing we all need without exception - cute coffee mugs. It has become more of a trend these days to have a whole variety of coffee mugs in all different aesthetically pleasing designs in our kitchen cabinets, so that we can choose from each morning based on our mood. There is just something very motivating and uplifting about choosing the right mug each morning, and what’s a better mug design for choir singers than this one? It is a good quality ceramic mug that even comes with a lid, which makes it perfect for use during practices, or for sipping on warm tea at home after singing. The design is perfect for any musician - black and white with music staves and notes.
  11. Pack of 20 Musical Notes Clips
    Another useful little thing that is definitely not a necessity but will be a fun and creative gift to surprise any choir singer with. This pack of 20 paper clips in the shape of musical notes will be a much more useful gift for them than it seems like at first. Choir singers often learn music and have many different papers with them during each practice. They need to keep those papers of sheet music organized and in place, so those paper clips will be beneficial for them. They are lightweight but sturdy, and can also be used as cute decoration for other things such as books or bags.
  12. Music Keychain Gift
    • Made of quality alloy.Size:2.9inch,Weight:16g.
    • Music symbol keychain.Silver plated When words fail music speaks charm on keychain.
    • "Where Words Fail Music Speaks". Best way to encourage the music lovers, singers or music teacher. It will be a wonderful gift to express one's love to music.
    • Where Words Fail Music Speaks Charm on keychaint,Music is a universal language that holds the incredible power to evoke special memories and lift spirits.
    • A wonderful gift for music lovers, music teachers or singers on any suitable occasion. It makes the perfect gift for women,Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more.
  13. Fun Music-Themed Socks
    Another one of those gift options you truly can’t go wrong with - socks. We all need them on a daily basis, but often forget to buy new pairs. That’s why it is always a good idea to get one new pair for someone as a gift - you can be sure that the gift will definitely be used well. It is always a bonus if socks have a fun design to them, and this pair will definitely be the best one for a choir singer. They are made of high-quality materials and with their music-themed design, they will be those perfect socks for choir singers to wear to their practices or performances.
  14. Pack of 12 Crystal Ballpoint Music Note Pens
    We all like to have cute pens in our collection. It is always inspiring to write with a pen that has a lovely and unique design which suits our interests. It’s usually not so easy to match pen designs with personal interests, but for choir singers it is definitely not a problem! Anything with a musical note engraved or printed on it will be a good choice, so this pack of 12 beautiful crystal ballpoint pens with music notes on them will be a great gift for them, regardless of the occasion. They often have to write down their notes, and with this pack they will be extra inspired each time they need to learn something new.
  15. Music Note Blanket
    For those choir singers who love to sing but also can’t wait to finish their practices and go home to get all cozy and turn on their favorite Netflix show, this high quality blanket with a unique black and white design of musical staves and notes will be a creative and distinctive gift choice. Everybody loves to go home after a long day and be welcomed with a cozy and homey atmosphere there, but choir singers love music so much that they want to bring it back home too. That’s why this blanket will be perfect for them. Blankets always contribute to nice and cozy atmosphere.
  16. Insulated Travel Mug
    Choir singers often have to travel for their performances and even practices. For them it is usually a fun activity with their fellow choir members, but it can also be quite hard to keep up with all the practices, traveling and shows they have. A packed schedule is always easier with coffee, and this insulated travel mug will be a perfect gift choice for them because it will be useful on their trips and prevent spilling coffee all around while in the car. It also has a design very meaningful for a choir singer, so you can be sure that this gift will be very appreciated and often used.
  17. 3D Music Note Bedside Lamp
    Even when people spend a lot of time outside and have busy schedules for work or school, interior decor of their house is still very important. You want to have a pleasant atmosphere whenever you come back home. That makes people feel nice and cozy and prepares them for the next day with a busy schedule. It is all in the details, and what’s a better way to create a beautiful ambience than with a lamp? Lightning is a very important part of every interior decor, and this 3D music note bedside lamp will definitely be a lovely gift for any choir singer to keep in their bedroom.
  18. Music-themed Reusable Canvas Bag
    Even though choir singing is not a sport that requires people to carry equipment with them to each practice, choir singers still need to carry a couple of important things with them whenever they go to a practice or a show. What’s a more stylish way of showing up at your choir’s practice than with this lovely music-themed canvas bag? It is an accessory that can totally spice up any outfit, and it’s definitely the best choice for anybody who is into music. This one has sturdy shoulder straps to easily handle all those music lesson books and papers that can often be very heavy.
  19. 'Eat Sleep Show Choir Repeat' Lined Notebook
    Just like every other person who is into music, regardless of whether it’s a musical student or a choir singer, they need to write down quite a lot of information, especially when they first join a choir and start learning about proper choir singing. It is always more fun and joyful to write down all that information in a notebook with a cute design that suits your interests, and this one will definitely be the perfect one to motivate them and inspire them to study and practice even harder. With a cute “Eat Sleep Show Choir Repeat” message printed on its front side, it perfectly describes the life of a choir singer.
  20. Music Note Infinity Loop Scarf
    One of the best accessories besides jewelry are scarves. They can totally make any outfit stand out and be more unique and creative. Choir singers are usually very creative themselves, so this infinity style loop scarf is going to be a wonderful gift option for them. With a design of musical notes on a white background, it will be easy to combine with any outfit or style, so chances are high that any choir singer out there will absolutely love it and happily use it for many years to come. They will definitely be the most stylish member of their choir if they show up to a practice wearing this cute scarf!
  21. Microphone Kitchen Cooking Utensil
    If you want to be creative and bring some humor together with your gift, this funny cooking utensil with a microphone as its handle will 100% leave them with a huge smile on their face! Nothing lights up the vibe instantly as much as humor does, so it’s always a good thing when you find a gift that will be both funny and actually useful in their every day life. One thing is sure - choir singers love to sing. They will not only sing during their practices or performances, but also use all other chances to show off their talent, and what’s a better chance to sing then while you’re cooking!
  22. Vocal Dampener for Singers
    If you really want to be professional and surprise them with a very useful gift for their choir work, you might want to consider buying this cool vocal dampener for them. It is a tool used by singers of all kinds of music genres, including choir singers. It is like a portable warm up room for them - a perfect tool to keep their voice well prepared for performances. Regular warm ups will ensure safe practices and optimal health for their vocal cords, and with this they can warm up and practice absolutely anywhere, without disturbing anybody around them. This Beltbox can quiet a performer up to 30 decibels while still being able to hear their intonation.
  23. The Theory and Practice of Vocal Psychotherapy: Songs of the Self
    A good book is always a great gift choice, regardless of who is the receiver or what the specific occasion is. That especially applies to people who have specific interests such as choir singers - even though regular practice is a crucial thing for their progress, learning theory about their practice is an immensely important part of it as well. This book won’t be just a musical theory book, it’s about the theory and practice of vocal psychotherapy - using one’s voice to access unconscious aspects of the self. It’s based on the theory that the voice is the most powerful and widely used instrument in music therapy, and will surely be an interesting book for any choir singer.
  24. Microphone Charm Earrings
    Even though you usually won’t find choir singers singing with a regular mic, it is not uncommon for them to also like other musical genres and sing them in their free time. Some of them are into pop, rock, or any other style that can be sung with a regular microphone when performing, so these cute charm earrings in the form of little microphones will be a lovely gift for them to wear as a sign of their passion for music. They look very simple and delicate so they will fit anybody’s style preferences and look good with any outfit. They are also hypo allergenic and will never change their color.
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  26. Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones
    If they love music so much that they constantly like to be surrounded by it, this Bluetooth beanie hat will be an amazing gift choice for them. This is not just a regular cute beanie, these are Bluetooth headphones that can be used while laying down without being uncomfortable and hurting one’s ears and head. For those music lovers who constantly have headphones with music on, this is definitely a useful thing to have.