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Gifts for Naturalists

Naturalists are completely in love with – you guessed it – nature! Everyone loves and has some naturalists among his friends and family – those environmentally-minded people who love to explore, study and observe the plants, animals and landscapes of the world around them. It can be hard to find the ideal gift for someone who has an attitude towards nature that is not only eco-friendly, but also scientifically detailed.

There are tons of great gift options for these naturalists in your life, but it can certainly be hard to find the perfect one. We’ve found some of the best possible gift options for any person who studies the natural world. Here are 17 the best ideas for gifts that would be very appropriate for any naturalist.

Best Gifts for Naturalists

  1. Diary of a Young Naturalist
    The Diary of a Young Naturalist is an amazing book that relates the uniqueness in nature and the diversity in people in a creative and captivating way. It will truly take the reader on a journey to explore both the intricate world of nature, along with the incredible idea of humanity. This makes it a fantastic gift for a naturalist who loves seeing nature in a special way.
  2. NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Backpack
    One of the greatest ways to immerse yourself in nature is through backpacking. There’s nothing quite like being able to go wherever you want in nature, carrying everything you need on your back. That’s what makes this NEVO RHINO internal frame backpack a great gift for naturalists. It has 60 liters of capacity, and is made of a durable nylon material suitable for all kinds of treks. Naturalists will love this fantastic heavy duty backpack.
  3. National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America
    This is one of many nature guides that a naturalist will absolutely love. Knowing how to identify wildlife is a great way to feel connected with nature. This book is a comprehensive guide to the vast majority of birds found in North America, including those found in our own backyards! It provides visual identification tips, vocal descriptions, and behavior patterns. This is a great gift for a naturalist wanting to learn more about the wildlife in the world around us.
  4. Worown Professional Flower Press Kit
    This Worown professional flower press kit is a great way to collect and preserve flowers, leaves, and other plant life. It provides all the tools needed for flower pressing, such as a white press plate, lining paper, dry plate, sponge, tweezers, scissors, and utility knife. It also includes instructions that are great for beginners! It’s designed with high quality material for durability. This flower press kit is a great way for naturalists to start their own collection of some of the aspects of nature they’re most interested in.
  5. Naturalist Definition Funny T-Shirt
    This funny t-shirt shows the definition of a naturalist as “Like a normal scientist, only way cooler.” Naturalists will love this shirt because while it’s funny, it’s also making a serious point about the intricacy and importance of naturalist studies. It’s a perfect mix of humor and depth. It comes in 10 different colors and a wide variety of fits and sizes.
  6. North American Wildlife: An Illustrated Guide to 2,000 Plants and Animals
    North American Wildlife is a great reference guide to all of the most popular wild plants and animals in North America. It’s great for fast identification, which makes it fantastic for nature excursions or just backyard wildlife sightings. It contains not only the most common animals, but also the most common plants. There are over 2,000 identification descriptions in this book. Naturalists will love using it to learn more about the wonderful world we live in.
  7. Coleman Sundome Tent
    Anyone who loves nature needs a great tent for their excursions. This Coleman sundome tent is a great choice for such a tent. It comes with a rainfly, and the two pole design makes for extremely easy setup and takedown. It’s weatherproof, and the frame has been tested with over 35 mile per hour winds. The interior is roomy and comfortable, measuring 7 by 5 feet with a 4 feet center height. Naturalists will certainly enjoy going camping in this high quality Coleman sundome tent.
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  9. Nature's Silent Message
    Nature’s Silent Message is a book that describes wilderness as “the school of life”. It contains a simple and pure message, and attempts to convey the silent message that nature gives us every day. It suggests the existence of something far greater than what we see on the surface. It’s ultimately a guide on the world’s lesson on how to lead richer, happier lives. Naturalists are sure to be captivated by this book, and will take a great message from it.
  10. Gosky HD Spotting Scope
    A spotting scope is an absolute necessity for high quality wildlife observation. This particular spotting scope comes with a tripod, carrying bag, and scope phone adapter for photography. The zoom adjusts between 20x and 60x, which is a fantastic range for watching wildlife! It’s constructed with a durable framework to keep it safe in the wild. It’s even designed to be waterproof, keeping moisture, dust, and debris away from the lens. This is a fantastic gift for naturalists, and they’ll certainly want to get to work using it as soon as possible!
  11. Celestron Outland X Binoculars
    These Celestron binoculars are perfect for any naturalist who wants to do some more casual bird watching or other wildlife observation. They’re waterproof and fog proof, with protective rubber armoring. The multi coated optics help obtain high resolution and high contrast views, while the prisms made of BaK-4 glass give enhanced color fidelity. It’s durable, with a strong and secure anti slip gripping surface. Naturalists will love using this gift in their casual everyday wildlife observation.
  12. Canon Rebel T7 DSLR Camera
    This camera is the perfect gift for a naturalist wanting to document and preserve their findings. It’s a high quality DSLR camera, which comes with a 18-55mm lens, a tripod, and more. The fantastic thing about Canon Rebel cameras is their flexibility; the settings can either be manually controlled for more experienced photographers, or they can be set to automatic using a variety of different modes and filters. Naturalists will certainly enjoy using this camera to document their experiences in nature.
  13. Wildlife Plain Extra Large Notebook
    This notebook will serve as an excellent journal for naturalists. They can use it as an everyday journal, or to write about their studies in nature. It comes with a simple but beautiful elephant design on the front, and has an elastic closure and bookmark built in. It comes in multiple different colors and designs. It’s also made with recyclable materials and purely FSC certified paper, making it 100% vegan certified! These various qualities along with the high quality paper make this notebook a great gift for any naturalist.
  14. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike
    Mountain biking is yet another great hobby that may be very interesting to naturalists. This Schwinn mountain bike has 13 color options, along with 3 different frame designs and multiple wheel sizes. This makes it great for a variety of ages, sizes, and design preferences. It’s durable, designed for strenuous trails through mountains. The alloy crank allows for steady gearing and less maintenance. This mountain bike will get naturalists involved in a hobby that will help them to further their experiences in nature.
  15. Motion Activated Trail Camera
    Trail cameras are fantastic devices for wildlife observation. They can be used on the go, or placed in a backyard to see all of the wonderful creatures who live near to humans. This trail camera has both bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity options, and sports infrared night vision. It captures both video and audio, to record both the wondrous sights and sounds of nature. The lens angle is 120 degrees, so nothing will be missed. Naturalists will love using this camera to see the wildlife all around them.
  16. Wooden Tree Pencils
    These wooden pencils are super fun writing pens, made from twigs that have not been straightened or shaved. It’s like writing with a literal branch! The high quality wood makes these pencils durable. Since they’re made from real branches, no two pencils are alike, highlighting the beauty and diversity of nature (which is what naturalists tend to be most interested in!) Naturalists will love using these for both practical everyday use, and for decoration.
  17. Gaia Greek Goddess Mug
    This beautiful and captivating mug portrays the likeness of the mythological and symbolic Mother Nature, as depicted by the Greeks. Naturalists are sure to have an intense interest in the concept of Mother Earth, since she has represented nature for thousands of years. The picture on this mug is stunning, and will have naturalists deep in thought every day during their morning coffee.