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Periodic table illustration

Some people are so deeply in their work or science it becomes an absolute obsession. They collect everything and anything even remotely related to their “thing.” If you have a friend who is a chemist and keeps a framed picture of the periodic table at their desk instead of one of their family – you know it!

But other people have difficulties memorizing all that acronyms and numbers. When they try, it sounds like a good idea to have several things surrounding them, so they can play or keep an eye on them. This way, they learn both actively and passively. And sometimes laugh and play along the way.

Whether these fall into the category of your people or they are close enough, here are suggestions for periodic table-inspired gifts. After all, they say that learning about the periodic system is like learning a new language: it all comes down to surrounding yourself with everything remotely related to it and absorbing it. So, let’s find yourself periodic table-inspired gifts! Here are some ideas:

  1. The Periodic Table of Elements Tumbler
    One must not waste time when drinking coffee. If there is a periodic table to memorize, the best way to take it with you and be in peace is to grab a cup of coffee and make it your study buddy. All one needs more is a bench in the park at a (preferably) peaceful spot. There is no periodic table-inspired gift that will stick you closer!
  2. The Geeky Clock
    This clock is the perfect gift ever for a geeky chemist or science friend. They will have it on their accent wall and show it off proudly! The periodic table-inspired clock will be a conversation point at any geek party. If there is a kid the housebound to study the periodic table over the weekend, you should use it to talk some more about the time.
  3. Periodic Table Placemat
    Talking about painless ways to learn! They say that passive learning is almost as important as active learning. When you don’t want to force something, find a way around it. Learning about the periodic table has never been easier with so many items with periodic tables all over it. Do your kids take forever to have lunch? Put this placemat under their plate and you stay assured they will take something with themselves after minutes of staring at their placemat. Perfect gift for ones having difficulties focusing their attention.
  4. Cutting Board with Periodic Table Engraved
    Now, this is a gift inspired by the periodic table, which is both useful and humorous at the same time! Why? Well, I like to cook periodically is a hilarious message engraved on the cutting board that will make everyone and anyone laugh! Have a cheese&wine party and invite friends over. It will most certainly steal the attention!
  5. Periodic Table Jigsaw Puzzle
    Illustrated periodic table of elements in the form of a jigsaw puzzle doesn’t even remotely look like all work and study and is no fun game. It is beautifully illustrated with simple symbols and lively explanations. It is so easy to play and learn all the fundamental elements of the periodic table with these puzzles! It is a perfect gift for a student who just encountered the periodic table. It is a 200-pieces set - a piece of cake!
  6. A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic Table by Smithsonian
    If the periodic table elements ever seemed impossible to understand, just a bunch of letters and numbers to learn once and forget forever, hold your horses! Here is the book of elements! It is a fine encyclopedia that brings the periodic table of elements to life. It shows how they are part of our everyday life, where they really are, how they are interconnected, and why we learn about them. Most of all, this Smithsonian Encyclopedia makes our learning about the elements easier! Perfect gift for learners and geeks!
  7. The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements
    If you even glanced at the visual encyclopedia, you probably knew you HAVE TO have this photographic card deck. It is making the most out of learning about periodic table elements: putting it into practice, but first, have a little fun discovering how much you learned. This card deck on the topic of the periodic table elements is the right gift for students, but it may also be interesting for a family gathering and having fun with a purpose.
  8. Sweatshirt Periodic Hoodie
    Whether you are a sportsperson or enjoy comfortable wear, a hard-core periodic table of elements fan, or you know that a hoodie is always a great gift. This hoodie wears the sign “Ah - the element of surprise.” It does bring a little bit of humor, but you should know that there is an element with the Ah symbol. It is called Arrhenium, and its atomic number is 134. No surprises about that.
  9. The Elements Magnet Set
    Here we have a set of 121 element magnets you may gift to several people: students, ones infatuated with chemistry, geeks, scientists - you name it! One may place it on the fridge or any metal surface. It is another fun way to learn about what seems to be a hard chemistry lesson. There are many ways to use magnets to check on your knowledge, learn about the periodic table elements and apply that knowledge to real-life settings.
  10. Periodic Table of Elements Wall Décor
    Whether you are arranging your home for the first time or you begin to follow Fengshui principles, here comes a periodic table-inspired gift that has more to do with décor than chemistry. A three-piece set of framed periodic-table symbols can have a new meaning only if you want them to. If you have someone working in creative industries or education, this gift is perfect for them!
  11. Periodic Table Bedding Set
    First of all, let’s be clear about this: there is no such thing as “too much.” Ok? So, here it is! A periodic table bedding set is the perfect gift to impress and stand out from many others. For anyone who thinks that chemistry is a matter of school and learning - wait until they see this! Chemistry is everywhere around us, and one’s bedroom is no exception to the rule!
  12. Geeky Scarf
    Now, speaking of accessorizing! A geeky scarf with a periodic table in spring colors is an absolute must-have piece for the season 2022/23. Send it as a gift to your chemist teacher, chemistry graduate friend, and whoever you think might like or benefit from it! You may wear it casually, as a flight attendant or chemistry teacher. The choice is yours! It is a fine conversational item!
  13. Tungsten Metal Cube
    You may keep this piece as a paper holder or simply as a designer piece somewhere on your desk at work or at home. You may consider starting a collection on your own. Tungsten cube has clean sides, perfect edges, and that little something that will draw attention instantly. This element is used for tools in the construction business. It is a hard metal, and you may find it in the electronics industry, so you may consider it a gift related to those professions.
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  15. Novelty Tie
    I see a chemistry student graduating in a fancy suit-wearing this tie. I also see chemistry teachers wearing it at work as a present from students. There are many occasions and events for one to wear this periodic table tie. It is both classy and humorous. Whoever receives it will be wearing it proudly!
  16. The Periodic Table of Marvel, by Melanie Scott
    Here are more than 130 Marvel characters, both super-heroes, and villains, with all information: from their features to what connects them all in the Marvel world. This gift's base is periodic table elements, but it has its features and symbols. Every Marvel fan will see it as a valuable possession. Every chemist will laugh for themselves, thinking that science is the key to everything. Great choice!
  17. The Periodic Table of Character Traits, by Michael Lawson
    With listicle-type of articles or books, it is hard to find a creative way to connect all the dots. What Michael Lawson did with his writing is telling the ones willing to read: live your best life now! What are the secret elements that build up someone’s character? How to be the best version of oneself? Which elements break someone’s character? Find it all here in this exciting periodic table-inspired gift!
  18. Periodic Table of Elements with Real Samples
    • The display is crafted with real element samples, setting it apart from regular science decorations like science posters or a periodic table poster. It's a unique and genuine piece of science decor.
    • It’s a powerful educational tool that helps teach kids to love science, making it perfect for science teacher gifts or a valuable addition to science classroom supplies.
    • The display is meticulously handcrafted in the USA with utmost attention to detail. The clear acrylic design and precise element placement reflect unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.
    • With its captivating design and real element samples, it sparks curiosity and encourages hands-on exploration, making it an engaging addition to any learning environment
    • The certificate of authenticity provides intriguing insights into the periodic table of elements, making it a versatile and informative tool for kids, teachers, and science enthusiasts alike.
  19. Cosmetics Bag
    A cosmetics bag with the periodic table of elements is a clear sign that chemistry is not a boy club, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be so strict and formal. One may carry this bag almost anywhere: for a vacation, to the seaside, to work, or gym. Its materials are durable and call for movement from one place to another. Pack up, and you are about to leave again in 3-2-1!
  20. The Periodic Table of Wines, by Sarah Rowlands
    The periodic table seems to be an inspiration to writings of encyclopedia-type. Sarah Rowlands collected several red, rose, and white wines, their features, and qualities. Once you find elements of your taste and preference, you may learn more about some more features and proposals for food serving. A total of 127 characteristics are waiting to be discovered by you!
  21. Chemistry T-shirt
    Iron Man is famous for its strength. We usually relate it to the rocks of (no surprise here) iron. If there is a person whose strength you would like to compliment, this T-shirt may be the perfect gift for the task. Yellow letters on a red background are the best combination of colors to draw attention. Now say it: who says that the periodic table of elements needs to be dull?
  22. Periodic Table Keyring
    Keyrings had become more of holders of a status symbol than keyholders. They point at specific auto, moto, or mobile brand someone supports. In this case, the keyring is personalized. It promotes the periodic table of elements as both valuable and popular. It is also durable and glowing in the dark. That way, you will find your set of keys in daylight or at night.
  23. Periodic Table Elements Unisex Socks
    Can you imagine a university professor writing down something high up over the blackboard in your classroom? And you can see him wearing these socks? If you can imagine that, it is ultimately reliable that you might think of various learners, geeks, and chemists wearing the periodic table of elements on their socks on all occasions! You can’t miss it if you decide to buy this gift!
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