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Gifts for Sudoku Lovers

Sudoku is a game with numbers that originates in 19th century France. It became increasingly popular when it was discovered in Japan in the 1980ies, where it was given the name. Players are required to fill in nine fields with all numbers from 1 to 9, so that no number is used only once in each column or row. It has since been modified in many ways, to include easier and more difficult puzzles and can be played with letters and symbols. Millions of people play the game and it has a devoted fan base.

Do you have a friend or family member who’s into sudoku? Sudoku is fun for people of all ages and interests, so choosing the right gift for a sudoku lover is an important task. The following list includes some of the best gift ideas that would appeal to sudoku players of all ages. For that Sudoku fan in your life, here are 38 sudoku gifts that they’ll love!

Best Gifts for Sudoku Lovers

    1. Loftus Sudoku Puzzle Cube
      A cross between the Sudoku puzzle and the Rubik's cube, for the player that wants an extra challenge in the game. Carry it with you to pass the time during the morning commute or show off to your Sudoku playing friends. Only the most skilled player will be able to solve all six sides of the puzzle, and it's difficulty level easily matches that of the actual Rubik's cube.
    2. Techno Source Illuminated Mega Sudoku Puzzle Game
      Sure there are Sudoku apps you can download on your phone, but to show your devotion to the game you can splurge for the dedicated Techno Source Sudoku device. It includes over 2 million puzzles guaranteeing that you will never be bored.
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    5. Sudodrinku
      And now we've seen everything. A Sudoku inspired drinking game. The novelty game requires four players who will go for different drinks. Each turn brings instructions which, inevitably, end with a shot. After a while we expect that the concentration will slip, so it may not be the best game of Sudoku you've ever played, but it will definitely be the most fun.
    6. Panda Juniors Magnetic Fruit Party Sudoku
      If you are trying to get your children to exercise their brains and learn the power of concentration, the Panda Juniors Sudoku set is a good way to start. Designed for children aged 3 to 8, it features colorful pieces representing animals and fruits, while still ensuring the classical Sudoku experience. The pieces stick to the board with magnets and the game comes in 40 difficulty levels, ensuring that the little ones will have a learning curve suited to their temperament. The set itself is quality built around a magnetic box and has been tested for child safety.
    7. Yarloo Magnetic Sudoku Brain Teasers
      This set of magnetic Sudoku inspired by animals is meant for the younger players and comes with a 2 in 1 designed box that is convenient for travel. Durable and quality finish is combined with colorful and well designed set pieces for children over 4 and up to their teens. It's one of the most child friendly ways to get someone interested in logic and math.
    8. Musidoku
      Sudoku has long ago branched out into using symbols and letters, but what about notes? Musidoku is a musical version of the timeless game that comes from Japan. The puzzles are built around notes and the difficulty levels are also inspired from the progress of learning music. You start at the Tuning Up difficulty level and work your way up to Virtuoso for the highest difficulty setting. A dedicated website (www.musidoku.com) is available to find free puzzles.
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    10. Magnetic Space Sudoku
      This is a Space themed version of the popular game. It offers 72 puzzles large and small and magnetic pieces meant for children. The pieces are made to represent various types of aliens that need to be distributed orderly across the Galaxy, where they can live long and prosper.
    11. Sudoku With Some Balls
      Forgive the tongue in cheek name of the gift, but this Brass Monkey produced set is exactly as advertised - a Sudoku game set with balls instead of pegs. Quality design and finish in a box that will grace your library. The manufacturer plugs the design as perfect for traveling (or playing during mild earthquakes). This is definitely one of the better sets out there and will make for a great gift.
    12. Sudoku Puzzle Gear T-Shirt
      Sudoku swag is a surprisingly popular gift choice. This Game of Thrones - Sudoku mashup shirt could grow into a great inside joke with your friends. It telegraphs a nerdy, wonkish style, that is not for everybody but when it works, it works.
    13. Sudoku Toilet Paper
      The main purpose of Sudoku is to kill time, agreed? And when is this more needed than in the loo? Lemonsoda had the great idea to print out Sudoku puzzles on rolls of toilet paper and turn it into a novelty gift. Instead of using that time of the day to get into pointless social media fights, do something worthy of your intellectual abilities while sitting atop your porcelain throne.
    14. Pencils Set
      Every serious Sudoku player has his or hers Sudoku kit to show off to other players. And if you want to take that extra step to show how serious and invested you are in the game, Prina offers an artistic 50 pack sketching kit, that you can use alongside your Sudoku kit. It includes 15 graphite pencils, black and white charcoal pencils a sketchbook in which to game out your strategy and many more office and board gaming necessities.
    15. Sudoku Mug
      We can all agree that solving Sudoku puzzles is not easy until you've had your cup of coffee. And why not have that morning Joe out of a mug decked out with a solvable Sudoku puzzle? This way you can really feel your brain waking up and the gears starting to turn. Will make for a great gift around the office.
    16. My First Sudoku Book - Easy Sudoku for Kids Ages 6 - 8
      This collection of Sudoku puzzles is meant for those first steps in the art of the game, with simple puzzles that won't discourage your young ones. It includes 40 challenges in 6 by 6 boards meant for children over 6. Low in difficulty but high in fun.
    17. Original Sudoku Page-A-Day 2022
      2022 has started so you better hurry to get working on this page a day collection of Sudoku puzzles that will last you through the year. It doubles as a calendar. From the Workman Publishing Company that specializes in award winning calendars, as well as puzzles and logic games, for over 50 years.
    18. Bronze I Heart Sudoku Pendant
      Regardless whether you play Sudoku for fun or are a competitive player at heart, it's good to have a medal of sorts after the latest tournament with your friends is done. Not necessarily just for the winners, this Bronze retro style pendant declares your love of the game and is themed to resemble the Sudoku board.
    19. Genius Level Sudoku
      Many of the Sudoku sets on offer advertise as relatively easy and are primed for young, novice players. Not so with this set. The Genius Level Sudoku set is meant for the best of the best. Crafted by Japanese master Sudoku players, they will give Spock a run for his money. The levels begin at difficult and go up to x-treme and even ultimate. The black belt of Sudoku, getting to the end of this selection means that you have truly mastered the game.
    20. The Einstein Collection Ultimate Number Puzzle
      This brain game has evolved from Sudoku, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It puts before you 18 reversible number tiles, and demands that you line them up so that they form 264. Things get difficult when you are asked to flip a tile, turning it into a different number altogether and throwing your carefully laid out math all out of whack.
    21. Sudoku Infinity Circle Loop Scarf
      Another fashion item that would fit well the style of the Sudoku player is the Etwoa's infinity scarf. Made entirely of chiffon, it's a comfortable and stylish accessory. It's designed in the crossword puzzle, and will make your entire outfit pop.
    22. Logitica's Brain Behind the Brain
      This edition is meant for high school kids and above who want to exercise their brain power. Written by Keelabh Kumar, best known for memorizing the first 1,500 digits of Pi. He shares his tips and advice on how to unlock the full potential of your brain using math and logical tasks and puzzles that span 300 pages.
    23. Quarantine Sudoku Book
      Seymour Books has you covered in case those endless quarantine days return. Their collection of 60 Sudoku puzzles, with the answers provided, is meant for adults and teenagers. The inspiration for the book comes from the coronavirus lock downs, when all of us were desperate for some distraction and a task to focus on. What better way to calm the jittering nerves than occupying them with entertaining puzzles? And hopefully the pandemic ends before you can solve all 60 of the puzzles.
    24. Babushka's Kompot Crosswords
      The language barrier is no problem when it comes to playing Sudoku and its always fun to see how other countries approach the game. So why not go for a Russian collection of puzzles. Published under the Babushka's Kompot Crosswords (Grandma's kompot) each issue of the magazine carries over 100 puzzles, and while the crosswords will be in Russian, the Sudoku and other math assignments will let you see if you can stand neck and neck with the best Russian players. Amazon offers many issues of the magazine to choose from.
    25. Maximo Concepts Sdk-120Cl Super Sudoku Handheld Game
      This little device allows you to take the Sudoku game with you. The display features the Sudoku board with well placed keypads for easy use. Powered by a 700 Mah Li-Ion battery, it will last you a long time. The device let's you undo up to 30 moves, in case your game goes badly and has auto save as well.
    26. Speed Cube 3D
      A Rubik's Cube style Sudoku toy, but for the blind, this cube has tactile relief fields. It will help you relax and concentrate your mind and will make a nice gift.
    27. Wooden Russian Puzzle Game
      40 piece wooden Tetris style puzzle that was designed for children aged 3 and above. The pieces are brightly colored and polished. It will help your child develop a sense for patterns and recognize shapes and colors, as they create various shapes with the pieces.
    28. Lesong Brain Teasers
      Metal and wood objects are used in this puzzle set which tests your ability for logical thinking and problem solving. The sturdy balls, cubes and metal wires need to fit perfectly in the intended style for the puzzle to be solved. They are not easy to tamper with so cheating is not going to be an issue - everything must be put in place as designed. This set can engage the entire family or group of friends over fun filled evenings.