22 Craft-Tastic Gifts For The Cross Stitch Lover On Your List

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Gifts For Cross Stitchers

We all have a crafty person in our lives who spends their free time with a needle in their hands. No, it’s not always your grandma! Though we’re sure your grandma would absolutely love any cross stitch related gift on this list. These gifts will help the crafter in your life organize their supplies, craft on the go, and make truly unique creations!

Best Gifts for Cross Stitchers

  1. PixlPeople
    This book is more than just any pattern that you may have seen before. This book guides you through creating cross-stitch versions of everything that you love in your life. Stitch your bestie, your dog, and even add the accessories that make them unique. You can even add specific hobbies and skills into the background of your creations using the templates and guides provided in this book. This gift is for more advanced cross-stitchers but even those who are new to the skill can try their hand at creating their own unique patterns.
  2. LoDrid Storage Bag and Kit
    While this product is marketed towards embroidery, the contents of the kit are geared perfectly to cross-stitchers as well. Both experienced stitchers and new stitchers alike can benefit from this bag and its contents. The round shape allows for even the largest hoops to fit comfortably and safely for travel while the storage pockets allow for the safe storage of all the floss and projects one could hope to bring with them.
  3. Glocusent Neck Reading Light
    If you know a cross-stitcher you’ve probably heard the complaint that they can only work for so long before having to stop or take a break because it’s not comfortable to sit in a specific spot for so long just to get good light. This neck reading light is a great gift to help with this. This light is worn around the neck and points a bright light directly onto where you are working. This can help any crafter work with good lighting wherever they want to sit.
  4. DMC Embroidery Floss Pack
    While this may seem like a more basic gift, the cross-stitcher on your list will love unwrapping this bundle! DMC is the best floss out there. The colors are vibrant, there is a ton of variety, and the darker colors don’t stain the cloth as much. It is always a great idea to keep your crafter well-stocked with enough floss to get them through their next project.
  5. StitchSmart Stand
    What is the most common complaint you hear from the cross-stitcher in your life? If the answer is “hand cramps” then this is the gift that you want to go with. This stand sits on the floor and rises to lap height. Your cross-stitcher can use the simple clamp to hold their work in place while all they have to do is stitch to their heart’s content. No more hand cramps with this gift!
  6. Hisuper Embroidery Scissors
    Any crafter would love a quality set of embroidery scissors. These embroidery scissors by Hisuper are the perfect size for any crafting bag and come with a stylish sheath to protect the other materials that they might be stored with. One or two of these scissors are the perfect gift to fill out any cross-stitcher’s craft bag.
  7. Brightech LightView Magnifying Floor Lamp
    Aida cloth is filled with tiny holes and when you are cross-stitching you have to do a lot of counting of these tiny holes. This can be challenging considering the size. This floor lamp can be placed next to any spot; a table, a chair, a couch. The bottom has wheels so it can easily be wheeled around. The best part is that this floor lamp features a strong magnifying glass which makes it easier to count the tiny holes in cross-stitching fabric.
  8. Adjustable Embroidery Hoop Stand
    This is another gift to help fight the problem of those pesky hand cramps. This hoop stand sits on top of a desk or table and holds a cross-stitching hoop firmly in place so that the cross-stitcher can work without having to strain their hand holding the hoop in place. Paired with the magnifying lamp or neck light this gift helps to take away from the most frustrating parts of cross-stitching.
  9. Umriox Zipper Bags
    Most cross-stitchers use simple plastic zip bags to keep their projects safe in their crafting bags. These work fine, but why not help the crafter in your life cut down on plastic waste by stocking them up with these high quality, reusable zipper bags? Not only are they stylish, they fit any project and fit perfectly within crafting bags.
  10. Universal Clip Frame Set
    Not every cross-stitcher is fond of the hoop method. If you know someone who can’t stand their hoop but still wants the support of some sort of structure, why not introduce them to this clip frame set? The pieces go together into a rectangular shape and can be arranged to fit any size of cloth. The square shape causes less bending of the fabric and can be easier on your hands.
  11. Chest Rest LED Magnifier
    This is a more portable version of the magnifying lamp on this list. The LED light-up magnifier is worn around the neck and rests on your chest, allowing you to see whatever you’re working on clearly. This gift is perfect for the cross-stitcher who likes to craft on the go. This magnifier fits well into any crafting bag.
  12. POFULL Cross Stitch Project Bag
    For the cross-stitcher with a sense of humor, this reusable bag is a great humorous addition to a crafting bag. The pun “Resting Stitch Face” is just bad enough to make your younger crafting friends laugh but not bad enough to offend your grandma. On top of the fun design, this bag fits any project with ease.
  13. Round Thread Organizer
    Have you ever seen a cross stitch pattern that requires a ton of colors? When working on one of these complex patterns it can be difficult to keep all of your colors of floss in order and organized. Help out your cross-stitching friends by gifting them this round thread organizer. The slots are great for organizing tons of floss and even features number labels to keep the colors from getting mixed up.
  14. Headband LED Magnifier
    These portable LED magnifiers look like glasses. These are the perfect gift for the cross-stitcher in your life that’s not afraid to look a little bit silly while they work on the go. The benefit with these magnifiers is that they are perfectly aligned with your eyes, meaning you don’t need to readjust them often. Once they’re on you are good to stitch.
  15. Animal Shaped Needle Keeper
    Never lose a needle again with this gift! This magnetic needle keeper can come shaped as a llama, a dog, or a unicorn. Simply place your needle on this needle keeper when you’re not using it and you can be sure that it won’t be getting lost while you get your next color ready or rearrange your hoop. The small size makes this a perfect addition to even the smallest crafting bag.
  16. Magnetic Pattern Holder
    This gift is a complete game changer and a must-have gift for the cross-stitcher in your life. It works with patterns from books just as well as patterns printed off from the internet. The stand holds the pattern firmly in place while the magnets line up with the current line that you are working on stitching. This helps keep everything straight when working on a complex pattern that requires lots of counting.
  17. Clip On Reading Light
    Your bed is the ultimate destination for comfort. You can read in bed, you can watch TV in bed, you can even eat in bed. But can you cross-stitch in bed? With this gift, you can. Simply attach the light to any surface and you have an adjustable light that can make cross-stitching in any location a possibility.
  18. LED Needle Threaders
    Threading the needle is honestly one of the more difficult parts of cross-stitching. Unlike sewing, you are having to stick both ends of the floss through the tiny needle hole. This tool makes that challenging process easy as pie. This gift is sold in a pack of two so you can be sure that the cross-stitcher on your gift list will always have their needle threaded with ease.
  19. Tie-Dye Aida Cloth
    Spice up the cross-stitch game of the crafter on your list with this bright colored Aida cloth. Most Aida cloth comes in plain white but with this pack of tie-dyed cloth the cross-stitcher on your gift list can take any project to the next level by adding this fun splash of color to the background.
  20. Improper Cross Stitch Book
    We’ve all seen the funny pictures on the internet of the cross-stitch creations with funny images or phrases. Gift the crafter with a sense of humor with this book and soon you’ll be seeing all sorts of these improperly funny creations all around their house. Maybe you’ll even be gifted some yourself!
  21. Multi-Colored Embroidery Hoop Set
    This set of embroidery and cross-stitch hoops are a great addition to your favorite crafter’s cross stitch bag. They are plastic, fun colored, and come in several different sizes. The hoops are adjustable to keep crafting projects tight and the plastic texture is gentle enough on the cloth to not bend it over time.
  22. Antique Sewing Kit
    This antique sewing kit is a great addition to the crafting bag of your favorite cross-stitcher. It comes with high quality scissors, needle case, thimble, and more cross-stitching essentials. The stylish metal case keeps everything organized so that you can ensure it all stays together and in good condition.