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Desert themed gifts

Some people feel inspired by the desert landscape. Some are born in dry wastelands and feel them like home. Some enjoy road trips through the deserts. Whatever may be the case with you or someone you care for and would like to surprise with a desert-themed gift, here is a list of gifts that may be just it! From music to movies, from beddings to shower curtains, from vintage notebooks to comfy T-Shirts. Let us explore these desert-themed gifts together!

  1. Dune Movie
    Dune movie was filmed after the international best-selling book by Frank Herbert. There is more than one adaptation, but the one released just lately tells the story of a far, far future and a gifted young man who needs to travel to a distant and dangerous planet to secure a livelihood for his family. When books and movies take place in a far, far future, the surrounding where everything happens is either utopia, full of devastated cities, some SF Atlantida, or a desert. The movie has good reviews, so if you want to see a good story with a desert for dessert, you are in the right place!
  2. Desert Rose, A Brand-New Day Album, by Sting
    The desert rose is a succulent plant known for its two features, its flower is beautiful, and its sap is poisonous. Its dual nature inspired Sting to write the lyrics of one of his most famous songs. The artist dreams of the gardens in the desert, of rain, and sweet love. And it is a desert rose's perfume that takes the artist closer to Eden. Sting's album is a treat, so if you need a desert-themed gift for someone, A Brand-New Day and Desert Rose are always a great choice!
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  4. Sonoran Desert Wall Art
    This wall art brings colors to any space but also gives colors to what we usually perceive as a desert. When the world's biggest star is born or goes down to sleep, there is an explosion of colors. The world's most vivid colors burst out in flames and nameless feelings and sensations. Have this natural beauty on your wall and enjoy a new conversational corner in your home.
  5. Desert Landscape Bedding
    If you are searching for a desert-themed gift that will leave a fine first impression, you are at the right place. There is nothing like fresh new bedding! This desert landscape all over it brings colors and the sensation of being somewhere unknown. Golden and green mountains, cactuses, and desert landscapes make one feel calm and relaxed. You will run to your bedroom to jump into the bed and hug your desert pillow. And you will love this twin bedding!
  6. Cactus Desert Shower Curtain
    It is always a good idea to bring a touch of something different to otherwise neutral spaces in your home. A shower with a desert theme will bring a little life to the bathroom and keep all the water where it should be. Succulents and cactuses are everyone's first impression of the deserts and its most striking pieces of desert life. A perfectly nice touch of the desert life in one's bathroom!
  7. Desert Sand Coaster
    We all love to have some authentic design pieces. An original stone wall is always better than a poster. But we cannot bring a desert to one's home, but we can suggest the second best. These are not ordinary coasters; they are everything but that. These coasters are slicers of actual desert rocks and maybe are the most honest way to bring some real-life desert to your home. It is a desert-themed gift that is here to stay for some time.
  8. Painted Deserts Coloring Book
    The reason behind the popularity of coloring books for adults is the one that says coloring books bring peace and tranquility to their owners. They say even the choice of colors makes all the difference. We all know that beige is simple and classic, and some other people had thought things out and drew the outlines to these illustrations (to be). Now here is an opportunity to prove that every person makes their deserts. This desert-themed gift will bring some peace to your mind. Or at least it will try to do that.
  9. Black Cat on a Dark Desert Blanket
    It is spooky, it is dark, it is a desert-themed gift, and it is scary! Yet, unexpectedly, it brings warmth and comfort. A black cat on a dark desert with Halloween motives has stories to tell. And the first one starts with: on a dark desert highway and cool wind in my hair. Put your pajamas on, bring some pop-corns, and do not be afraid of the flashlight light deep in the night. Whatever there might be in the story, make yourself comfortable, and this blanket will keep you safe. It is a memorable and lovable desert-themed gift!
  10. Vintage Cowboy Pillow
    Besides Egyptian pyramids, anyone's first association with a desert is American western movies. When one is a fan of American westerns, they are completely crazy about them! There is no middle with it! They have boots, hats, revolvers (toy replicas, hopefully), shower curtains, beddings, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movie collections, and succulents and cactuses instead of regular room plants. Why stop there? This vintage cowboy pillow will match a living room couch, but it will make its owner think of the far west, wilderness, tall cactuses, and the beauty of the days that seem to pass slower than anywhere else. A perfect desert-themed gift to match someone's desert passion!
  11. Set of Two Cactus Sculptures
    If your passion lies in deserts, western parts, Australia as a whole, or reduced interior decoration, this sculpture, a set of two cactuses, is the right gift. It is an appropriate match to your living space as home decor. This sculpture will be your next conversation point. Why are they made of gold, or what is their importance? What is their proper use, or where do they come from originally? Even if you are not a fan of desert-themed details, this twin sculpture is a fine decor piece. Good choice!
  12. Safari Themed Earrings
    If you are a desert-themed gifts fan, you will adore this pair of earrings! Meet the girls: two one-humped camels with silver hooks. They come packed and wrapped in a beautiful gift box, ready to become that special gift for any occasion. Your friend just got back from safari and cannot stop talking about it, or had some difficult time in their life? Gift them these beautiful charm earrings! One might ask what is common between these two occasions. They say that wearing charm jewelry means a person should remember who they are and what they've been through. So, do not hesitate to choose the occasion for gifting this pair of earrings. Almost any occasion feels right!
  13. Dune, the Graphic Novel Book, by Frank Herbert and Muad'Dib
    Comics are back, and they're here to stay! We are not talking about Zagor, Captain Mark, or Alan Ford, although there are more than enough grains of sand to constitute a desert-themed gift. There is a powerful trend going on lately. Novels are redressed into graphic novels, and they are something else. The ninth force has it all: their visuals tell the story, and the structure is like that of the serial, as are dialogs, characters, and action. A perfect desert-themed gift for a whole new sensation!
  14. Dune Saga, Six Books, by Frank Herbert
    How many Dunes are too many dunes? Let me get back to that a bit later. If you want to have your personal trainspotter to the challenging new future, you will find no better desert-themed gift than this. They say that one picture is worth a thousand words, but they also say that the book is always better. Dune's six-pack is a book challenge you don't want to miss before you watch the movie! A desert-themed gift you will return to from time to time.
  15. Unique Desert Jars
    These are plastic jars made from recycled material with designer's print. The print has a modern design with desert motives and colors that transport you into the desert. Warmth is the first thing you will think of as you glance at them! The jars are perfect for any home or office party. They are even more perfect when you want to take the party with you wherever you wish to go since every jar has a pop and lock for safe storage and transfer. Fancy a glass of wine, cocktail, tea, or coffee? There is one for any drink you might need. It is a fine and handy desert-themed gift! No reason you shouldn't make a toast to celebrate your excellent choice.
  16. Snoopy Desert Vibe
    Some people would say that some of the most powerful words of wisdom about life come from the creator of the Snoopy cartoon. He spends many days and nights on the rooftop of his home, with the sun, stars, and the moon talking to him. It is an infinity that connects the Snoopy and desert spaces; infinity and endless possibilities. This amazing T-Shirt is soft, almost completely made by a small business company, and is a perfect choice to replace one's pajamas. Snoopy is everyone's best friend, and this desert-themed gift is a perfect token of appreciation to your best friend. They will adore it!
  17. Vintage Desert Rose T-Shirt
    This desert-rose T-Shirt is light and comfortable. One will not feel it on a hot summer day. The print is vintage, and one wearing it will blend into the desert environment in a split second! The T-Shirt is a product from small entrepreneurship, a hundred percent cotton, and the print is handmade. A desert-themed beauty is a beautiful unisex gift for anyone who fancies simple and vintage!
  18. Aussie Sun Hat
    Besides being an original desert-themed gift, an Aussie sun hat is a useful gift too, especially for someone enjoying the atmosphere of the eternal summer! This Aussie hat has a touch of the Australian wide desert lands, and wild, wild west all at once. It will underline one's adventurous spirit and readiness to try something new and risky. An Aussie sun hat is an excellent addition to one's outfit! Just a short note: this hat will come safely to the desired address.
  19. Desert Dreamin' Mug
    One of the things we all enjoy is that cup of coffee in the morning, while our dreams don't fade away completely. Morning coffee with a desert dreaming mug will make every Monday fall easier on you. A camper in a desert surrounding a coffee mug is an amazing way to make your morning dreams last longer. The atmosphere of the desert-themed illustration pours into reality. Gift someone this gift, and you will gift them some daydreaming sensation. They will love it!
  20. Survival Desert Board Game
    There is hardly a thing that builds up the feeling of ownership better than the conquest! And that is all that the Survival desert board game is all about. It is something different than other board games. It is a quest to find a buried flying machine and somewhere along the way - make alliances, keep safe, and manage to survive, day after day. There are two more games: Forbidden Sky and Forbidden Island. Remember the last time you played a strategy board game? Bring it along! It is a perfect desert-themed gift for the evenings with good friends! Fun is guaranteed!
  21. Desert Gardening, by George Brookbank
    You thought all there is to grow in a desert is merely succulents and cactuses? You thought wrong! If you live in a desert environment, there are ways to make an oasis in your backyard, and this book is here to empower your efforts! This book will teach you how to prepare your soil, choose what to grow (and the possibilities are many!), take care of your fruits and vegetables, minimize risks, and use the most of a very short planting and growing season. To make the most of it, Desert Gardening comes with a number of illustrations with a week-by-week calendar. Say no more! This desert-themed gift will make someone so happy! A choice to remember!