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Gifts for paralegals

When you think of a gift for your paralegal friend, you either think of something related to their profession, especially if they are all into their work. There are also gifts that serve their benefit.

Here, we made a list of twenty gifts for paralegals, and we tried to do a compilation of handy and relaxing ones. We thought of everyone, even the best hard workers and ones with a humorous attitude towards life.

Keep reading, and we promise you will find a gift for your paralegal friend in no time! And you are very welcome!

  1. Not Arguing Box Sign
    People who need to prove their point tend to raise their voices as they approach the culmination of their argument. They are not arguing but simply explaining why they are right. If your friend, family member, or coworker is a paralegal who fits the description, then you have just found the best gift ever! They can place it in a visible spot at their office, library, nightstand, or just about anywhere.
  2. Smart Reusable Notebook
    A good paralegal is sometimes a slave to habits and commodities. There are always notes to take, drafts to produce, and strategies to make. A smart reusable notebook is the best gift: once the notebook is complete, the content may be shared to online storage (cloud/drive) and kept safe. And the notebook? One can use it again and again. A pen and clothe come as a bonus! All you need to do is to find proper coloring for its covers and have the pleasure of gifting the most valuable and practical gift there is to your paralegal friend.
  3. Trial Prep for Paralegals
    This book is one of the best paralegals' friends! If your paralegal friend is about to enter the world of litigations, this book will be the one with a permanent place on their office desk and their nightstand. The world of trials starts with the first meeting with a client. It includes the research on evidence rules, exhibits' preparations, rules of conduct, and communication with all parties involved - clients, opposite attorneys, judges, juries, and others. Theory followed by examples is the best way to learn and put one's paralegal knowledge into practice. What a great gift!
  4. Funny Coffee Mug
    You don't have to be crazy to work here - we will train you. There is hardly a saying that explains every day of a paralegal's life! One rushes from one meeting to another, from the office to the court, and when they reach their desk, a good cup of coffee is a must! When the coffee comes in a mug like this, it will cause both - a burst of laughter and compassion. In a company, this mug will stand out as a perfect proof of reality. It is also a handy and practical gift for a paralegal boss, coworker, or someone who knows what it takes to keep the sanity in a profession like this!
  5. Funny Adult Coloring Book
    A Paralegal Needs a Mother F*cking Beer: A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults is something to bring laughs and gags to a paralegal's life! It may even help the stress relief in the entire office! Lately, people tend to use coloring books for distraction and relaxation, but it seems so popular and fun, and the themes are endless! If your paralegal friend needs a gift to make them laugh and help them be stress-relieved - there is no need to go any further. We all feel naughty now and then, so why should paralegals be any different? Make it two coloring books and have a buddy entertainment activity!
  6. Laptop & Tablet Business Tote
    The things a paralegal needs to carry with themselves are endless, and one can hardly find a suitable bag to receive all the equipment and accompanying files. This business tote has just enough storage for a laptop, tablet, water bottle, cell phone, and many open and zipper pockets. The best thing about it is that it comes in many colors and is easy to make combinations for everyday use, but also a trips and work. The right gift for your paralegal friend!
  7. First the Coffee, Then the Justice Mug
    Nowadays, everything seems to have a touch of personal messages, even without a statement inwritten all over it. We like T-Shirt, phone masks, and even mugs with writing. If your paralegal friend is a huge coffee fan, they will feel right when you gift them this mug. It says - first the coffee, then the justice. It might be the case with almost any profession or person doing any work out there, but let's say that a paralegal appreciates their coffee because it makes them sharp and awake for any challenge. A good gif for every righteous paralegal out there!
  8. Blind Lady of Justice Statue
    They all say that justice is blind, but they also say that sooner or later, all debts will come due. If you ask a paralegal, they will tell you that justice is slow but attainable, and it is the job of paralegals and lawyers to help her out with her blindfold. Every paralegal or lawyer deserves and appreciates justice, and they love dearly having a statue of it to keep their eye on it. The blind lady of justice statue is a gift your paralegal friend will show with utmost pride!
  9. Motivational Wall Art
    Working as a paralegal more than often means that one is leading a life filled with hectic schedules and stress. Moments of peace and relaxation come with coffee breaks, but even those tend to be full of talk about work. Now and then, it may come in handy to have a couple of motivational thoughts to follow a paralegal through an otherwise busy day. Sigmund Freud said that out of one's vulnerabilities will come to their strength. When one's day seems to experience its downs, it is good to have a thought like this to hold on to. It comes framed and stylish, perfect to become a wall decor in a paralegal's office.
  10. Supplies Organizer Caddy
    When you brainstorm on the content of a paralegal's office desk, you know that the list will be endless. Proper organizers help the paralegals to organize themselves in a way it saves both space and time. And we all know that time is money. In law, it may even save lives. It is the organizer of office supplies that helps the office supplies become almost invisible and handy instead of messy. Following the pattern, your paralegal friend will keep the files, books, and other stuff organized.
  11. Special Paralegal T-Shirt
    When a paralegal receives the T-Shirt that says they are Santa's favorite, it is when they know the gifting party thinks highly of them! Only special people get to be close to VIPs, and gifting your paralegal friend this T-Shirt means that! It is a season gift, and one can give it on a number of occasions. Christmas surely sounds like the best of all! Have your paralegal friend dress it for an office party, and they will collect nothing less than praises!
  12. Paralegal Study Guide
    Your paralegal friend did not enter the world of law, justice, and order only to stay put. This study guide will help them go a step further and prepare themselves for the paralegal advanced competency exam. The actual exam takes place within a specific amount of time, and this guide is not only a collection of questionnaires but also provides a comprehensive review of everything asked. The reviews are followed by examples, further information, and graphics that aid learning. When you feel that your paralegal friend is talking about the work and telling you that it is time to move on, gift them this guide and be that force that will push them in the back to move forward and grow. They will thank you forever!
  13. Whiskey Glass Set of 2
    Now, this gift is something to brag about to one's friends! After a hard day's work, the best way to relax is to have a little drink from one's favorite whiskey bottle. There is a bottle, and when the authentic wooden box opens, there is classy barware! Two exquisite glasses, stylish stone coasters, and stone cubes. You read it right! Stone cubes are frozen since the quality of the drink must not be compromised. It is a statement piece that is part of the home or office decor at the same time. It calls for a special occasion. Although gifting this gift to your paralegal friend can constitute a special occasion. A wonderful gift!
  14. Justice Theme Crew Socks
    The best feeling a paralegal can have is the one when they know that they know something other people do not know. It may be a piece of evidence, an unexpected statement, or as simple as - theme socks under their pants! When there are jokers present, people tend to have that extra confidence that helps them to be the best version of themselves. Gift this pair of socks to your paralegal friend. They are fit for any occasion, and if you know they are just about to buy their first suit, the occasion is calling!
  15. Work Hours Logbook
    Paralegals and lawyers work around the clock. Keeping records in the work hours logbook keeps records but also helps organize the workload better and relieves the individuals of it. Gift it to your paralegal friend, and they will understand that you want them to think about themselves and organize their time better. It will keep their time in accordance with their wages and that is something, wouldn't you say?
  16. Libra Keychain Gift
    Libra is one of the symbols of paralegals and lawyers. It says that law is an exact science, and if one needs to prevail over the other, they need to produce just the right amount of facts, arguments, and evidence to have justice on their side. Keychain with libra all over it gives away a person. The ones wearing it with their kays are paralegals or lawyers. A good opportunity to gift this gift to your paralegal friend is when they buy their first property or a car. They need to be careful not to displace their keys, right? So, you either wait for the opportunity or be ahead of it. Pack it and wrap it in a nice box as a gift that calls for greater things. Your friend will love it!
  17. Funny License Plate Frame
    Do you ever think about the driver in the line in front of you? Would you be any less nervous if you knew who they are or what they are dealing with that very day? Imagine the driver in front of you with the plates that say I can not keep calm - I am a paralegal! Would you honk the driver? It is a humorous gift for your paralegal friend, and it just might cut him some break while in the traffic. After all, one never knows when they will need a paralegal. And if they ever did need their services, maybe they will understand them better. One way or the other, having this frame on your plates just might bring some laughs to someone in the traffic. And a smile is worthy of having it.
  18. Divider Sticky Notes
    When a trial is complex, and the paralegal's task is to collect vast information, sticky notes are a god-given gift to organize the work! They are there to mark the pages and chapters and take notes. Your paralegal friend will love this gift. It is practical, helpful, and colorful.
  19. Legal Vocabulary in Use
    After one receives a degree at a university, they do not know everything about their profession. Going through law school means one has to memorize all sorts of things, but the learning does not stop there. Gift your paralegal friend this legal vocabulary, and they will appreciate it greatly. Every paralegal person needs a reminder here and there, and this book is a collection of vocabulary, but also documents and templates in English. It is a paralegal's dream come true, and your friend has you to thank for it!
  20. Personalized Office Name Plate
    A personalized office nameplate is the best gift for a paralegal's first day at the office! It is fit for almost any occasion, but it is a perfect match for the first day at the office! Every office employee dreams of the day when they will have their name on the nameplate or the office door, and you can bet your friend is not an exception. Wrap it up nicely and enjoy the positive reactions after your paralegal friend unwraps their gift!