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School Bus Driver Retirement Gifts

Everyone knows that working with kids involves hard work. But have you tried driving with a classroom-sized group of kids? That takes a lot of talent and a whole lot of patience. School bus drivers need to focus diligently on driving as well as keeping good order. School bus drivers are special people who most deserve a day to celebrate them when they retire from their job. Thoughtful gift is a great way to give your school bus driver the appreciation and recognition for all those years of service.

This collection of retirement gifts for school bus drivers showcases the most popular fun and practical gifts that any long time school bus driver would love to get on his or her special day. These gifts celebrate the amazing career of a school bus driver and help them start a new traveling adventure in retirement. They deserve it!

Best Retirement Gifts for Retiring School Bus Drivers

  1. This Legendary School Bus Driver is Now Retired Tumbler
    You might as well get a gift for retired school bus drivers that shout out what they have done. This is no ordinary tumbler. This one is perfect for those who drove kiddos to school day in and day out. Their work was difficult, especially depending on how long they stuck with it for. When a former school bus driver walks around with this, others will be sure to take notice.
  2. Poker Set
    After drivers have completed their mission of successfully transporting kids to school for years, it’s time for them to relax. Everyone chooses to relax in a different way. Some choose to relax with a drink and others want to chill out by attempting to win some games. This poker set is a perfect gift idea for retired school bus drivers who love to have poker nights with friends.
  3. Thank You For Carrying The Most Precious Cargo Appreciation Gift for School Bus Driver
    It’s always a good idea to be a defensive driver. This is especially true when you are a school bus driver. When there is someone precious in the car, it takes a lot of focus to drive well and keep watch on what’s happening on the road around you. This cute keychain will let a special retired driver know that you appreciate the hard work they put into their career.
  4. Duffel Bag
    Do you know someone who used to work as a school bus driver who now wants to travel as much as they can? This duffel bag is the perfect gift for someone who is seeking to do just that. This spacious bag will ensure that they won’t have to leave anything at home for their trips because it will all fit in here. They can also use this for short trips to the gym or wherever they are planning to go.
  5. Lessons Book
    Working with kids involves far more than just playing and hanging out with them all day. There are so many lessons that can be learned from interacting with children. Sometimes those lessons stem how we react to children without knowing their situation. Other times, we learn how to have fun from being around them. Both lessons are important and a retired driver will most definitely appreciate these lessons that are portrayed in this book.
  6. Personalized Crystal with Free LED Base
    Most people that end up working with kids have a sentimental side to them. If they don’t have that aspect to their character already, then they’re bound to pick it up while they are working with kids. This crystal is a great way to beautifully capture a moment in time. If you know someone who used to be a school bus driver, this personalized crystal would be a perfect way to capture a picture that is very special to them. Celebrate in great way their many years of dedication and hard work!
  7. School Bus Wall Art for Home Decor
    After most people retire, they probably want to get as far away from their profession as possible. However, the opposite is likely to be true for a retired elementary school bus driver. They tend to take pride in what they do and talk about how they miss the good ole days with their kiddos. This wall art is a perfect gift idea for the prior school bus driver who feels exactly this way. They can hang this up where everyone can see it and it’ll serve as a centerpiece of conversation. Retired bus drivers will be delighted to get this great gift to celebrate their many years of dedication and hard work.
  8. Love School Bus Heartbeat T-Shirt
    While everyone who works with children should be well appreciated, not every group is offered a specific day to celebrate. There’s Teacher Appreciation Day, when teachers are (hopefully) adorned with gifts and “thank you’s.” There’s also Pastor Appreciation Day, when pastors are given notes of gratitude from the congregation and sometimes the youth. Since bus drivers don’t have a day akin to this, they really should be shown appreciation sporadically. After spending all these years driving a bus on an elementary school they at least deserve to get cute tee like this one.
  9. Beer Kit
    It takes a lot of focus and stamina to be a good school bus driver. There are a tremendous amount of situations to look out for when on the open road. This is especially true when it comes to a school bus driver who is in charge of keeping so many little ones safe. But after staying diligent for so many years, it’s time for school bus drivers to sit back and relax. Some prefer to relax with some ice, cold beer. That’s where you come in! Go ahead and buy them this kit so that they can finally chill out a bit.
  10. Rocking Chair
    After someone retires, it’s all fun and games afterwards, right? Some people prefer to run towards action and adventure after they’ve been working for so many years. Others will choose to relax and hang out on their porch any chance that they get. This gift is for the latter. Contemplate buying this rocking chair for a retired driver who has put in their hours driving and is now ready to spend their hours rocking in place.
  11. School Bus Vinyl Record Wall Clock
    Talk about a unique gift! Have you ever seen a wall clock that was designed quite like this? This clock is a great idea for a retired school bus driver who wants something that is practical and flashy. If you can give a gift that provides some of both aspects, there’s no need for hesitating to buy it.
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  14. Decorative Model School Bus Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker
    There’s almost nothing more frustrating than when you sit down for dinner and you realize that you forgot to get out the salt and pepper. This unique salt and pepper shaker holder will prevent that from happening. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that these two seasonings will always be nearby. Better yet, this spice holder is a way to show appreciation for a former school bus driver. I’ll bet they’ve never seen a salt and pepper shaker holder that looks like this.
  15. Nokta Makro Simplex Waterproof Detector
    Have you ever seen someone walking along the beach looking for metal, instead of for seashells? This might seem like an appealing and worthwhile task for some and a process of monotony for others. If you know a driver who has retire from his job and if he would like to spend their time looking for lost treasure that others won’t be able to see with the naked eye, this is a clever choice for them.! This detector is different from most in that it’s waterproof up to 10 feet. A good detector is the perfect gift for that adventurist treasure hunter who's worked on school buses over the years.
  16. Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver's Seat by Tory C Anderson
    If you’re an avid reader, this book might be something that you’ll want to buy for both yourself and those who were previously school bus drivers. This book will surely be relatable for those who worked in the field for quite some time. There’s always a feeling of comfort when a reader feels like they can connect with the author. This feeling will no doubt erupt when someone who used to drive school buses reads this book.
  17. VAHDAM Tea Gift Set
    Almost everyone has their caffeine drug of choice for the mornings. Even if the beverage doesn’t contain caffeine, they’ll usually use it to perk themselves up in the morning or to relax in the evenings. Previous School bus drivers are probably used to habitually having some sort of drink in their hand. If you know one that would enjoy tea, there’s no need to look anywhere else. This gift box provides quite the variety for them.
  18. Retired School Bus Driver T-Shirt
    School bus drivers are legendary, to say the least. They rally up a large number of students at once. They listen to the stories that their students tell whether they are fictional or real. They must get used to a lot of noise. They do all of this amidst keeping numerous kids safe each day of the week. Let a retired school bus driver know that you think they are legendary by getting them this awesome shirt!
  19. Beginner Mushroom Growing Kit
    Do you know a retired school bus driver that likes to grow food? Or perhaps you know one that does not grow any food currently but is interested in learning how to. This gift is different from most and it’s perfect for someone who is just starting out with the process of growing plants and food.
  20. Complete Golf Club Package Sets
    This gift is for that retired school bus driver who loves to golf. They can play for hours in solitude if they like, or they can choose to take this set out to a field with some friends. Either way, this retirement gift is great for someone who takes their golf games seriously. After receiving a gift as special as this, they might not want to share it. Could you blame them?
  21. Funny Vintage Sign Once You Become A School Bus Driver All Your Problem Are Behind You
    When someone decides to become a school bus driver, they can expect chaos to ensue. Whenever someone experiences a lot of chaotic situations back to back, we rely on the old saying which tells us that all of our problems are behind us. Well, in the case of a school bus driver, this is almost literally true. This piece of wall art is a great gift idea for a retired school bus driver that would enjoy this type of humor.