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Gifts for Rally Fans

Rallying is one of the oldest forms of motor racing that still exists in our modern era. So, its vast popularity is unsurprising, especially amongst Europeans who founded the sport and maintained it throughout the 20th century. Until a few years ago, Rallying was enjoyed exclusively by Europeans, but through elevated exposure through the internet, rallying now finds itself on a worldwide stage, enjoyed by the masses.

If you or someone on your gift list is a die-hard Rally fan, check out our gifts for Rally fans before it’s too late! Whether it’s a book filled with amazing rally photographs or a Rally Championship flat cap, we’ve got gifts rally fans will love. Put on your driving gloves and get ready to hit the tracks!

    1. Volkswagen Polo R WRC - Red-Bull Racing Team Model Car
      This replica model car of the VW Polo R WRC from 2015 is a brilliant gift. The car livery has been touted as one of the best in modern day WRC, and the iconic drivers who sat behind its wheel are among the best in the sport. Driven by the likes of Sébastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen, it’s no surprise that it’s held in such high regard within the rally community. So, whether it’s on a counter, a shelf or your bedside table, this 1/57 scale replica of the 2015 VW Polo R WRC will serve as a great decorative piece and remind everyone that visits of its greatness.
    2. Subaru Impreza WRC '99 Model Car
      Continuing with the collectibles, this Subaru Impreza WRC ’99 replica model car is a 1/24 scale of its real-life counterpart that was driven by the late Richard Burns, the legendary driver who firmly cemented his name on the hall of fame of rally drivers and motorsport legends in general. This gift will infuse your recipient with nostalgia, pride and satisfaction over having the world rally champion’s iconic car sat on their desk or any other furniture.
    3. Colin McRae Poster
      All eyes were on the Scottish youngster as he made his WRC debut, and he only continued to impress even further, as he won the 1995 World Rally Championship at the age of 27, becoming the youngest ever WRC champion. He maintains his legendary status to this day, regarded as one of the best to ever do it. Remembered for his bravery and brilliance behind the wheel, every rally fan would be emotional at the item such as this one. Hung on their hallway as an homage to the legend that was taken away from us too soon.
    4. WRC 10 Official WRC Licensed Video Game
      It’s a shame that we can’t have rally action week in and week out, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fuel that rally addiction and heal your rally withdrawal. For us though, nothing quite beats putting yourself in the virtual seat of your favourite driver on the official WRC video game. As the most recent release in the series, it boasts photorealistic graphics and the latest and greatest in physics simulation technology, available on all modern platforms. So, why not get your Rally enthusiast something to keep them busy and sane during the long season breaks?
    5. WRC 2022-2023 Themed Calendar
      A simple yet effective gift. This inexpensive 18-month calendar, spanning from 2022 to 2023 and plastered with WRC themed imagery would be an excellent decorative item for any and all rally fans looking to personalise their home or work office and decorate it with something that speaks directly to their personality and their hobbies, effectively displaying to everyone their close knitted relationship with the sport of rallying.
    6. SUBARU IMPREZA WRC Notebook
      The Impreza line of Subaru cars were driven by some of the sport’s most well-renowned legends and some of our childhood heroes. Among those who drove an Impreza competitively are, Colin McRae, Richard Burns, Ari Vatanen and many more. This line of cars is missed more than ever in our dear sport since the team’s withdrawal from WRC in the early 2000s. However, with this Subaru Impreza themed notebook, your recipient can reminisce on the glory days of WRC, every time they need something to write or sketch on.
    7. THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP: 1973 – 2020: A walk through the anecdotes, drivers and champion cars to re-live the passion for this sport
      As the crave for rally action grows irresistible, why not surprise your rally enjoying recipient with something to pass the time, as they await the return of their beloved sport to their screens, with a fascinating read on the history of WRC, from the early days of Jean-Luc Thérier to the utter domination of the 9-time World Rally Champion in Sébastien Loeb. It’s a way for your recipient to enjoy and relive the moments that ignited their passion and obsession with the sport, and keep them joyous during the long-lasting off-season.
    8. Audi Quattro Watercolour Rally Poster
      An expertly handcrafted artistic rendition of the Audi Quattro that encapsulates the character and strong presence of the car in the world of motorsport, perfectly displayed on an easy to hang poster. A slick and artsy gift that can go well with any home decoration, and one that will certainly uplift your recipient upon receiving their precious gift, and will undeniably be grateful to be the proud owner of such a sentimental piece.
    9. McRae: just Colin
      Colin McRae was a one-of-a-kind driver, his gung-ho approach to rallying was admired by many and impressive to all. Rally fans to this day still await another driver like McRae to emerge on the scene, but despite the numerous talented drivers that we’ve come to enjoy in the later years, none had that same spectacular air about them. So, what was his secret? This book uncovers much of the answer to that question, with many behind-the-scenes events recited and a plethora of previously unreleased photos and memorabilia of the late Colin McRae. It would make for a great read for your recipient.
    10. World Rally Championship Flat Cap
      It can be tough to find a present for the Rally fan in your life. This is as straightforward as it gets. A WRC flat cap is as simple as it is valuable. It’s a no brainer that a rally fan would enjoy such an item and make great use of it. It’s an eye attracting piece of headwear that bears the WRC logo on the front, allowing its bearer to show off their fandom towards the extreme sport of rallying to everyone around them.
    11. Audi Quattro Mug
      It’s been fairly evident already that the Quattro has played such a detrimental part in growing the popularity of the sport. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the main contributors as to why we love the sport of rally as much we do. Regardless of whether your old enough to remember the likes of Michele Mouton sliding through the rough snowy mountain roads of Monte-Carlo or Sébastien Loeb flying over the humps and bumps on the forest roads of Finland, if you’re a rally fan, chances are you’re just as dazzled by the Quattro as anyone else.