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Gifts for Formula One Fans

Formula One has had a meteoric rise in its fanbase as of late, mainly due to the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”. Motorheads and racing fanatics are growing by the day. So, chances are, someone you know is a big Formula One fan. Whether they’re a Tifosi, a Mercedes or a Red Bull fan, this gift list has you covered with ideas to satisfy your recipient’s racing needs.

Best Gifts Formula 1 Fans

  1. Formula 1 Team Softshell Jacket
    This comfy and warming softshell jacket is an ideal gift for Formula One fans, as it comes in three different editions depending on your recipient’s team of choice. It’s available in the Red Bull Racing, the iconic Scuderia Ferrari and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas branding. It’s a very stylish article of clothing albeit slightly on the pricier side. But it is absolutely worth it, as it is guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient’s face and keep them warm and comfortable during the long winter break.
  2. Red Bull Racing F1 Classic Cap
    Catering more to the team specific fans, this classic design Red Bull branded F1 cap is a perfect gift for Red Bull Racing fans, but especially for Max Verstappen and Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez fans, as it comes in both the iconic Dutch Orange and the Red and Green for the Mexican flag. The cap bears, as you’d expect, the Red Bull logo and their slogan, rendering it very fashionable and attention grabbing.
  3. F1 2021 Official Video Game Xbox
    As far as gifts for Formula One fans go, this is a no brainer. The F1 2021 Game is the latest in a line of officially licensed Formula One games. Being the latest means that it offers the best in terms of graphical fidelity and depth of game modes. It delivers a great balance between realism and arcade, making it accessible and friendly to any newcomer. It is as simple as it gets, but any Formula One fans will find enjoyment in playing this game, especially in the winter breaks, when the itch for Formula One action grows ever stronger.
  4. F1 2021 Team Cap
    This one is fairly self-explanatory. It is an F1 themed cap that comes bearing the branding of one of two of the most successful and dominant Formula One teams to ever exist, both sharing two of the sport’s greatest ever drivers and home to a vast number of supporters worldwide. This gift is as simple as it is effective. Your recipient is sure to enjoy it.
  5. Mercedes AMG Petronas Notebook
    This niche little inexpensive item is such an underrated gift. It encapsulates everything about Formula One. The sleekness and clean design are like that of a Formula One car, the colours used pay homage to the beautiful 2021 black Mercedes F1 car with the Petronas blue lines, and the creativity, innovation and engineering that goes into making an F1 car; as it allows the recipient to sketch and draw concept Formula One cars to their hearts content.
  6. Formula 1 Men’s Team Polo shirt
    This gift is a textbook, as it offers 3 variants for 3 different teams, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Red Bull Racing. It has such a broad range of potential recipients, seeing as Ferrari is ultimately, the beating heart of Formula One. Anyone, irrespective of their team allegiance, is a Ferrari fan to some extent and will most certainly appreciate this gift.
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  8. Tech Collection No.1 T-Shirt
    Simplistic, to the point and attractive. That’s all you need to say to describe this item. It is a T-shirt that bears the Formula One modern logo with a number one on the back. And it comes in various sizes in order to accommodate everyone. The recipient will wear this shirt with pride, broadcasting to everyone that they’re number one, so much so, that they might forget to take it off before bed.
  9. Ayrton Senna Replica Nacional Hat
    Ayrton Senna was a hero of many. He was and arguably still is the face of Formula One. You simply cannot discuss Formula One history without mentioning his name. His legacy now lives on by word of mouth and on memorabilia such as this replica hat of his. Any Formula One fan and especially the veterans among us would love this gift and would wear it with pride or put it on display, as a reminder for the great Ayrton Senna.
  10. Michael Schumacher Limited Edition Signed Poster
    One simply could not go without including something related to arguably the greatest Formula One driver of all time. The 7-time World Champion is adored by all and dubbed by many as the Greatest of All Time. This piece of memorabilia is such a sentimental item to have as a Formula One fan for many reasons and it would be a pleasure for any Formula One fan to be on the receiving end of such gift.
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  13. Monaco 25th Grand Prix Poster
    Touted as the most iconic race track in not just Formula One but in all of motorsport. The Monaco Grand Prix is as prestigious a race as they come. Loved for the beautiful Monegasque pier-side scenery and the gripping anticipation of racing within such narrow confines through the city of Monte-Carlo. Fans love it, drivers alike and any and all retro memorabilia of the Grand Prix is highly regarded among Formula One fans. This poster will remind your recipient of undoubtedly one of the main reasons as to why they fell in love with the sport.
  14. Survive. Drive. Win.: The Inside Story of Brawn GP and Jenson Button's Incredible F1 Championship Win
    One of the most scintillating fairy tales in F1 was that of Brawn GP. A team that was founded for the sole purpose of rescuing the employees of a bankrupt Formula One team from unemployment following the financial crash of the late 2000s. A team that then went on to dominate the championship, despite the lack of funding or initial intent to aim for the championship. It’s a story that many F1 fans wish could happen again. But for the time being, this book will keep your recipient entertained and mesmerised while they await another fairy tale.
  15. Kimi Raikkonen, Leave Me Alone Mug
    As the most veteran driver on last season’s grid, Kimi departs our beloved sport and hangs up his gloves, leaving behind his presence as a straightforward, race focused driver for us to miss. But thankfully, plenty of merch exists to remind us of the legendary driver and his quirky personality, but we thought, this mug sporting one of his most iconic quotes, perfectly encompasses his lack of filter and unapologetic conduct that we’ve grown to love as Formula One fans.
  16. Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 1/43 Scale Model Car
    Whether it’s celebrating the success of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team or the greatness of Sir Lewis Hamilton, this model car can liven up any Formula One fan’s bedroom or living room, and remind them of the deadly pairing of Mercedes and Sir Lewis Hamilton that has given us countless breath-taking moments of F1 racing in modern history.
  17. Scuderia Ferrari 1/43 Scale Model F1 Car
    One of the very interesting things about F1, is that fans, irrespective of which team they support, will always get behind the Scuderia and cheer them on (as long as it doesn’t directly disadvantage their own team). But as the most successful Formula One team to date and one of the oldest, it’s no surprise that they have such a big place in every racing fan’s heart not just Formula One fans. This model car celebrates the team itself, its achievements and its rich history in motorsport. Your recipient will love it.
  18. Sir Lewis Hamilton #44 T-shirt
    In contrast to much of Formula One’s vintage aesthetic, this fashionably designed t-shirt bearing the number 44 paired with Sir Lewis Hamilton’s autograph and the Mercedes team’s distinctive colours, gives a modern look to Formula One while allowing its owner to show off their support for Sir Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team.
  19. Ayrton Senna’s McLaren Model Car
    It goes without saying that the unanimous love for Ayrton Senna is unrivalled. Whilst the G.O.A.T debates spur on with people arguing about who the greatest driver is, no one can deny the greatness and the legendary status of the late Ayrton Senna, who inspired many of sport’s best drivers, namely Sir Lewis Hamilton. With such an impact on the sport and the people following it, it’s without a shadow of a doubt that a sentimental gift of a Formula One legend such as Ayrton would be prized and held in very high regard.
  20. McLaren F1 Men's Daniel Ricciardo DR3 T-Shirt
    Daniel Ricciardo made his first foray into Formula One as a 21-year-old hotshot for HRT but he quickly took to grips with the intense level of racing and made himself a household name. It isn’t just the skills though, as he’s regarded as one of the most attractive Formula One drivers in modern times, and his personality is very approachable and admirable, making him a much loved and highly rated driver among the rest. Ultimately, what better way to show your admiration for him than to wear his initials and car number proudly on your top.
  21. Haas F1 Mug
    This one is slightly more peculiar. It plays on the one-off chassis design that was sported by the American Haas F1 team during their short partnership with Rich Energy which many compared to the black and gold look of the iconic Lotus F1 cars of old. Whilst the partnership was shortly lived, the chassis achieved a gold standard (pardon the pun) in Formula One. Regardless of whether your recipient is a Haas fan or not, they will still enjoy the little gift given the history behind it.
  22. Formula One Themed Calendar
    Spanning from January 2022 to June 2023, this Formula One themed calendar will be of great use to your recipient. It’s very eye catching and can be a great conversation starter. Whether it’s in the office at the work, your home office or even your bedroom, it will add a new dimension to your décor and room aesthetic and display your love for the sport of Formula One to everyone that visits.
  23. Set of 6 F1 Grand Prix Posters
    Keeping on the topic of home decorations, this set of vintage Grand Prix posters will ignite that sense of nostalgia in any F1 fan. They come in many sizes to accommodate for your needs and budget. They are the perfect gift for any motorsport fan and especially for Formula One enjoyers.