18 Scuba-rific Gift Ideas for Salty Scuba Instructors

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Gifts for Scuba Instructors

Scuba instructors spend a lot of their working lives far from home, so on the special occasions when they return it provides a fantastic opportunity to surprise them with a special gift. Descend into this list for some scuba-tacular ideas, sure to delight recipients! Everybody loves a good scuba instructor and wants to get them something special. This list of gear and accessories will help you pull together the best gift ever for that awesome scuba instructor.

  1. Save Your Blushes Towel Poncho
    We’ve all seen it before, the nervous towel shuffle trying to change out of your wet shorts. Difficult enough while standing on a beach or a car park, it’s a particularly tricky task whilst standing on a rocking boat. This towel poncho removes all of the difficulty and frees up both hands, sparing the blushes of all and preserving an instructor’s dignity.
  2. Scuba Diver Wine Bottle Holder
    This unique piece of table art has amazing attention to detail, sure to thrill any underwater enthusiast. With a shiny finish it’s a perfect table centrepiece for any dinner party and a fantastic place to store the tipple. Of course you’ll want to bear in mind this doesn’t come with the wine!
  3. Waterproof Dry Bag Phone Holder & Pouch
    Working in and around the water comes with inherent risks, especially when it comes to electronic devices and documents. Here you have a mobile phone dry case as well as a separate dry pouch which is a perfect size for holding other water phobic items such as passports, money, hotel keys etc. All items are certified IPX8 meaning they’re fully waterproof at a maximum depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes.
  4. Reef Animal Secondary Regulator Holder
    This little piece of equipment isn’t necessarily going to help people identify you - it’s attached to the front of you while your divers are more than likely to be behind you. It is however, suuuper cute and juvenile yellow boxfish are a favourite of almost every diver. Who wouldn’t want to have the cutest little fish in the sea holding your spare regulator?
  5. Scuba Diver Cufflinks
    Sometimes even scuba instructors have to climb out of their wetsuits and dress for the terrestrial world. For those formal occasions, what better way to remind yourself of the blue water world than these scuba diver cufflinks! A subtle and discreet reference that any scuba enthusiast is sure to love.
  6. Silver Manta Ray Earrings
    Manta rays are some of the most magical and majestic creatures you can find in the underwater world. For those lucky enough to see them, the calming experience of any encounter is sure to live with you forever. These stunning manta ray earrings are hand crafted in Hawaii from paua shell and sterling silver and like their inspiration are truly a thing of beauty. What a wonderful reminder for anyone of these gentle giants and the marine world in general.
  7. Dolphin Surface Marker Buoy
    Dive sites can very often become busy places with multiple groups underwater and numerous boats waiting to collect divers on the surface. Every scuba instructor dives with this piece of equipment, but they more often than not look very similar meaning it can be tricky for the boats to recognise their divers. Regardless of gender any scuba instructor would love this as you are definitely going to stand out on the surface and every time you come up your boat will be waiting next to your trusty pink dolphin for you and your divers.
  8. Compact Microfibre Towel
    Space on boats is often very limited and gear bags are often full of dive equipment leaving little available space. This microfibre towel comes in various sizes and colours and compacts down into a tiny pouch that can fit inside a pocket. Made out of quick drying material, it dries 10 times faster than a regular towel in the sun while also having a zipped pocket inside to hold keys or your water-resistant phone. Excellent gift!
  9. Waterproof Dive Rucksack
    Scuba instructors often have a lot to carry beyond regulation scuba gear. With needs for ID books, logbooks, training materials, laptops and other paperwork it’s important to have a safe place to store all of these items when around the water. Whether on the boat, on the beach, in the rain or simply with dripping divers standing over, this bag will certainly keep all of the contents dry. Available in both 35l and 55l versions and coming in various colours, this bag is suitable for use in all walks of life. With sturdy and comfortable shoulder straps as well as a sternum and waist strap, it’s constructed well to keep a lot of the weight off the back while it even comes with a free waterproof phone case!
  10. Fishy Pointing Stick
    Every scuba instructor needs a pointing stick as part of his equipment. Just a simple metal stick but it has so many different uses. Also known as a ‘pointer’, it’s unsurprising to read that they’re used to point things out underwater. They’re also great for attracting attention by using it to make noise by hitting your metal tank, marking out an object, anchoring yourself in the sand etc etc etc. Often the designs are boring (I know it’s just a stick) but why should it be? Here’s a stick with a choice of designs that’d be an awesome addition to a scuba instructor’s kit. The mola mola is really cool but everybody loves mantas!
  11. 100 Dives of a Lifetime
    One item that surely every scuba professional needs is further inspiration to continue to travel and see more of the most incredible sights around the world? Complete with 350 high quality images from National Geographic, this book details the best dives from all around the world. Featuring not only tropical paradises but also venturing under the ice on the Antarctic, this is one book that’s sure to thrill.
  12. Kobo Libra H2O
    Or maybe your scuba instructor doesn’t need a book at all, but rather an E-reader? With space always limited in suitcases and bags and weight considerations especially when travelling, what better gift than the opportunity to carry up to 6,000 books while weighing less than 200 grams? Kobo Libra H2O supports a huge variety of different file types including pdf and epub and most importantly for scuba instructors it’s waterproof for up to 60 minutes in 2m of water. Complete with wifi connectivity for public library access as well as a backlight for low light conditions, this is the gift to end all gifts.
  13. Divers Evolution T-Shirt
    Everybody will have seen the famous image before of the staged evolution of man through the various species that walked before us. It’s been adapted many times before to suit various other topics but this surely has to be the best. Even if you don’t agree, any scuba instructor will and they’ll be thrilled with this and certainly wear it with pride. Available for both men and women and in various colours, there’s a version of this t-shirt that will suit every diver.
  14. Scuba Fin Pendant
    Something for the more special scuba instructors in your life, this scuba fin pendant is made from a combination of 14 karat gold and silver. The detail is excellent and while it doesn’t come with a chain this gift-wrapped charm is a stunning piece of jewellery that will be cherished forever.
  15. Adopt an Orca
    Conservation is a topic that is close to the heart of every scuba instructor. It’s a role that involves not just teaching how to stay safe underwater but also educating students to respect and conserve this delicate and vast world. Sea turtle species suffer a great deal of pressures, this sponsor pack helps to support the People’s Trust of Endangered Species, a charity who protect endangered sea turtle species by protecting their ocean habitat.
  16. Scuba Divers Mantra Cup
    Not to mention the beautiful and eye catching piece of art encircling this whole mug, it’s also emblazoned with the scuba divers mantra which every diver is subjected to during their training: ‘Take only pictures, kill only time, leave only bubbles.’ Any scuba instructor would be proud to display this text on their special mug, and the artwork will only further serve to catch the eye and make this cup stand out more than any other on a shelf.
  17. Double Ended Snap Clip
    I know what you’re thinking, but this really really is something that a scuba instructor will love and it’s a great little stocking filler. There are never enough of these snap clips on your equipment. They are perfect for attaching almost anything to your BCD. Whether it’s your camera, your new pointing stick, something you find underwater, dive slates, the list goes on. Extremely simple but so useful, if your budget is tight just grab a couple of these!
  18. 6,000 Lumen Underwater Light
    An essential piece of equipment for any scuba instructor or divemaster, though this really is a special piece of kit. Combined with a narrow beam and packing a whopping 6,000 lumen, it’s excellent for scanning ahead but also keeping track of the group behind you. This light also has a magnetic switch which is a significant improvement on a normal switch as it enables one handed operation and reduces moving parts. Coming with lanyard, charger and rechargeable batteries while also being suitable for use on land, this is an excellent piece of equipment.