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House warming gift ideas

While moving can be really easy and fun for some, others may find the whole experience and the energy shift really emotional or even scary. It is no wonder that housewarming gifts are a very popular practice for whenever someone dear to us, whether a family member or a friend moves to a different home.

Presents can really make that whole experience feel more special to them. That’s why it is a good idea to get them something that will instantly make the new place feel more like home and bring a cosy vibe.

For those who are spiritual and sensitive to the energy inside and around them, there are plenty of gift options that will make them feel amazing. We’ve researched it for you, so you can choose the perfect one from the list below:

  1. Astrology Healing Crystals Box Set
    We all know at least one person who is really into astrology and uses it as an explanation or excuse for every single thing that happens in their life. Some of it might be true, some might not, but one thing is for sure - if studied and understood correctly and thoughtfully, astrology can be a truly powerful and insightful field that can be really beneficial for people to understand themselves better, as well as the world around them. It is a lovely spiritual practice that can bring a lot of clarity and peace into one’s life and home, especially in the form of healing crystals related to one’s sign. This beautiful set of each sign’s birthstones will be a lovely housewarming gift for a spiritual person.
  2. Hamsa Wall Decor Display Shelf
    When it comes to a housewarming gift for a spiritual person, you can be sure that you can’t go wrong with anything house decor related, especially if it has a deep spiritual meaning, just like this wall display shelf. It is not just a regular piece of wall decor; it is a shelf in the shape of a Hamsa hand - a very spiritual symbol that has been used as a sign of protection many times throughout history. A palm-shaped amulet depicting the open right hand that is popular throughout North Africa and in the Middle East has been traditionally believed to provide defense against the evil eye. This shelf can be used for displaying crystals or any other decor and will be a wonderful spiritual housewarming gift.
  3. Set of Affirmation Cards
    Not every housewarming gift has to be home decor related. As long as it will be useful to the person, make them feel special and remember this life change as a good one - you are on the right track. For a spiritual person, you can definitely never go wrong with a set of affirmation cards. They are an amazing gift even for people who haven’t necessarily been too spiritual so far in their lives, affirmation cards are just a really motivating gift that can instantly inspire a person for a positive change. This set of 36 affirmation cards in gorgeous packaging will be a great housewarming gift to guide them through the ebbs and flows of life.
  4. Seven Chakra Crystal Bonsai
    Home decor might seem like the least important part of moving to a new place, but it is actually an essential part of creating a home out of a house. Some nice decor pieces and details that are in tune with the person’s lifestyle and interests can very quickly create that cozy and homey atmosphere in a place, which is often missing in the first few weeks after people move in. To make the whole experience and life change more pleasant and exciting, adding some nice decor pieces is the way to go. This lovely seven Chakra Bonsai tree made of crystals and gemstones will be the perfect new decor for a spiritual person’s new place.
  5. Ceramic Incense Waterfall Holder
    If you are close to someone who is into spiritual stuff, you have probably already seen some incense in their home. Aromatic sticks that release fragrant smoke when burnt are often used for mediation, aesthetic reasons, aromatherapy and overall cleansing of the energy. Some people don’t like their smoke, but lovers of everything spiritual are usually very fond of those. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a nice incense holder. This one is a very beautiful and unique ceramic model that makes the smoke look like a waterfall. It will definitely be a wonderful gift that any spiritual person will adore, perfect to cleanse the new living space.
  6. Phoenix Infuser Bottle with Crystals
    Moving to a new place is a major life change. Not only will it change the space where the person spends most of their time, but their whole lifestyle. Moving comes with a change in one’s daily routine, mindset and habits. As good as it might seem, moving can be a stressful process that can often mess up a person’s schedule and with their whole focus being on it, they can forget about all their healthy habits. This gorgeous eco-friendly Phoenix water or tea infuser bottle for hot and cold drinks with large Rose Quartz and Amethyst stone crystals will be a lovely housewarming gift to remind them to drink their water and stay healthy and mindful.
  7. Handmade Chakra Stones Healing Crystals Room Decor
    While moving, most people usually care more about big and important things such as appliances, and less about the details such as home decor. That’s why housewarming is a perfect opportunity for you to come in with a lovely home decor piece that will match their interests and make the house more cozy and pleasant. For a spiritual person, this handmade wall decor made out of 7 healing chakra stones and crystals will be a perfect choice! This is a simple yet lovely decor piece, very suitable for their new bedroom. The 7 chakras represent a physical, emotional, or mental state, helping to enrich one's spirit and well-being.
  8. Chakra Scented Candles Set of 7
    For all candle lovers out there (and there are quite a lot of them, especially in the spiritual world), this set of 7 scented chakra candles will be an amazing housewarming gift option. Candles are never a bad idea when it comes to housewarming gifts or just gifts in general! They can instantly create a beautiful ambiance and a cozy spiritual atmosphere in any room. This set is definitely more special than any other regular candle set out there, each candle here is dedicated to one chakra and includes that chakra’s tumble stones which are meant for healing and balancing chakras and increasing one’s health and mood.
  9. Tibetan Singing Bowls Set
    If you know anything about spiritual stuff, you know that there’s hardly a better gift for a spiritual person than a set of Tibetan singing bowls! They are a simple yet powerful healing tool that should be found in any spiritual person’s living place. Even if your friend already has some of these bowls, you can still never go wrong with a new set, as one can never have enough of those. Some even go as far as having a full room of all different kinds of Tibetan singing bowls! Their unique tones are used to stabilize blood pressure, ease asthma-related issues, renew the functioning of the adrenal gland, and for many other benefits.
  10. ‘Burn After Writing’ Journal
    Moving to a new place requires great organizational skills. People who are going through a moving process not only need a couple of notebooks to write down all their plans and important reminders but could also benefit from a special journal to write down all their thoughts and feelings after the whole moving process is done. It is not uncommon for people to miss their old living place and have sad feelings about leaving it, that’s why this spiritual “burn after writing” journal will be a great and meaningful housewarming gift for your friend who’s recently finished their moving process. It is meant to be a stress relief by burning it after writing in it.
  11. Positive Energy Healing Blanket
    One of those things you can never go wrong with because everybody needs it in their lives. We all have at least one blanket in our home. Whether it is winter, fall or even summer, blankets are used to make people feel cozier. They are especially good as housewarming gifts, to fill their new place with softness and positivity. This one will be a perfect option for your spiritual friend - it has positive thoughts written all over it and is meant to bring healing, comfort, positive energy, love and hope. It will be a great little housewarming gift for a spiritual friend to have while they read books or watch movies in their new place.
  12. Antique Incense Burner
    You can find so many different incense holders and burners out there, and each one has its own unique beauty. If your friend is spiritual but also into some old-school vibes and antique stuff, this one might be the perfect housewarming gift choice for them. With the beautiful copper color, this incense burner is different than the rest because it can be used in 4 ways: as a tabletop cone incense burner, as a tabletop tea light candle holder, as a wall hanging cone incense burner or as a wall hanging tea light candle holder. Beautiful as a spiritual home decor piece for their new place.
  13. Spirit Hunter Goddess Brass Pendulum for Dowsing - Divination
    For every spiritual Goddess out there, who loves doing spiritual practices, a Spirit Hunter brass pendulum for dowsing and divination is going to be a very special gift option for housewarming. It has a balanced weight and it is made of high-quality brass that is coated in gold, which makes it very elegant and exquisite. Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Maybe you’ve never heard about this, but don’t worry, many spiritual people are very fond of these little helpers that are used to make their dowsing metaphysical experiences more insightful and interesting. They can use it to gain insight into what kind of future their new place is going to bring.
  14. Set of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Bombs
    If you yourself are not too much of a fan of spiritual stuff and want to be a bit more simple and down to earth with your gift, while still somehow respecting your friend’s interest in the spiritual, this set of 6 lovely aromatherapy shower bombs will be a great housewarming gift choice. Aromatherapy shower bombs are great for relaxing and winding down after a long day of moving. They can use the rest of this set for the first couple of weeks after moving it, to focus on self-care and relaxation. These shower bombs are filled with pure essential oils such as lavender, menthol, eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit and peppermint.
  15. Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain
    You can get them something as simple as a home decor piece yet still be very spiritual with your gift. While this 3-tier indoor tabletop fountain can look good in any place and would be an appropriate gift for anybody, it will especially be nice as a spiritual housewarming gift. People who are into spirituality know the importance of good and calm energy, mediation, and pleasant vibes in a place, especially if it is a living space where people spend most of their time. That’s why this tabletop fountain is going to be a lovely housewarming gift for any spiritual person - it will bring a lot of peace and beauty into their new place.
  16. Gold Feng Shui Frog Statue
    If you want to surprise your friend with a spiritual yet funny housewarming gift that will be meaningful but also put a huge smile on their face, then this cute gold Feng Shui frog statue will be the absolute best choice. Frogs are a very popular symbol when it comes to attracting fortune and luck, which makes this little piece of home decor a perfect housewarming gift for your friend to put in their new hallway. Gold gives it a beautiful and luxurious look while the frog who sits like a Buddha is both funny and spiritual. This will fit very well with the rest of their spiritual accessories and decor.
  17. 3D Moon Lamp
    You definitely don’t need to spend a huge budget on a housewarming gift to make it really special. The meaning of the gift is what makes it truly special, that’s why it is always a good idea to learn about the person’s personal lifestyle and interests before actually making a purchase. Since you know that your friend is into spiritual stuff, your choice can be easier and more accurate. If you are on a lower budget right now, don’t worry! Look at this beautiful 3D Moon lamp! It is budget-friendly yet so lovely for a person who is into spirituality. It will give a lovely atmosphere to their new bedroom; it looks beautiful on a bedstand.
  18. Meditation White Noise Sound Machine
    People who are into spirituality are usually also into meditation, so anything related to it can be an appropriate gift for them, especially for a housewarming occasion. After moving to a different place, everybody can benefit from some healthy mediation practice. Apart from being visually beautiful, this sound machine has the ability to create 30 high-fidelity lossless sounds, including brown, pink and white noise, 2 fan sounds, 4 rain sounds, 3 sea wave sounds, 3 lullaby sounds and other 15 natural sounds (heartbeat, meditation, brook, bird, fireplace, train, hushing sound, water drop, etc.). Some people have trouble falling asleep in the first few weeks after moving in, but with this machine, that problem is gone.
  19. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
    If you still don’t have a Himalayan salt lamp in your house, make sure to grab one for yourself too while buying it for your friend, cause this stuff is truly amazing!! It doesn’t do wonders but it can really look gorgeous in any room and instantly create a magical atmosphere, while also having a good impact on your health, both mental and physical. This one is handcrafted from natural authentic Himalayan salt found only in Pakistan, so each and every lamp has a totally different and unique shape. It has a wooden base, an extra bulb, and a dimmer switch, so its brightness, warmth and glow are totally adjustable to suit anybody’s preference.
  20. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
    Even though a book might seem like a boring gift, if it is closely related to the person’s interests and lifestyle, it can be an absolute winner. In the first few months in a new place, a person should get used to living there by spending a lot of time relaxing and doing what they always used to do - such as reading while sipping on their favorite cup of tea. This book will totally match your friend’s spiritual lifestyle, it is about the seven spiritual laws of success, the practical guide for people to easily fulfill their dreams. It will be a meaningful gift for their new life chapter that will bring lots of motivation and inspiration to them.
  21. White Sage Bundle
    This one might seem like a very modest gift but hear us out, it is a perfect match for a spiritual person who just moved in their new place. Spiritual people know the importance of cleaning the energy of the new living space with this white sage, and they happily do it even multiple times a day. This bundle will be perfect for them to use over a couple of first few weeks in their new place. Sage is used in spiritual practices to cleanse the energy, while also being great for aromatherapy, healing and meditation. What might seem like a modest gift is actually a really meaningful one that your friend will adore.
  22. Metal Moon Solar Wind Chimes
    Have you ever seen and heard one of those wind chimes? Isn’t it the most magical sound ever? We think it absolutely is, so we recommend you to get these metal Moon Solar wind chimes for your friend’s housewarming. It can be that one special piece of decor that fits beautifully on a balcony or in the garden, that will not only look majestic but also sound magical whenever there’s a breeze or some wind. Wind chimes sound makes everybody feel like they are in a fairytale surrounded by real fairies and will make the house feel like home right away while symbolizing wealth at the same time.
  23. Relaxing Teas Presentation Box
    Even though most people drink it on a daily basis and find it to be a regular drink, drinking tea is much more special than that. It can be a spiritual ritual even if we are unaware of it - it helps people achieve peace of mind and spiritual well-being whilst maintaining mental and physical balance. Drinking herbal tea is a ritual of purification, attention to one's soul, and an opportunity to stop, reflect and start again. That’s exactly why this lovely box of relaxing herbal teas will be an amazing housewarming gift, to make the person’s first few days in their new place calming, refreshing and easy to handle
  24. Laughing Buddha Decor Statue
    You’ve probably already seen one of those funny-looking fat & happy Buddha statues somewhere. They are mostly used as decor and actually don’t have to be related to a specific religion; spiritual people usually love them. Even people who aren’t necessarily Buddhist have them as house decor pieces. Not only are they interesting and funny to look at, but they are also thought to bring luck, happiness, wealth and an overall abundance of everything positive in life. This cute one will be a great and meaningful housewarming gift for anybody who is into spirituality.
  25. Standing Elephant Incense Burner
    Another great spiritual piece of decor that can be used as an incense burner at the same time is this cute standing elephant. Even if there is no incense burning inside it, it will still look amazing as decor in any room. Just like frogs, elephants are also a very common symbol used in spirituality, thought to bring luck and positivity in life. Fun fact - in Western cultures it is believed that the elephant’s trunk should always be facing upwards instead of downwards, as trunk-up means luck, happiness and fortune. Exactly like this one! So stay away from the trunk-down elephants and get this one for your friend, they will absolutely love it.
  26. Evil Eye Doormat
    Might sound weird and negative, but its meaning is definitely very positive! You’ve probably seen one of those blue evil eye symbols somewhere, they’re mostly used in jewelry. They are actually used for protection against a curse, a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when one is unaware. It dates back about 5,000 years ago and is very popular even nowadays. While not all spiritual people believe in such a curse, the majority still love the Evil Eye symbol, and what’s a better spiritual housewarming gift than an Evil Eye welcome doormat? It will protect their new place from any negative energy and will make for a lovely entrance to their front door.