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Sobriety Gifts for Dad

Overcoming addiction is one of the most courageous acts that a person will undertake in their life. Embarking on the twelve steps of recovery can be both a relieving but also intensely difficult process, and transitioning from one step to the next in the recovery process is a significant milestone. Recovering addicts, and the supporting family members, learn to take life “one day at a time.” They also acknowledge their progress in healing and recovery, whether it’s to reflect on lessons learned in each step, or acknowledge milestones in sobriety with traditional chips starting at one month of sobriety, up to one year and beyond.

When it comes to finding a gift for a dad that is in recovery, it can be a challenge to find something that celebrates their journey and perseverance to sobriety. Don’t worry – we’ve got a list of 20 unique sobriety gifts for dads that you can start shopping from.

    1. Sobriety Date Leather Keychain with AA Symbol

      The first day of sobriety is a memorable day when someone is recovering from an addiction; it’s sometimes treated as a second birthday, and a date in which they embark on a new way of living. This leather keychain features the sobriety anniversary date engraved alongside the AA symbol, and there is the option to engrave a personalized message on the backside of the keychain.

    1. The Sober Life – Men’s T-Shirt

      This custom T-shirt features a unique “The Sober Life” logo on 100% pre-shrunk cotton men’s t-shirt. This design is also available as a men’s tank top or hoodie, if desired. T-shirt and clothing are made by Sobermode, a company that aims to end the stigma of addiction and recovery.

    1. AA Custom Coin Ring with Engraving Option

      These rings are uniquely made to order using a bronze AA sobriety chip. There is an option to engrave a short message on the rings to help customize it for your needs. Finished rings are then coated with a nanoceramic layer to prevent skin reactions and green rings on the finger from the metals.

    1. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

      One way to celebrate your father’s sobriety is to offer a coffee subscription, where he can sample and drink coffees from different parts of the globe. Each subscription box includes the coffee (can be whole beans or pre-ground), a postcard from the country the coffee was made in, and some brewing tips.

    1. Cameo – Personalized Videos from Sober Celebrities

      For a truly unique and encouraging gift, check out Cameo – here, you’ll find a list of celebrities, athletes, and online personalities that will record a personalized video message for you. You can include details about your dads’ sobriety in the request for an extra special touch.

    1. Dark Moon – Credit-card Size Recovery Chip with Customized Year Option

      This celebration chip fits inside of a wallet, and can be customized for specific sobriety anniversaries when the customary anniversary chips may not be handed out. If your dad is also a Pink Floyd fan, there’s the added bonus of the recovery chip being inspired by the “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover.

    1. Recovery Bookmarks – Bronze AA Circle Triangle Cutout

      One of the biggest aspects of recovery involves reading through the “Big Book” and applying many of the stories and lessons to each person’s particular experience. This bronze bookmark will help index the last place they left off reading, and spare the pages of the Big Book from being folded or damaged.

    1. God, Grant Me the Laughter – A Treasury of Twelve Step Humor, by Ed F.

      Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine. This book contains both cartoons and anecdotes that contrast life before sobriety with life after sobriety, revealing the sometimes grueling but honest process of recovery, and ability to share in the experience in a lighthearted manner.

    2. One Day At a Time Engraved Keychain
      This stainless steel keychain features the messages “Proud of you Dad” on a disc within a keyring that features the message “One Day At a Time” and the AA symbol. Entire keychain disc measures just under an inch (30mm) and is delivered in a velvet bag, ready for gifting.
    3. Engraved Braided Leather Adjustable Cuff Bracelet
      If you’re looking for something that is subtle but meaningful, this bracelet makes an excellent choice. It’s made of blue and black microfiber leather, and the engraved message is discreet and reads “One day at a time.” There is also an option to customize the engraved message if you choose.

    1. One Year Sobriety Anniversary – Sobriety Gift Essential Men’s T-Shirt

      Commemorate the anniversary of your dad’s sobriety with this unique t-shirt. The design features the AA symbol, and the Roman numeral to symbolize one year. On the seller’s site, there is also an option to get a similar design T-shirt in a different anniversary year, if looking for a gift for another anniversary. The T-shirts are also available in 17 colors to help make this an even more unique gift.

  1. Recovery Coin Display – with Serenity Prayer

    Knowing what to do with sobriety chips can be a challenge, but this beechwood display plaque can store up to 18 sobriety chips for display. The plaque measures roughly 12” x 7”, and there is an option to customize the top message at no extra charge if you want to build something a little more special for your dad’s gift.

  2. Sobriety Date Anniversary – Matte Black Key Necklace

    This customizable necklace helps commemorate the first day of sobriety, with an option to engrave the sobriety anniversary date on a unique, matte black key. The necklace is a 30” chain with lobster enclosure, and the final product accentuates almost any outfit without being too flashy.

  3. Universal Fit – Black Silicone Sobriety Medallion Holder Keychain

    This keychain features a flexible black silicone pouch with a window for you to view both sides of a sobriety chip. You can insert the chip through the top, and it will fit all standard sized chips. The silicone is durable, so no worries about getting it wet or scratching it, like you’d experience with some leathers. This is a great gift option if your dad is years along in recovery, and is only receiving chips at his anniversary.

  4. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit
    This is a different and unique gift option, and it steers from the trend of AA-themed gifts. Growing and taking care of a plant is like sobriety and recovery: it’s an ongoing process, and you take care of little bits every day. The Juniper Tree Starter Kit comes with everything needed for a beginner to grow and take care of the tree, including fertilizer, training wire, and a humidity tray. There is also a pocket guide for additional information to read about the tree.
  5. Peloton Fitness App Membership

    Part of the recovery process involves replacing old, unhealthy habits with new ones. If your dad isn’t already a member of the local gym, or if the gyms nearby are closed, you can gift him a membership to the Peloton fitness app. There are classes available to stream on-demand, depending what the preferred focus is, such as Pilates, running, strength training, stretching, or others. If he’s not sure he’ll stay consistent, there is a two-month free trial option for him to explore the app and its class offerings.

  6. “Another Morning with No Regrets” 15oz Large Coffee Mug

    This is a great idea if you’re considering the coffee membership idea mentioned above: you can gift your dad a custom mug to use with the new coffee! This mug is made with black ceramic and features the title message “Another Morning with No Regrets” on two sides of the mug.

  7. Customizable Sober Celebration Box
    This box is a great way to celebrate your dad’s sobriety anniversary. This is a box filled with program and 12-step themed items such as pocket tokens, stickers, prayer card, and candles. You can also include a personal message when placing the order that will accompany the celebration box to its destination. It will deliver fully decorated and packaged for your dad to open upon arrival.
  8. Tabbed and Highlighted AA Big Book – AAMazingTabbed

    For those that are new to the sobriety journey, reading the Big Book and knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. This customized Big Book has tabs to organize each section of the book, including the sections where each step is discussed, and all of the major themes and topics that are written about. It helps to easily locate a section that a meeting member is discussing, or has recommended as part of a personal journey.

  9. Sober City – Daily Sobriety Journal
    This daily journal is themed with AA slogans and encouraging quotes, and guides through sections that prompt to write about how they are feeling, build gratuity lists, and reflect on anything that may have happened that day. There is a lot of personal growth that happens in recovery, and journaling is great for someone to check in with themselves every day, and also read back to reflect on how much they have grown over time.