19 Amazing Gifts for Foresters and Forestry Workers

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Gifts for Foresters

Foresters are extremely talented workers, with a specific set of interests that makes them excel at their job. They love hard work, the outdoors, and of course, forestry! There’s a wide range of great gifts for forestry workers, but only this list contains 19 of the best possible options. Here are 19 of the best gifts for foresters.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Foresters

  1. Amazon Basics Tool Belt
    Forestry work requires extensive use of various tools and devices to get the job done. This makes the Amazon Basics Tool Belt the perfect gift! It’s adjustable, contains multiple sized pockets for different tools, and has two color options. It’s also very inexpensive, but still high-quality. This tool belt is definitely a safe gift option for anyone who loves forestry work!
  2. OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer
    Working for long periods of time in the outdoors can be, quite literally, freezing cold! When you’re working with your hands, sometimes you can’t wear gloves, and your hands are the first place to go numb. The OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmer solves that problem! It can be charged up and taken anywhere, and rests comfortably in your pocket. It has a large battery capacity, three levels of heating, and eight color options. This is a fantastic gift for any forester who’s sure to find themselves working in the cold.
  3. Tree Tribe Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    On the flipside, foresters are certainly going to work in the Summer heat too! Hydration is essential for outdoor work, and plastic water bottles just won’t do. The Tree Tribe water bottle is extremely durable, and has the bonus of being environmentally friendly. It features 6 different unique designs to choose from. This great gift will keep your forester friend happy, healthy, and hydrated!
  4. Lumen Super Bright Spotlight
    Flashlights are considered a survival essential for all outdoor activity, and they’re incredibly convenient when working in low lighting! This Lumen Super Bright Spotlight is extremely powerful for its size. It’s compact, lightweight, and has a long lasting battery life. It comes in two separate designs, depending on whether you prefer an overhand or an underhand grip. This light is an absolute necessity for anyone performing outdoor work in the dark.
  5. Tamarack Mountain Trucker Hat
    You can never go wrong with buying hats as gifts, but this one goes above and beyond for any forester! The minimalist tree design on the front is simple and aesthetic, and the mesh back keeps your head relaxed and cool while working. It also features eleven unique designs! This hat would be an amazing gift for any forester who wants to work hard and look great!
  6. CC-Los Hiking Boots
    Shoes are probably the most important article of clothing for outdoor labor. These CC-Los Hiking Boots are durable, comfortable, and waterproof! - the perfect gift for forestry workers. They come in four color options, and are both practical and fashionable. A great pair of hiking boots like these will last for years, so this is a fantastic choice! It’s perfect for any forester who needs great boots for hard work.
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  8. Sharp Survival Compass
    Compasses are considered an absolute necessity in the outdoors. That’s why the Sharp Survival compass is an absolutely necessary gift! The compass and both beautiful designed and extremely durable. The brass material gives it a shiny, sleek, and strong feeling. Additionally, it’s actually glow in the dark! This accurate compass will keep a forester from losing their way during a long day (or night!) at work.
  9. Lightweight Cotton Bandana
    Bandanas are the handkerchiefs of the outdoors. They can be used to wipe the sweat off your forehead, keep the sun off of your neck, or as a cooling rag to avoid heat exhaustion. These bandanas come in a pack of twelve, so they have great value for your money! They have an elegant design, so they’re both stylish and practical. Having a set of great bandanas is extremely important for any outdoorsmen, especially foresters!
  10. National Geographic Pocket Guide to Trees and Shrubs
    If you spend the entirety of your life around plant life, chances are you’d like to know more about it! The National Geographic Pocket Guide to Trees and Shrubs of North America is a great field guide to the majority of larger plants in The U.S. It contains plenty of both written information and pictures, optimizing it for quick learning and on the go reference. It’s a great starting book for any forester looking to learn more about the plant world they work in!
  11. Carhartt Safety Sunglasses
    It goes without saying that safety glasses are important for forestry, but this prohibits people from wearing their sunglasses. These high quality carbondale safety glasses have a tinted lens, so they double as both safety glasses and sunglasses. The lens is polycarbonate, providing 99% UVA/B/C protection. It also has scratch-resistant qualities. It meets safety specifications to be suitable for work. These glasses are a great gift for foresters!
  12. Swiss Army Pocket Knife
    Pocket knives are great practical tools that many people love to keep with them at all times. Swiss army knives are the classic variant, featuring a variety of different tools for different situations. Foresters will find a swiss army knife useful both during work and in their personal lives. It’s an extremely convenient gift, and great to have in any survival emergency!
  13. LTOOL High Power Binoculars
    Binoculars are both fun and practical for those who are forestry workers. They’re great for stargazing, birdwatching, and analyzing forestry for different types of work. This particular pair has a 20x zoom, and a high refractive prism. Surprisingly, most people don’t own a high quality pair of binoculars, so these LTOOL binoculars are the perfect gift for forestry workers.
  14. Small Camping Splitting Hatchet
    Hatchets are probably the most useful tool when it comes to working with wood, so they’re one of the greatest gifts you could buy for someone in the forestry profession. Hatchets are versatile tools that can be used for small saplings and shrubs, along with decent sized branches and logs. The KSEIBI Camping Hatchet has a high quality fiberglass handle, paired with a razor sharp blade. It’s a fantastic gift for forestry work!
  15. Forest Galaxy Coffee Mug
    Everyone loves a great coffee mug, especially one featuring their interests! This forest galaxy coffee mug has a beautiful design of the sparkling night sky as seen from a forest. It will remind a forester of their happiest moments in the outdoors. This exquisite gift will make the perfect addition for your forester friend’s mug collection!
  16. Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen
    Foresters have a unique interest in the beauty of wood, and what can be done with it. They’ll surely be in awe at this wonderful rosewood pen. It has both a redwood and a walnut color option, and both are equally sleek and beautiful. It comes in an elegant protective case, along with an extra ink refill so it can be used well for years. It’s a practical and elegant gift that foresters are sure to love.
  17. Top Grain Leather Wallet
    Keeping your valuable belongings safe when working is something every good outdoorsman worries about regularly. This top grain leather wallet has ultra strong stitching, and is made from handcrafted argentinian leather. Additionally, the leather blocks RFID readers, keeping credit card information safe from potential hackers! This wallet will keep cards, IDs, cash, and other valuables perfectly safe from the harsh outdoors in any kind of physical labor.
  18. Cell Phone Holster
    It’s sometimes very difficult to access a phone in your pocket while working with a tool belt on. This cell phone holster can clip right onto your belt, making it well protected and easily accessible. It’s made from real leather, and is compatible with nearly any type of phone, Iphone and Android alike. It’s a great option to keep a forester’s phone safe and sound, while leaving it easy to get to at a moment’s notice during work.
  19. Heated Vest
    This Abuytwo heated vest is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread. Other jackets simply insulated your own body heat, but this vest actually generates its own heat. It has five size options and is a unisex garment. It heats up in less than three seconds, and works for ten hours without replacing the batteries. The heated vest increases blood flow to muscles, keeping them strong and relaxed for hard labor. This is truly one of the greatest gifts you could get for any hard working forester.