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Are you a company that wants new earning opportunities? Are you a satisfied user of Giftsitter? Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, a babyshower, a baptism or any other kind of event, using the affiliate service you can earn for every list created with your contribution. No discount voucher and no spending constraint: Giftsitter is making real money! What do you expect? Shake your voice!

Making money with us is a breeze!

Join the program

Join the program

You will have a dedicated page from which you can manage and monitor your revenue in real time.

Share your link

Share your link

Enter your link in your website or on your social channels. More create gift lists, the more you earn for yourself.

Get the money

Get the money

Get the money on your bank account or spend it within our shop in partnership with Amazon

Do you have any doubts about the affiliate program? Read all FAQs!

For what kind of events can I create gift lists?

Giftsitter is an online gift list for weddings, baby shower, birthdays, graduations, etc. which gives the opportunity to withdraw the amount collected without any constraint.

How can I increase the number of lists?

Within your personal page you will find a code to be embedded in a website or to send via email, social or messaging services. Just a click to create a list!

The gain on each list?

The earnings vary depending on the type of list created and the number of gifts received on the list. More lists, more gifts, more money for you! For more information, see FAQ.

How can I do with the money collected?

You can request the amount of money collected on your current bank account or spend it within our shop in partnership with Amazon for the purchase of one or more items.

Do I need a VAT?

To become our affiliate you do not need any VAT, just enough your tax code. For companies, however, it is necessary to have a VAT match to issue the invoice.

Can a company join affiliate program?

Absolutely yes. Just sign up for the company name and, at the time of your money's request, follow the guidelines to issue an invoice to send to to proceed with the accreditation